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Sweet dare


Renee's 2 week notice party
If you read my last story you know that my sister brought home two girls from the club, she told me that she had to sneak out of there because they were going to have her take my place and she didn’t want to be naked there so the girls helped her on the condition that they got to have some fun with me.
Well the next week I got a bit of bad news and that was that Renee’s husband Brian was being transferred out of the area, so she was giving me her 2 weeks’ notice. This led to some fun at work. The first week, was uneventful but the second week Renee made it very interesting. The minority owner of the company, that worked in the same building as we did, came in on Monday and let us know, that he would be leaving and told Renee that he would miss her last days but wished her good luck. Once he left, Renee told us she had plans for the office for the rest of the week. First, she didn’t care who saw her or what they saw as her plan was that on Tuesday, No Bra, Wednesday no bra or panties. Thursday naked from the waist down and Friday she planned on just being naked. None of us thought she would go through with the Thursday or Friday plans. On Tuesday, she came in after we were all there and you could tell without a doubt that she had no bra on but she made sure we knew as she lifted her shirt to display her awesome breasts. I was already thinking about Wednesday and the proof of no underwear. Well, when she came in Wednesday she was wearing dress. So she said ok everyone it is time to prove I am naked under my dress. She grabbed the bottom of the dress and lifted it up until everything was on display. Pam, Doreen and I were all still wondering what was going to happen as the way she was dressed Wednesday she was basically naked from the waist down. When Thursday arrived and we were awaiting her entrance we were all still figuring that she wouldn’t follow through. We were wrong, when she got out of her car she was wearing a coat that went to her knees and as soon as she walked through the front door she took it off and she was only wearing a shirt that looked to be 2 sizes too small and nothing else. It was amazing that the way she was sitting at her desk that no one realized that she was partially naked. Friday was an awesome day, when she arrived she was wearing the same coat and took it off just as she got in the office. She reminded us that she had said that she didn’t care who saw her as she knew she would never see anyone from our office again other than those few of us coming to their going away party Saturday night. She said that the guys there would never forget her. Well it didn’t take long for the guys in the various shop departments to hear that Renee was naked and one of the older guys came in and asked her what she was doing and she didn’t cover her boobs up but started fondling them in front of him telling him that they would never forget her. Since he came up, she told me that she wanted me to walk through the departments with her where she invited all the guys up at lunch. Doreen had brought in a going away cake and we ordered food in, so all the guys got to get a close up look at her during lunch, she told them to come back up before they left. About midafternoon I was in my office and she came in and asked me if I liked the cake and would want another piece. I saw that she had one with her so I said sure I would like another piece. She then proceeded to take the papers off my desk, sat herself on the desk then took the piece of cake and smeared it all over her pussy and told me that there is your piece of cake, don’t miss any and you’re not allowed a fork. Well that was the best piece of cake I had ever had. As I was eating the cake she had scooped up some of the icing and placed on each of her nipples and when I was done she told me to look up and that I had missed some. It was just about quitting time so she went back out behind her desk. A couple of the guys usually leave at 4 on Fridays came you to see her. She stood up and went to the first guy and said tits or ass, and he said what? She said tits or ass as to where are you going to put your hands when I give you your goodbye hug. Well this went on for the rest of the day with all the guys getting there hug and most of the getting to touch both tits and ass and she didn’t bother to stop them. It was now down to just the rest of us in the front office and she told us to make sure we were coming to the party. She gave both Pam and Doreen a hug and both girls fondled her just like the guys, then Doreen told Renee she was surprised that she had gone through with everything she said and how she was such a naughty girl. Renee told them that before they leave they should get her a spanking for being so naughty. She then bent over her desk with her ass pointed in the air. Pam took 1 cheek and Doreen took the other and they both spanked her at the same time. It was my turn next and with the other girls watching; she turned around and told me to use my fingers on her like I did before some she would be all wet and sticky when she got home to Brian one last time. When we were done her juices were running down the sides of her legs and with not clothes to be worn, she knew she would be like that when she got home. The party on Saturday is a story all its own and will follow soon.
Poster: crazyjoe1073