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Sweet dare


return to the nightclub plus
The Saturday after the neighborhood view and dares we had scheduled a cook and bartender to work at the bar/restaurant that our family owned freeing up my sister and I to do whatever we wanted. Mid-afternoon my sister asked me if I was up for another trip to the nightclub I ended up naked at few weeks earlier. I told her that I was and she started making arrangement as to who was going to go with us. She told me we would be going over to Darlene’s at 8:30 to meet up with the other girls as Darlene said we would use her car tonight. Just before 8:30, with mom and dad busy entertaining customers in the dining room, we went to the backdoor to leave and my sister stopped me and said in order to stay dressed at the nightclub I needed to complete a dare for her before we leave. She told me to strip naked, walk back through our sandwich and pizza kitchens to the living room and back. When we came through there wasn’t anyone in the kitchen but I would walk past the door leading to the dining room and anyone could walk through as I was doing the dare. Sure enough as I was walking past the door headed toward the living room the door popped open and it was the bartender who is about 5 years old than my sister and has huge boobs walk in to get a case of beer to restock the cooler behind the bar. She saw me and told me to stop and turn completely around so she could check me out. She grabbed my cock and while talking to it said thank you the show I hope to see you again when I have more time. She got the case of beer and headed back to the bar. I continued on and on my way back through the door opens again and this time it is the cook with food orders in her hand and she asked what I was doing, she is also a little older than my sister. By the way, my sister is about 2 years older than me. The cook saw my sister laughing in the kitchen and was told by her that I was doing a dare. So we went through after the cook promised not to say anything if sometime I revisited her in the same outfit. So we get to the backdoor and was going to get dressed to go to Darlene’s and my sister said no need to put them on everyone has seen you naked anyway, she picked up my clothes and put them in a bag and we started walking over. I don’t think anyone saw me until we got to the apartment building when we got up the steps to the second floor and a lady was coming down. She looked at me and said wow, you’re naked in my building again! She then said that I am going to have to visit apartment 205 sometime soon. We made it up to Darlene’s and her mom was there with a couple other ladies, so I was on display yet again. We then left for the nightclub with me driving and my clothes in the trunk. I parked and told my sister I think I was on display enough that I earned my clothes tonight, she agreed and I got dressed. While at the club I danced a lot with the girls we were with and was having a good time incident free. At about 1am the girl that got to finish stripping me the last time we were there recognized me. The next song was a slow song and she came over to me and asked me if I would dance with her. During the dance she was grabbing my cock through my pants and asked me if I was going to entertain them again tonight. I asked her what her boyfriend would think if he saw us dancing with her hand between my legs, she told me not to worry. But I told her I didn’t think I would be getting naked again tonight. About a half hour later, with only about 20 people left at the club, she came over to our table and told me her boyfriend wanted to talk to me. I went over and he told me that he didn’t like seeing me dancing with his girl without touching her anywhere “fun” with her fondling me. He said the band was going to play another slow song and while her and I dance I am to allow her to take my clothes off, right on the dance floor or he would take them off for me. He didn’t look like someone I wanted to mess with and sure enough the next song was a slow one. There was only one other couple on the floor and she wasted no time to start stripping me naked in front of everyone there. Then her boyfriend comes out and says to the crowd what should we do to this guy getting naked while dancing with my girlfriend. My punishment was that all the guests remaining formed two parallel lines for me to walk through with my hands in my head while everyone could spank me or swat at my cock. I ended up going through the lines 6 times walking slower every time. Even the band came down and got in line. I still don’t know who that couple is but they sure enjoyed embarrassing me. I drove home naked, walked back to our restaurant and got dressed in the backroom before walking in.
Poster: crazyjoe1073