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Sweet dare


Mandy the porn star.
We had been swinging for only a short time when we met a well hung guy online.
He commented several times on how beautiful my wife was and after the first session as we talked he said Amy you are missing your calling hon . Honestly you could be famous as a porn star you love sex and your body looks good enough to eat.
I have a friend in LA that if you want I will give you his contact # you could easily make #1,500 bucks in an afternoon kid absently playing with her breasts.
Amy said bull shit you are just talking but he scribbled down the Ph # and then they were getting it on again.
Well when I was at work she called and talked to him and when I got home she told me about it and said he wanted us to send him some nude pics of her.
We were laughing about it so she stripped and did a few nude shots of her with a 9 inch dildo posing like she was getting ready to use it and we sent them off.
He replied later that evening saying if we agreed we would have to sign some releases for the film because she would be paid very well for her time.
Again we talked because it was an interracial movie but after talking she said what the hell lets do it we can use the money and besides we had been talking about going to Disneyland anyway.
We set a date and Left from Oakland headed for LA X airport and was met there by his driver a tall very good looking guy that we whispered back and forth wondering if he was going to be the guy or not.
I was expecting a nice hotel but he pulled up in front of an old warehouse building with a loading dock in front of huge roll up doors.
I was a little Leary about getting out in this semi deserted area but he assured this was just the outside and we would be surprised when we got inside,
Just inside the door there was an array of cameras that looked out of date and ready for a trash ben but I saw a door in front of us and he knocked and was told to come in.
He was very polite but even he gave Amy a quick appreciative look as we shook hands and he said this is Cindy introducing us to an older woman that looked more like a grandmother except for her knowing smile and she said this will only take a few minutes but you need to sign these releases before we can go any farther .
Her eyes told me that once upon a time she could probably throw a mean piece of ass herself as Amanda looked over the contract that basically said that we agreed to sign all rights to this movie over to them and we were not threatened in any way so Amy scribbled her signature and handed it to me and I glanced over it and signed my name also Cindy told us to sit down and it would only be a few minutes and offered us coffee and doughnuts .
It was welcomed because we had left Oakland at 7:00 A M to get here for out 9 AM meeting.
I scarfed down three Apple Fritters but Amy was nervous and only nibbled on her fritter.
It took only about 20 minutes for him to look over our agreement then he came in smiling like a crocodile and shook my hand and turned to Amy with a wide appreciating smile saying well now what a treat I kind of envy your coming partner.
He introduced himself as Mike and said please set I need to go over what we do here and you can back out anytime if you want but if you do you will have to reimburse us for the plane ticket.
He started first off we just shoot the movies then sell them to the highest bidder so we have no control over who buys them but we will give you a copy of your movie to show friends if you want.
I grabbed at that of course but then he added all of our guys are tested regularly for any transmittable no no's so we are 99% sure you will get a guy that is safe and all of our guys go through training on how to please a woman and not get off before they are told to so he looked at me and said be assured that your wile will have a very good time with us.
Here is how it will go first off we will have a short meeting with you and your hubby then your lover will come in and you will meet him and then your hubby will move out of the picture and you and he will sit on the couch and with the signal he will lay his hand on your thigh and you will turn to him and kiss.
You will kiss for awhile and he will bare your breasts and you will free his cock and suck it for a short time then he will undress you and go down on you and lick your pussy.
He will be much bigger than any guy you have been with so there will be lube close at hand.
He will fuck you missionary fashion getting you used to his cock then he will roll you onto your tummy and I can see by the look in your eyes that you will probably be Cumming by now but ... the buzzer went off and he stopped saying Yes and Cindy said Sean is here and ready for some action tell that little gal she is in for a treat.
He looked thoughtful and said yes good choice tell him to come in and wait just inside the door we are almost ready for him.
He turned back to us as a very good looking young man stepped inside and stood there Amy couldn't take her eyes off of him and she swallowed several times as Mike laughed saying yes he is very well hung to you will love it.
He looked again at our information and said I see here you are on birth control dose that mean he can cum in you? Amy looked at me and shrugged her shoulders and I said I don't see why not so he said well then that opens up a new scenario we can double your price if you agree to join in it will only take you a few minutes to do your part and you get another $1,500 bucks
I asked how so and he said not all guys do this but you would be surprised at how many guys agree and it only takes about 15 minutes for you to do your part.
I said OK just what do I have to do and he said we will change the last seen to Amy on her hands and knees and you will be underneath her watching him do his job and when he says he is going to cum you suck and lick his balls until he is through then lick his cock to clean it up you can suck it if you want he wont mind
by then his cum will be leaking out of your wife and you will lick it out of her.
I said oh no I aint licking another guys cum out of my wife no way but Amy punched my shoulder and said for Christ's sake 15 minutes for $1,500 bucks are you nuts go for it she was looking at Sean hungrily and I said ugh huh babe I wont lick another guys cum out of you and she said you already did.
Last week Mark came by in the afternoon and we got it on and I wiped his cum up but didn't really clean up because I like to walk around with a guys cum in me.
You were so horny that you started licking me as soon as you got home and I didn't remember right off that Mark had cum in me and I didn't think that it was a good time to mention it you didn't seam to notice it so I didn't say anything.
Come on baby I swallow cum all the time it wont kill

well I agreed and you Mike told Amy beauty dose not make a sexy woman, open frank women that love sex is sexy to me.
You are beautiful and I can tell when you sneak glances at Sean you can hardly wait to jump his bones and that makes you a real prize yes I envy Sean but I am afraid that you didn't come all this way for a 6 inch cock so lets go in the next room where the bed is and the camera lady is.
I was very interested in watching her take a big cock but was dreading my part at the end. I was soon asked to get off the couch and Sean joined my wife and she looked up at him as though he were a god as he laid his hand on her leg then she was fumbling at his crotch whimpering in frustrated grunts until his pants came open as her hand went inside his pants then her eyes opened wide as she grasped his cock before tugging it out of his pants her eyes wide and her mouth open She gasped out a laugh and said OH MY GOD look at this honey.
Mike said 10 3/8 inches hon as Amy stared at his cock then her hand began to move pealing his foreskin back exposing his thick cock head.
With a whimper she leaned over and had to open her mouth wide to get his cock head in her mouth then her hand stroked his cock as she sucked noisily on his cock as Sean fondled her breasts
I was amazed that even though his cock was much bigger than mine and thicker to it seamed so pliable and not really hard then Sean carried her to the bed and undressed her as Amy backed up onto the bed watching his cock swing between his legs then he was eating her pussy and Amy lost it screaming as she came her hands and feet jerking in spastic jerks then Sean moved up on the bed and I stayed off to the side with the girl that was running the camera so we could see his cock slip into her .
Amy had a death grip on his cock and guided him to her opening but his cock was to big and she poured some lube on his dick head and he tried again but his cock folded in the middle Amy grunted in frustration fuck me god damn it and he took his cock straightening his cock and I watched his cock head force her pussy open as he pushed saying Christ she is tight his foreskin gathered just behind the crown of his cock head then Amy grunted and her back arched off the bed as his cock slipped out of site in her.
Sean said man she is just to tight I wont be able to keep from Cumming Mike and Mike was watching intently as I was and he said well go ahead then you can get it back up cant you and Sean said it will take a few moments and Amy was fingering her clit frantically wanting to cum again before he did.
Well within a minute he was Cumming his arms holding him above my wife and she had managed to cum again and was looking up at him in wonder as he came grunting like a pig.
Well we took a short break and was at it again but now Sean had control again and Amy was on her belly with him fucking her from behind laying on her back with his ass moving as his cock slipped in and out of her lubed by his cum.
Then he took her laying on her side with his cock in her in a scissor fashion then she was on her back with him in between her legs her feet sometimes pointed at the ceiling and sometimes she had them wrapped around his hips.
They had been fucking now for over an hour and Amy had cum several times and he was able to get his whole cock into her without effort .
I watched as he lifted her up into a doggie fashion and Amy's hair was hanging in her face and her 36-Bcup breasts that looked swollen and bruised from his mouth and hands swung in circles underneath as she was fucked when Mike called OK Larry it's time for you to earn some money and by now and I had resigned myself to going along with it.
Amy raised up so I could get under her and she kissed me before I got on my back and Amy threw her leg over my head and I was looking up at the swollen pussy lips that were stretched wide from his cock and I knew so well .
The bed moved then Sean's dick came into view as Amy reached between her legs and guided him into her .
Amy's pussy fluids and matted her pubic hair and glistened as his cock parted her lips and sank out of site then his hands gripped her hips and he began to move and I watched his cock coated with his earlier cum and her pussy lube slip into her.
The musky male smell of his sperm and her Oder that reminded me of kipper snacks permeated the area and my cock was swollen painfully as his cock bottomed out inside of her with his balls inches from my mouth
For some reason I lost control and My tongue flicked out licking his shaft and her pussy and Sean grunted he just licked my cock.
Mike laughed an said OK we can make up some time go ahead and cum whenever you want I think poor Amy is about fucked out anyway I looked and Amy was looking between her breasts watching and I was encouraged and I licked his balls as he began to jack hammer into my wife then I sucked first on the other of his balls as he wildly fucked her grunting with every stroke for what seamed like forever he hunched wildly and I was having trouble sucking on his balls because they were moving around so such when he suddenly stopped Pulling Amy back tight against him and his balls were still so I sucked on them knowing that he was Cumming in her several times he stroked a few times and strained against her until I felt his body began to relax and I could hear his gasps for breath as the tension left his thighs and his cock began to slip out of her.
Amy was still watching intently when his soft cock fell in my face and I sucked him into my mouth drinking my wife's fluids along with his until he backed out and I could see my wife's pussy open widely from his much bigger cock and there was a thick glob of his cum dangling almost ready to fall so I opened my mouth and caught it as it fell then more of his cum was leaking out of her as she lowered her pussy to my mouth I tasted his cum and it wisent all that bad but I had the urge to throw up but I choked it back and continued cleaning her up but then I just had to fuck her and they watched as I added my cum to his.
God I don't know it she even felt my cock after the monster she just had in her though.
Well then two days at Disneyland and $3 grand in out pockets we headed home.
Poster: lastmanup