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Sweet dare


After Renee's at the store
When I left Renee’s house I had to make the stop down at the convenience store. When I got there the two girls were the only employees there and no customers. Unlike today, there were only 2 cameras and they were both pointed at the cash register one to watch the customer and one to watch the employee. I was told by the girls to strip and leave my clothes by the front door and come into the store just avoiding the front counter so I would not be on camera. They said that depending on how many customers got to see me would depend on what I had to do for them, with the store closing in a half hour I did not think there would be too many customers. After being there for about 5 minutes, the door opened and 4 girls came in. The manager welcomed them and asked them if they liked their new greeter and had me walk over and say hello. The girls were all surprised and asked why I was naked. The manager told them to meet me outside and I would show them what I was doing. Once I did, one on the girls said is being naked in the store my punishment for being caught naked outside the store. The manager said no, that in order for them not to call the authorities, I had to be naked for them and no punishment had been decided. The girls talked among themselves then asked if they could spank me before they left. The employees said sure and they decided that it should be a “public” spanking and had me go just outside the front door. The girls were all loving smacking my ass and just as the last one was done, as they had to leave, two more cars pulled into the parking lot. I wasn’t so lucky to have them all be girls. One was a couple from the neighborhood that saw me earlier and the other was another guy. The two employees were in the store and when the new people came up, the girls told them it was their turn. So they took their turn spanking me and then we all went into the store. The 2 employees asked if they met the new greeter and were told they took their turns spanking me. The neighborhood lady said that I must like being spanked because I had a hard on the whole time. The guys told her that maybe she should do something about that. So she asked should I lick it or smack it. The two guys said to smack it or they would and the two girls said to lick it. So she told the guys that she would hold it straight out so they could smack it and she would lick it. He guys didn’t take it easy on me and the women only put in and out of her mouth twice, then they all left. We checked the time and it was actually 15 minutes after they were supposed to be closed and they didn’t realize it. With me still being naked and them doing their close out stuff, the door opens again and it is the mother of the girl that saw me outside first coming to pick up her daughter. She looked at me and said where are your clothes!!! I went to say that they are right over there by the front door but they were gone, so I didn’t say anything. Well her daughter came out and explained what happened and why I was naked. Her mom then turned and locked the door. When she came back she noticed that my ass was bright red as well as my cock being red and hard and was told of the spanking outside. Her daughter wasn’t the most attractive girl but her mom was hot. She had her daughter come over and asked her how long it had been since she saw a naked man. Her daughter said she had only seen her boyfriend and they had broken up months ago. She told her daughter to get naked as she was going to make sure we all had fun together. The store manager came out just as the other girl started to strip and she said everything was finished for the store closing and we could leave. The mom said we aren’t going anywhere until she was done and told her to get naked too. She then had us all go into the back office out of sight from the front door. There was a rug on the floor and she had me lay on the floor, had the manager start on my cock and told her daughter to put her pussy over my mouth, her daughter said her boyfriend never did anything but screw her. It didn’t take longer for the daughter to get extremely wet and her mom told me to use my fingers too. Well that sent her over the edge and she had her juices flowing all over my face. The two girls switched positions and I noticed that mom was now naked too. She then told her daughter to move out of the way as she was going to show her how the proper way to fuck me to a massive orgasm. She told me to make sure not to cum as she wanted me to cum in her daughters mouth so she could taste it. As I said, mom was hot and it didn’t take long for me to be ready, so she moved her pussy to my mouth and had her daughter come over and put my cock in her mouth, after a couple of sucking motions from the daughter I released my cum into her mouth. After fingering and licking her mom to an orgasm she said that was enough and we could all leave. The manager said that I was there because of getting caught naked outside and was to do something she wanted and that hasn’t happened yet but she gave me my clothes and told me that when she calls me next time that it will be just be her and I. Mom then chimed in that she hoped there would be a next time too. They all agreed that there was no need for the threat about the authorities as what I had done that night fulfilled their need for a penalty for me being naked outside the store. As it turns out, once we got to talking, they all live in Renee’s neighborhood they just weren’t home when I was doing my walking dares. Now I have 4 different groups that are having me getting naked at various times, Darlene, the girls at work, my sister and friends and now the Renee’s neighborhood. More fun to follow, I hope you are enjoying my adventures as much as I am reliving them by sharing them here.
Poster: crazyjoe1073