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Sweet dare


Naked fun withn the employees
In my last posting, I had gone to Renee’s house on a Saturday night, which meant that my sister worked both Friday and Saturday. My parents went out of town and my sister reminded me that I had to work both Friday night and Saturday night. Well Friday evening rolled around and the 2 other people scheduled to work ended up being Judy and Karen, remember a couple stories ago they both caught me doing one of my sister’s dares. So my sister thinks this is kind of funny and reminds me to not be surprised as to what they have me do. It really didn’t take too long for the two of them to realize that I was working in the kitchen instead of my sister. We weren’t real busy so the two girls had me out at the bar and without customers being able to hear, told me that I was to go back into the kitchen area and get naked and I was to stay that way all night. They decided they would both wait tables and Judy would cook the orders so I could be naked all night. My sister saw what was happening and got a good laugh out of it but her and the girls were going to the club. Well, when the girls had the opportunity they were smacking my ass, smacking and playing with my cock. The kitchen closes at 12:30 am and last call was at 2 am so Karen told me I had to be available for the girls after closing. Well with nothing going on in the kitchen I went and sat down to watch TV in the living room it wasn’t too long after I fell asleep. Around 1:30 I was awakened by my sister but I was staring right at larger woman’s pussy. My sister explained that the 2 girls that came home with her had heard about me at the club but never were there to see me, so she decided to bring them home. The large girl was naked and I was told that she never usually gets a date let alone someone who would give her oral sex. So I was to use my fingers and tongue and get her to an orgasm. So I started by teasing her pussy lips and as I was they began to swell. I then stared licking her and teasing her clit with my tongue. She was moaning and getting very excited. I then started using my fingers and after getting to the third finger I found her G-spot and when I did, she had an orgasm and my face was covered with liquid. I decided that while I was down there to have a little more fun and used her juices to lubricate her ass and then started sliding fingers in and out of her hole. She didn’t expect that but she was enjoying it and so with two fingers in her ass and 3 in her pussy still messaging her g-spot I got drenched again. Just as the second drenching happened, Karen not knowing anyone was with me came around the corner, completely naked and announced that they were ready for me out in the bar. Karen was embarrassed that she was naked in front of the three girls but didn’t bother covering up being that they were girls. The big girl thanked me and gave me a hug, as Karen and I round the corner to leave we heard the other girl tell the big one how slutty she as and we heard a smack. We figured my sister and her other friend were giving her a spanking so we went out to the bar. Judy said that everything was done except for washing the glasses and said she would join us shortly. With Karen seeing what I was doing and how wet the other girl got, she laid back on a table with her pussy on the edge of the table and had me sit on a chair and told me to do whatever I did to the other girl. So I did the same thing to her doing everything in the same order and was getting the same results. As we were ready to have Judy join and I was to service her pussy too. The larger girl came out, her boobs were pink from being smacked and her ass was brighter red. She told Karen and Judy that she was sorry for holding me up and delaying their fun and will except any punishment the two of them wanted to administer. Judy said the heck with the delay this interruption is worse, and she wound up and smacked both of the girls boobs at the same time. The girl said thank you and you may keep going for as long as you want. Well Karen and Judy were punishing her at the same time and the girl all of the sudden asked them to stop as her ass and boobs were getting sore. She asked if we had any clothes pins and my sister said she knew where they were. She then got on the table positioning herself like Karen was. She told the girls to put clothespins on her nipples as part of her punishment and then she reached down with her legs spread as wide as she could, got a hold of her pussy lips which were quite swollen and large. She spread them open and told the girls to spank her there. None of us ever expect this but her friend stepped up and was first to smack her pussy and it was no easy hit. Karen and my sister were next. Judy had enough and decided to give me a blow job while the girl was being punished. Judy was really horny and told me she had no intentions on allowing me to penetrate her but the live porn show had her too horny not to and she proceeded to insert my cock into her extremely wet pussy. With her riding me and the live show beginning to wrap up, I was about to cum and I told Judy and she just kept pumping me in and out until I unloaded into her pussy and she had an orgasm at about the same time. She told me she never felt that way before. Well the 2 girls my sister brought home were dressed and ready to go. The larger girl thanked me again and the other much prettier girl told me I was hers next time. Judy got cleaned up and left giving me a kiss good-bye and said she never fucked her boss’s son before but hoped it would be the last. Karen looked at the clock and it was 4am she was scheduled to be back to open the bar at 9am and said she didn’t want to have to go home. I told her that she could sleep in my bed upstairs and I would take the couch. She said she needed to take a shower, my sister said she was going to use the one upstairs but she could use the one downstairs. After a few minutes I could hear Karen calling for me, when I got there she needed soap and shampoo. I went and got her some and she said don’t be shy we have already saw each other naked so I might as well shower with her. We did and dried each other off, she said if she wasn’t so tired that she would fuck me right there. I showed her up to my room, my sister was already in her room so Karen told me just to climb in with her. We snuggled naked together and fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was one of the best night’s sleep I ever had and to top it off waking up with her was awesome. Saturday evening after she was done working she went home but told me to leave the back door open later that night. I did and shortly before closing the kitchen Karen surprised me by showing up and was completely naked, she said she felt the thrill and excitement of being naked when there was a potential for getting caught. Needless to say she came over to have sex that we didn’t get to have the night before, sparing the details, it was great!!!
Poster: crazyjoe1073