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Sweet dare


Nursing David Pt 2 The Morning After
Second part of the Nursing David story exactly as it happened

After the previous evenings exertions we all slept in the next morning. When Hazel had to make her daily visit to her see her mother, David said he wanted us go into town, he said he wanted to buy Hazel a present as a thank you for last night. When we got back, Hazel was relaxing, watching TV. We both gave her a peck on the cheek then said we had a present for her but needed to fix it up. As we left the lounge I could see that Hazel had guessed we were up to something but she didn't say anything. She was still watching TV when we returned to the lounge. As we walked in Hazel turned towards us and burst out laughing. David had bought two long white coats, the sort that decorators wear and two toy stethoscopes which were hanging round our necks. What made us look even funnier was our bare legs, it was obvious we hadn't got anything on under the coats. The serious expression on our faces as we stood there shaking our heads only made Hazel laugh all the more.
“This is worse than I thought, Doctor Jenkins,” I said as I drew in a slow breath and shook my head. “It looks like a serious case of hysteria. I think the worst I've ever seen.” David nodded gravely. “I totally agree Doctor Russell. What treatment would you prescribe?” He reached out his hand and placed it on Hazel's forehead. “She seems to be a bit hot, I think you should take her temperature Doctor Russell. Do you have your thermometer with you or would you like me to do it.” “I have mine with me, Doctor Jenkins but you go ahead, if you need a second opinion I will be glad to oblige.” David opened the front of his white coat and his seven inch 'thermometer' popped out. “Would you open your mouth please Hazel?” he said in his best bedside manner. Hazel grinned at him and did as he asked. He stepped forward and slipped his 'thermometer' into her mouth. “Oh my, Doctor Russell,” he said, “her temperature is off the scale. I think you should see for yourself.” Now I stepped forward and uncovered my own 'thermometer'. “Hazel opened her mouth again and I slid it in. “This is definitely more serious than we thought. I think a full examination is called for. I think we should retire to the examination room.” I took Hazel's hand. “Would you follow me please, Hazel.” I guided her down the hallway and into the bedroom, followed by David. When all three of us were through the door, I closed it behind me. Hazel stood waiting for our next move. “Could you take your skirt and blouse of please Hazel,” I said. Hazel unbuttoned her blouse slowly teasing her 'doctors' as she did. Hazel always wore sexy undies whenever David visited, because she never knew when it would be uncovered. Today was no exception. She had chosen a powder blue bra and panties set. She let her blouse slip from her shoulders, then lowered the zip on her skirt and let that fall around her feet and stepped out of it. She now stood there in the lacy outfit and it was having an effect on her 'doctor's' 'thermometers'. “Lay on the bed please, Hazel,” I instructed. Again Hazel did as she was requested and lay back, her head on the pillow. I stepped forward and placed my hand on her bra clad breast. “Her heart rate is rather high, Doctor Jenkins,” he said, sounding concerned. “Would you check the other side please.” David walked round to the opposite side of the bed and covered her other breast. “It does seem rather high,” he said but I think the bra may distorting the diagnosis. It would be better with it off, don't you agree Doctor Russell.” I nodded. “Would you remove it please Hazel.” Hazel reached behind her back and unclipped the bra and I helped her pull the straps down her arms. I stood there shaking my head. “That doesn't look good at all Doctor Jenkins, she has two nasty inflamed swellings on her breasts. David reached over and took Hazel's right nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “Does that hurt, Hazel?” he asked as he gently twisted it. Hazel just gave a low moan. “I'm not really sure about this Doctor Jenkins, could you repeat the treatment on the other one.” I took the left nipple and twisted that one. Now Hazel's moans grew even louder as her two 'Doctors' examined her breasts. “I think we need to listen more closely to her chest, Doctor Jenkins,” Mike said. He sat on the bed beside her and put his stethoscope to his ears and placed the round pad over her nipple. “Could you do the same with your side please.” David placed the pad of his stethoscope on her left nipple. I winked at David, if we hadn't each had a hand on her shoulders, Hazel would have leapt of the bed. We both slid a hand into our pocket and Hazel felt a jolt run through her nipples. Then it was gone. She looked from me to David, but our expressions were just ones of mock concern. “I'm not happy with that reaction, Doctor Jenkins,” I said, “it seems rather severe.” The jolt ran through Hazel's nipples again and she saw me smiling at David. “You pair of bastards,” she laughed, she now realised what we'd done. Several months earlier I'd suffered with a bad back and we'd bought a 'Tems Machine', a device designed to deliver small electric pulses to the muscles. I'd managed to connect it into the stethoscopes and this was what was causing the jolts. We kept up the electro therapy treatment for around two minutes, varying the frequency and power of the pulses until Hazel was on the verge of an orgasm. Then we stopped. We both knew her well enough to recognise the signs. She groaned as the feelings subsided. “There's definitely something wrong here Doctor,” I said, “I think this calls for a full internal examination. Would you like to do the honours, Doctor Jenkins or shall I?” David walked to the bottom of the bed. “Would you open your legs please, Hazel,” he asked. Hazel parted her legs and lay there waiting for her examination. David placed a hand on each thigh and lowered his head. “Doctor Russell, I think you had better come and see this for yourself.” I joined him at the foot of the bed and we both stood staring between her open thighs. “This amazing,” Mike said, “I have never seen this reaction before, she seems to have had a discharge.” Hazel certainly had had a discharge. Her pussy had been leaking heavily during the treatment to her breasts and her panties were soaking. “I think this needs closer inspection,” David said and took hold of the waistband of Hazel's panties. “Could you lift you hips please Hazel.” Hazel did and he pulled her panties down her legs and over her feet. The physical sexual high that Hazel had been experiencing had died down some but the anticipation hadn't. David put the panties to his nose and breathed deeply. “Ah ah,” he said, “I think I know the problem Doctor Russell. Hazel is suffering from acute sex deprivation. I've come across this before but this is one of the worst cases I've seen. She needs immediate treatment but I would welcome a second opinion.” My head joined David's between Hazel's thighs. “Oh yes,” he said. Her Labia Majora are extremely swollen and unless I'm very much mistaken I think you'll find her Labia Minora are in much the same condition. Hazel smiled at the medical terms we were using for her private parts but she stopped smiling and gasped as I parted her outer pussy lips and exposed the pinkness of her inner lips. “Yes I thought so,” I said, “they are extremely enlarged. I think you'll find that her clitoris is also in a state of arousal. Hazel gasped again as I parted her inner lips and her clit was exposed. “If you look closely Doctor Jenkins you will see that the clitoral hood is barely able to contain her clitoris.” David leaned closer and Hazel could feel his warm breath on her clit. “Yes, Doctor Russell, I see what you mean. Have you read the paper in The Lancet, by Doctor Stein. He has a completely revolutionary method of gauging the height of a woman's needs.” Mike shook his head. “No I can't say that I have Doctor Jenkins. What does it entail?” “Well I think it would be easier if I demonstrated his technique, it will be simpler than trying to explain it.” David lowered his head and Hazel squealed as his lips made contact with her clit and his tongue circled it. He kept this up for about thirty seconds and I could see that Hazel was close to coming. But David stopped just before she did. He raised his head. “Doctor Stein reckons that the lips and tongue are the most sensitive way of measuring the temperature of a woman's clitoris and this gives the height of her sexual need. I must say I agree with his research and if the heat that Hazel's clitoris is generating is anything to go by she is in urgent need of treatment. He also advises keeping a constant check on her overall body temperature while the treatment is being administered.” I stood there and stroked my chin. “Well as you seem more informed as to his research, I suggest you carry out the treatment and I'll monitor her temperature. I moved back up the bed and positioned myself beside Hazel's head and Hazel opened her mouth to accept my 'thermometer'. But I kept it just out of reach. “When you're ready Doctor Jenkins,” I said. David climbed onto the bed and knelt between Hazel's thighs. “Right,” he said to get the best effect, we have to raise the expectation level. I will tell you when to start monitoring her temperature.” Hazel craned her neck to reach my 'thermometer but I moved back slightly keeping it about an inch from her lips. “I'll be giving her injection soon, Doctor Russell, so be ready.” Hazel took a sharp intake of breath as she felt David's knob brush against her outer lips but her didn't enter her. Instead he used his fingers to part them and repeated the treatment on her inner lips. “This is amazing, Doctor Russell, her clitoral hood has retreated fully now and her clitoris is completely exposed. Hazel opened her mouth to scream as he ran his knob over it. “Now Doctor Russell, begin monitoring now.” I moved my 'thermometer' forward and slid it into Hazel's mouth. Hazel eagerly wrapped her lips round it as David moved forward and entered her. He moved slowly at first, sliding deeper into her. “Her vulva is extremely engorged and her vaginal entrance is extremely tight, and the muscles are in constant spasm Doctor Russell. How is her temperature?” I was having trouble breathing never mind giving a running commentary, as Hazel's lips slid up and down my 'thermometer, but I managed to keep up the charade. “It's hot in here Doctor Jenkins, very hot.” “I think she needs a little more stimulation Doctor Russell. I think I'll try to locate her G spot.” David pulled out until just his knob was nestled in Hazel's outer lips, then slid a finger into her, before sliding his 'instrument' back inside her. Hazel screamed around my cock as he found the corrugations of her G spot trigger. “Ah, that's it,” David said, “I think we're ready to proceed.” He began sliding his 'instrument in and out of her with a steady rhythm at the same time as massaging her G spot. The combination of his finger pressed against the upper edge of her vaginal opening and his 'instrument' sliding in and out her pussy soon had Hazel on the edge again, but this time David didn't stop but speeded up his penetration. Hazel's breathing quickened and her juices began to flow. Her walls of her pussy began to expand and contract as David fucked her. He had now removed his finger from her G spot and was working on her clit. Suddenly Hazel cried out as her orgasm hit her. David came at the same time and he was groaning as he pumped his load into her. No-one was saying a word now, but the room was filled with the sounds of sexual pleasure. Hazel was gasping for breath and screaming her appreciation. David and I were groaning loudly as we continued Hazel's treatment. I was delivering mine down her throat while David was filling her pussy with his. When the dust cloud of emotions died down we all lay together on the bed totally satisfied. Hazel trapped between the two finest lovers she had ever had the pleasure of. Eventually we had to move, David had to go home but before he did Hazel kissed us both tenderly. “Well doctors,” she said, “I have to admit you have the most charming bedside manner and I think I may need ongoing treatment.” All three of us collapsed into fits of laughter.
Poster: Mike & Hazel