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Sweet dare


My oral affair with a married woman
I moved to a new neighborhood and joined the local fitness center. One morning I arrived at the gym around 10am and as I’m walking to the locker room I noticed a redhead (white woman) on a treadmill she looked to be late 30’s to early 40’s to me we made eye contact and she gave me a sheepish grin. I’m a early 30’s black man so about twice a week I’d see her at the gym if we made eye contact she’d smile but we never spoke. So as I started knowing people around the gym I seen her talking to a older gentleman I had come to know so one day I asked him about her and he said she was married and he knew her husband so I thought oh well there goes that. Still 2 to 3 times a week there she would be smiling anytime we made eye contact anyways as time went on we eventually met through the older gentleman that knew her husband we mutually complemented each other about how we seen each other in the gym working hard. So now when we see each other we’d speak, one day she said she would like to try some of the ab exercises she seen me doing and could I try to teach her some things I agreed. Over time I started helping her with her workout and we became friends where we would talk and joke with each other which turned into flirting mostly her flirting with me nothing to over the top just lite flirting. I kind of had a reputation as a ladies man so she would ask me if I had any dates over the weekend and if I had gotten laid normally I’d just laugh it off with no answer but this time decided to answer her question. I said yes and pointed out a girl at the gym I’d hooked up with she looked at me and said you dog why didn’t you tell me you’d been hooking up with her. I told her I like to keep my dirt to myself to which she replied I want details how was she? I told her the sex was ok but the head was no good, she asked why I thought the head was no good I said she just seemed like she didn’t like doing it, to which she replied to me I bet giving you head would be fun. I was shocked I didn’t expect that I asked why do you think giving me head would be fun? She replied I like doing it and I like you so I just put 2 and 2 together, I’m just like ok. So about a week later we were talking and I joked when you gonna give me that blowjob you promised she laughed and said I never promised you a blowjob I just said I bet it would be fun, besides she said what you want me to do suck your dick in the gym? I said I don’t live far from here come to my house, she said no I’m not coming to your house because it’ll lead to more than just a blowjob. I said you can do it in the car, she smiled and said she hadn’t done nothing like that since college. So after our workout I get ready to leave and she left also so as she got her car (suv) she looked at me and without saying a word her look said it all do you want it or not. I want it but I’m nervous I never thought about messing with someone’s wife. So she gets in her car and I went to the passenger side door and she unlocked it and I got in she had these little shorts on I ran my hand up her shorts as we kissed deeply she was so wet. I pulled her shorts up and over to the side to expose her vagina it was beautiful with neatly trimmed red hair so we’re kissing as I finger her I asked her you ready to suck this dick? She said yes! She untied my Nike sweats and pulled my hard dick out. The smile on her face as she looked at my erect dick I knew I was about to get a good blowjob and she with no hesitation went for it spitting on it, stroking it, deep throating it hard fast for about 10-15 minutes I asked her are you ready for me to cum? She replied give it to me and I couldn’t hold it no longer I let loose in her mouth she moaned ummm as she slowly and softly kept stroking as I’m cumming. So when I finished cumming she came up with the biggest smile on her face she had swallowed every drop, I asked why the big smile she replied it was a lot of cum and it was so good. So for about the next year or so maybe 2-3 times a month she’d be in the mood and she’d suck me off in the parking lot of the gym. I think her husband started suspecting her of cheating he started showing up at the gym unannounced and we eventually came to our better senses and decided we better stop before she got caught and ruined her family. This was a couple years ago I still see her at the gym sometimes with her husband and we share a smile and reminisce about the fun we used to have. In the front seat of her car she gave me the best blowjobs I’ve ever had!
Poster: BW