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Sweet dare


Cancun, Part 2
Over the next couple of days we hung out on the beach and spent a little time with our new friends, but we also spent time scuba diving and doing some touring around, so we didn't have a lot of time for off-the-beach socializing.

On the third evening we finally had some time free, and went to an outdoor patio bar for drinks together. The two couples from the hot tub (see Part 1) were there, and another couple.

All were reasonably attractive, and there was a lot of flirting going on. The third couple, Leah and Mark, were both very attractive -- both my husband and I had noticed them on the beach earlier that week and my husband could not stop looking at Leah's gorgeous body in her bikini. She wasn't a Playboy model, but had a great ass and perky tits and moved like an athlete and had a beautiful smile, that came frequently. Mark looked like he worked out, but also like he could run a marathon. We both enjoyed the view.

Mark and Leah kept digging into the few details we let slip about our other evening together, and finally insisted we tell them everything. We all looked at each other, and gave Nicole the go-ahead. She told the story, and Leah and Mark kept asking all sorts of questions. Mark said he had always wanted to do something like that and was sad he had missed it, but he wasn't sure how Leah would have felt. Leah blushed, and mumbled something, and Mark said, "You wouldn't have done that, would you?" She blushed, smiled, and asked, "Would you really want me to?"

Mark paused only a moment. "Actually, I would. With limits. The kind of limits they had."

Leah asked the rest of us to explain the limits. We said it really wasn't that formal, but that we didn't want to go too far with anyone not our own partner. She started asking all sorts of detailed questions, and we finally just threw up our hands and said we all sort of understood that we couldn't go TOO far but part of the fun was not knowing exactly how far things would go. She turned to Mark and said, "I could do it if you could really do it!"

"Oh, I would LOVE to do it," Mark replied and we all laughed and then there was another moment of silence. We all looked at our partners and exchanged glances and smiles.

Finally, Nicole said, "I wouldn't mind doing something like that again," and the rest of us nodded approval. Peter had been the leader of things the other night, and he stepped in with the suggestion that we go back to their place and play strip poker. Leah wanted to know the rules, and said she didn't want to get in a position where she or Mark felt forced into something. The rest of us were more comfortable with each other and had already built up a certain level of trust, but we agreed it wouldn't hurt to talk things out beforehand. Someone laughed and said that is the advice they give on all the swingers websites about how to get your vanilla spouse into it and all the women laughed and accused their men of trying to lure them into wanton hotwifery...

We ordered another round of drinks, watched the setting sun, and negotiated the rules. Lots of people had lots of ideas, and everyone had played some form of strip poker before, even if it was just as a kid. We finally decided on the rules, which were pretty simple, both because some of the girls didn't want to be at a disadvantage if the game was too sophisticated and because we all knew that between the alcohol and the erotic buzz we might have trouble concentrating.

We agreed to agree on rules before we left the patio and it would take a unanimous secret ballot to ratify the plan before we ever left the safety of the patio. Writing this, it all seems rather nerdy, maybe, but if so, I am not explaining it very well -- it was quite arousing to talk through a lot of the details before they happened, to consider what might or would happen, to have time to picture the results of winning, or losing. It is also true that for three of the four couples, I am pretty sure, this was new territory, and we wanted to give everyone the chance to make an informed decision before being caught up in the heat of the moment.

We would play five-card draw, nothing wild. No ante, but no one could fold. The two lowest hands lost an item of clothing. The winning hand could remove those items, if they chose, and could keep one item on the table in front of them to use if they lost a future hand. But no one could put an item back on.

We agreed that everyone would start with five items of clothing, and we adjusted what each person could count as an item to even that out. This was actually one of the longest parts of the negotiation -- the women tried to argue for an extra item, and all the men opposed that. Finally the women agreed to an equal count, but the trade-off came in the area of forfeits.

Forfeits would be involved if someone was already naked and lost again. There was a lot of discussion about the nature of forfeits, and the limits. The women insisted on a "no penetration of any kind" rule, and the women were each allowed two forfeit vetoes, which they could use on a forfeit involving either themselves or their partner. If they used the veto, they could draw a dare from a list we drew up together and use that instead. Examples were "go down the hall and get ice" or "give a lap dance to the person of your choice who is not your partner." Another option in the pile was some complicated dice thing that ended up telling you what body part of yours was to match up with what part of someone else -- I don't remember the details but it did result in some funny combinations. (Actually more funny than erotic, because we were limited by the no penetration rule.)

The men were not allowed a veto, and were dependent on their woman to save them. If someone refused to do a forfeit, they had to be blind folded and lie nearby, for anyone to fondle whenever they wanted...

The game would not end until every member of one of the sexes was naked and at least two members of the other sex were naked.

At that point, any couples that were both naked would play one last round of poker and the losers would go in the nearby bedroom, leaving the door open, and the man and the woman would each pick their favorite sex position to demonstrate, and then they would take suggestions from the others...

We paused to let people think about it, and wrote out about a dozen ideas to put in the forfeit pile, and then held the vote. We agreed if anyone voted no, the whole idea was just a fun fantasy, and no one would be called out or pressured. We also agreed to let Peter review the votes and simply tell us if it was unanimous or not. We didn't want a wife voting no, for example, and then getting mad at her hubby for voting yes. (I am saying husband and wife to keep it simple -- I think two of the couples were married, one was living together, and Mark and Leah were in the early stages of a relationship.)

Peter let the suspense build, ordering a round of shots. He had us pause before drinking, then went slowly through the stack of votes, smiled and said, "Let's drink to the game! We're all in agreement!"

Part 3, if I ever write it, which I doubt, would describe the events of that evening in detail. But I have tried before to describe that evening and the truth gets lost in detail and descriptions of someone's breasts and whatever tend to get a bit boring, I think. Much more fun to watch or touch and we did a lot of both. The short version is that we played the game and it went almost exactly to plan. I thought it was wonderful. Much to everyone's delight, the women were the group that lost, as did Peter and Mark. I was a little disappointed to not be in the final hand to determine who would have sex in front of us all, but I also was pretty much at the edge of my comfort zone, and that might have pushed me too far. As it turned out, Mark and Leah lost that hand, and Leah, in particular, seemed pretty shy about it. We told them to tell us their favorite positions (cowgirl and doggie) and then just suggested they go in the bedroom, leave the lights off and have fun. They did keep the door open, and we watched the movements in the shadows while we drank and cleaned up a bit. They didn't last long, and asked if they could take a shower after. We all thought that was a great idea and the other three couples decided to switch it up and drew cards to see who would shower with who, before we headed off to our own rooms to finish the evening in private.

I would love to do it again, but I don't know if we could repeat the recipe, the combination of people that made this work. It took some reticence combined with boldness, and laughter and suspense and nervousness and awkwardness and confidence in the right combinations to make something pretty special.
Poster: Sarah32b