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Sweet dare


Neighbor and the Local Bar Contest
Another adventure in my life.

Not even sure what I was thinking, maybe I wasn't thinking.

The weather's been cold and rainy. My husband's out of town. My neighbor called me up and asked if I wanted to go get a burger with him and a couple of drinks at this local bar. He told me his wife was out of town. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not but I really didn't have any reason to say no. My husband and I friends with him and his wife.

He offer to come to our house and pick me up. I said fine and he said he'd be over in about 15 minutes. I told him I was going to pop into the shower and to come into the house. The master bedrooms on the first floor of the house. I hadn't bothered to close the bedroom door. I got into the shower. I was drying myself off. The bathroom door into the bedroom was also open. I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me, and my neighbor was sitting on the edge of the bed. I tried to act as nonchalant as I could. I knew he had seen me naked probably when I got out of the shower. I tried to act relaxed. My back was facing him. And I took off the towel, and I put on a pair of panties. I was facing him when I put on my bra.

I then grabbed a dress and also my jeans and a blouse. I asked him what he thought I should wear and I was standing in front of him in just my panties and bra. He said the dress. I then put on the dress. I then said you think I should wear the dress without my bra. He said, let me see what it looks like without your bra. So I took off the dress and then took off my bra. I was standing in front of him in just my panties giving him a complete view of my breasts for the second time. I then put on the dress.

Of course doing this in front of my neighbor was turning me on. I then said I have other bra's that I could wear. I then took off my dress. Again I'm standing there in just my panties. I then walked over to my dresser. I pulled out two matchiung bra and panty sets. I then said I could wear one of these underneath the dress. I then walked over to him and pulled my panties down. I put on the first set and . then I put on the dress. I then stripped, and put on the other set and my dress. I then pulled up the dress to show him that these panties were crotchless of which I knew he already knew.

It was obvious that he wanted to screw me right then and there. But I was going to make him wait. We then headed out and we went to the bar.

We then went to the bar, we got there and we ran into two other of our male neighbors. Of course I was dressed up and all of the guys are in jeans and tee shirts. Of course the one neighbor promptly I'm tells the other two guys that I'm wearing crotchless panties.

Of course the guys wanted to know how he knew. He then said she stripped naked in front of me modeling her outfits. Now I was embarrassed and horny at the same time.

Were all standing by the bar. There are lot of other people around. The one neighbor then ran his hand underneath my dress touched my pussy.

The bartender than made an announcement to sign up for the bare as you dare contest. All three of my neighbors instantly told the bartender I was going to participate. Not only were my panties crotchless, but my bra was completely sheer.

Then dawned on me that the neighbor knew about this to begin with and he was planning this.

Long story short, I didn't really want to participate but at the same time I was very horny. I'd had several drinks, and I was getting quite relaxed.

The three guys and myself are sitting down waiting for the contest to start. There were three other women and two guys and myself that were going to go up on stage.
I met two of the women that were going to go up on stage and one of the guys. Both of the women said they had participated before and the women only took off their tops exposing their bra, but the guys sometimes get bolder, but she wouldn't say what. Then my neighbor told the women and the guy that I was wearing a sheer bra and crotchless panties.

We all went up on stage and I took off my dress, and two of the women took off their shirts, and both of the guys took off their pants and just in underware.
I was essentially naked on stage because my bra and panties cover nothing.

Two of the women were teasing the audience about my lack of clothing, they had me bend over and giving the audience a good view. One woman then suggested that my bra and panties might as well come off. she took off my bra and slid my panties down.

I then got off the stage, and I put my dress back on and that was the end of the night (at least at the bar).
Poster: laura