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Sweet dare


A new Experience
Young adults and in love, swept away from the rest of the world. Their sex had been direct and full of passion. Neither had been particularly skilled at the subtle art of proper lovemaking, but what constitutes proper anyhow? They hugged, they kissed, they expressed, they joined, they enjoyed more than anything, and they climaxed together and yet there was more to be experienced…so much more. It was time to reach a little further and explore. And explore they did…

Their first kiss lit the fires as it always did. As their lips met, they inter-twined arms and squeezed each other tight. Her large breasts pressed against him, thickening his erection. His hands undid the buttons of her shirt as they caressed her and pulled it out from her jeans. He worked his mouth onto her cheeks and down her neck. He nudged the shirt off her shoulders and it slid to the floor. He lifter her up and twirled her around. Still deep in a passionate embrace, she felt his strong hands deftly unhook her bra and she leaned back to display her unbound breasts to him. They tumbled to the bed and he took one pink nipple into his mouth and sucked on it while feeling the other. He heard her gasp as he rolled the nipple between his fingers and tugged on it. She found great pleasure in that erotic pain and moaned out loud.

He worked his way down to her bellybutton, tonguing it and running his lips sensually all around her trembling belly. He now had two fell hands to tweak and tug her nipples and he could sense her sexual tension building. Using his teeth alone he unsnapped her jeans and pulled her zipper down. He felt her hips rising and falling and heard her sneakers drop to the floor. Using his hands now at the waistband of her panties, he teased her bu running a finger along the inside, not far enough to feel the tuft of hair that is still hid, but enough to hint at removal. Soft kisses on her hips, he worked his way back up along her side, stopping to nip at her breasts. She felt her nipples swell with desire and desperately wanted him to bite them, yet he teased then, pulling them out gently. As her desire grew she felt a small but sharp pain and thought an orgasm was about to burst, but the bite subsided. She knew she was wet and willing. Again their mouths embraced, tongues swirled and the very air they breathed was shared. He shed his shirt then his jeans and finally his underwear. She ran her hands over his muscled shoulders and arms, down his back and unto his firm buns. The heat in her panties was intense and she squirmed more than once to hint hint hint for them to be removed. With a sly grin, he pulled them up into a cameltoe and could feel her juices soak the thin nylon fabric. Tearing them off in a quick motion be held them to his nose and inhaled in the lush, delicate scent. The lit the wick of his own sexual engine.

He dove to her side, thrust an arm under her head, pinning her arm down while grabbing her struggling wrist with his strong grip. He hooked his leg around hers and forced her legs apart and began furiously fingering her cunt until it frothed with her desire. He stopped to lick his fingers and that added more fuel to his libido. She mouthed “No, No…” but he knew she loved this. He nibbled on her ear and said “Where do you want it baby?”. All she could do was gasp, the orgasms were exploding through her.
“I heard you have been a naughty girl…and you know where naughty girls get it.”
“No….No…not there….no” but the moans of protest were weak.
“Tell me you want it there baby. Have you been naughty?”
“Mmmmmmmm” was all she could manage.
“Tell me you’ve been a naughty girl” he murmured in her ears. She felt the blood pounding in her brain.
“Noooooo” she cried. She felt herself being rolled over onto her knees and the familiar sensation of his engorged cock enter her doggy, deep into her sopping vagina. HE thrust in and out and her large breasts swayed. He pushed her down so her face was into the creamy white cotton quilt, soft and cool against her inflamed skin. His thick cock was slamming into her and she could feel every inch.
“Have you been naughty?” he asked again as he fucked he hard like piledriver.
“yes” she whimpered, on the verge of another orgasm…..”I have. Oh my God, yes I have”, “And you know where naughty girls get it?” he said between gritted teeth, holding back his own release.
“I do….please put it….there. No….No…..please…oh God yes….”
He took his bursting cock, throbbing and dripping with her cum and his own pre-cum, out of her soaked vagina and placed it against the small, clean puckered hole between her ass cheeks. Using both hands he spread her cheeks apart and pressed the tip against it. He squeezed her buns to relax her a bit but she was trembling head to toe.
“Oh no….no” she said as she felt the tip spreading her hole wider and wider. She tried to relax but this erotic pain was greater than she had imagined yet it felt as good as it hurt. He alternately pressed and released, sliding the tip in a little deeper each time. The pleasure pain grew and her eyes bugged a bit as she let out a small cry…and with a final thrust his swollen tip cleared the exit-muscle and he was in. She felt the lubed cock rock back and forth inside her in a place she had never felt before. He was on the verge of spilling, since her anus was tighter than even her young cunthole, and it stimulated all the nerves along his shaft, electrifying him. Losing control he started thrusting in and out, never puling his tip out but burying his cock deep in her ass. The sensation of her insides being stretched drove her to press back against him as he thrust. She felt the bloom and hot spurts of his climax so deep in her ass in a way she had never felt in her cunt. Every load that he shot felt like a firehose unleashed. It pulsed into her and they both moaned loudly as the peaked together. He felt as though she had milked his dick of every last drop in his sack.
The intensity subsided eventually, who can say how long they were suspended, lost in time. Exhausted, they both slowly sank to the bed, his rigid cock still buried in her burning ass. His frame covered her and he attentively kissed the back of her neck while his cock softened enough to gently pull out.
“Mmmmmmmmmm” they both said simultaneously knowing they had made one more step into a world of adventure, together.
Poster: AJ Kirkwood