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Sweet dare


Neighborhood and reenactment
After our trip to the night club, things were quiet for a couple weeks then on Sunday, like before, our parents were out of town. My sister and I were watching TV and late afternoon she looked at me and said I am bored do you want to play pinball again or just do some dares. I decided not to answer, I just went upstairs, stripped naked and went back down. She said so I guess it is dare time. We went to the backdoor which lead out to our parking lot. She told me my first dare was to walk through the parking lot, to the railroad tracks, behind the lumberyard, come down between the lumberyard and the row of houses and back across the back of the apartment building where Darlene lives. The trip takes about 5 minutes. When I got back she said it must be an exciting trip as I had a hard-on. She said did anyone see you and I said I wasn’t sure. She said then I should make the trip again going the same route in reverse. As I went back past the apartment building I noticed a lady in the window, who I know saw me, I kept walking across the lumberyard to the walk between the houses and lumberyard. Just as I got to the corner a car pulled into a driveway and I saw the girl in the passenger side pointing at me so the driver noticed me. From there the rest of the trip I didn’t notice anyone. I informed my sister and she said, good you got noticed and said that I should do the trip both directions this time. I walked toward the apartment building first so that way I would end by coming back by. This whole trip was uneventful until on my way back as I came across the lumberyard toward the apartment building, I noticed that Darlene and another woman were walking toward the corner of the building and they were laughing and asked why I had been out walking around naked for the last half hour. I told them it was me doing dares like my sister had told her about on the way to the night club. So they said to complete my dare and they were going with me. Instead of my sister greeting me/us at the door we walked in and my sister and the same 2 friends she called a couple weeks earlier where in the living room. My sister looked up at us and told us that she was filling them in on the night club activities and they wanted to reenact them. She then asked Darlene if she had noticed me walking around and she said yes and that there were more people that saw me but I would ever know as they were enjoying the show; but her and her mother decided to approach me on my way. You read that right, I am now standing totally naked with the 2 friends, my sister, Darlene and her mom!! Well we all went to the dining room where there already was a chair ready for me to bend over and have my hands tied. They all they took turns spanking me. My sister then told them about the guy then saying I was to take it like a man and they turned me around and slapped my cock around. Darlene’s mom asked, with me doing all this naked stuff that their pussies have to be soaked as hers was and that I should be rewarded. No one said anything and she proceeded to give me a blow job while the other girls just watched. Her mom told me to just cum in her mouth as that was what she wanted. The other girls asked my sister if they were still going to get to have me do a dare. Darlene said if it was for all the girls to have me do a dare then she wanted in to. While they were talking, I unloaded and as she was swallowing her mom said I had to do her dare first and that was for me to walk her home. I walked her home she thanked me as it had been years for her since her divorce and she hoped the neighbors saw us together. I went back home did a couple uneventful dares for the girls and then was dared to walk Darlene home. I walked up to the 4th floor again to their apartment and she said my reward from her wasn’t going to be as much as her mom did but she flashed me her boobs and the turned to go in the apartment and pulled her pants down for me to get a view of her ass. After that I turned to leave, as I was half way down the hall I heard the elevator stop at the floor so I hustled to the corner and when I turned to see that the person wasn’t coming my direction I was surprised to see Pam, who used to live in the building, headed toward and then stopping at Darlene’s apartment.
Poster: crazyjoe1073