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Sweet dare


Renee's going away party
When I last wrote, Renee had ended her 2 week notice by doing various exposures at work, it was an awesome week and she had invited the office once again to her house. The party at her house was for 3 reasons, first her and Brian going away, second, another thank you for me from the husbands and last a way to humiliate the neighborhood slut, Elaine. When I got to Renee’s house, Pam, Doreen and their husbands were already there as well as the 3 girls/women from the convenience store, that lived in the neighborhood. With me there, Renee said it was time for the party to begin. She went into another room and brought Elaine out with her. She had tape over her mouth and hands tied behind her back. She was wearing a skin tight shirt and what we would call yoga pants now, but leggings back then. Renee said to all of us to look how slutty Elaine dressed for the party. She then said to Elaine if she wants everyone to notice her tits then she would make sure everyone noticed. She took a pair of scissors and cut holes into Elaine’s shirt so that her boobs were sticking out of the shirt. Once the holes were cut, it revealed her sheer bra. Elaine’s nipples were hard and sticking out. Renee told us all that Elaine must be enjoying this as her nipples are hard, with that she pinched them and then pulled the bra away from them cutting holes in the bra so the nipples were exposed. Renee wasn’t finished, she then pushed Elaine back over a chair, and this put Elaine’s legs up in the air. She then proceeded to push her legs apart and said that more exposure was necessary as the leggings were so tight that a camel toe had formed around her pussy. Using the scissors Renee cut the material out away from her pussy and a little bit more. This revealed to everyone a thong that Elaine was wearing but it wasn’t covering anything so Renee cut it off too. Just then the doorbell rang and Renee said it must be the food delivery. To add to Elaine’s humiliation, Renee stuck a $20 bill in the top of what was left of her bra, and with her standing the money covered her nipples. Brain let the delivery man in and Renee walked Elaine over. The guy gave them the total and Renee told him to go ahead and take the money. He did and Elaine’s hard nipples were uncovered for his viewing pleasure, Renee told him to do to the nipples the first thing that popped into his head. He then kissed, licked and nibbled them, and said he would like to stay but he needed to get back to work. When they settled the bill, there was a quarter in change. Renee pointed to Elaine’s pussy and told him that it was a coin slot and he needed to slide the change in there. So he got down at eye level and did just that saying to us that it went in very easy as her pussy was soaked. After we all got finished eating, Renee told me that I was going to get a thank you like last time but I didn’t have to do any dares. I went back to the bedroom I was in before and the mom and 2 girls from the store were there already naked and were told to have fun but to not make me cum as that was her job later. They stripped my clothes off and had me get on the bed they had me fingering two of them while using my mouth on the other, they were driving me crazy as they were all playing with each other too. After getting my face soaked from 3 pussies, Renee, Pam, Doreen and Elaine came into the room. They had Elaine lay on the floor, took the tape off of her mouth and told the girls to get her face covered in pussy juice and tear off the ruined clothes. So while they were busy with Elaine. Pam took my cock into her pussy while Doreen put her pussy right on my mouth. After a couple minutes, Doreen took Pam’s place on my cock and Renee had me start licking, fingering and sucking on her pussy. They then switched again with me penetrating Renee and Pam & Doreen had me fingering the two of them. It wasn’t too much longer that I shot my load into Renee and as she so proudly moaned that like the first time she was climaxing at the same time. The only people not in the master bedroom, were the other husbands. The girls all went out naked to get with their husbands, all were soaked and Renee had fluids running out of her pussy. The guys took their wives to different parts of the house. Meanwhile, Elaine and the other girls came out where I was. The mom of the girls told Elaine to be a good slut and go to work on getting me hard again. So, Elaine was untied and eagerly went after my cock like she never saw one before. It was taking her a while to get me hard again and the other couples came back out to join us. Renee suggested that being Elaine couldn’t get me hard that I should go to work getting the quarter out of her pussy while we all watched, as if that was going to embarrass Elaine. Well it didn’t take long as sopping wet as she was for me to get the quarter out. Elaine kept moaning that she needed to be fucked and would do anything to have a cock inside her. Renee said that being that she couldn’t get me hard that she was going to be punished for being a bad slut and if she agreed to never wear slutty clothes again, after her punishment, then we would see about her being fucked. Elaine said to tape her mouth and her hands so she couldn’t say anything and couldn’t cover up anything. She said we could use anything we wanted and that everyone there should swat her at least 10 times each and it didn’t have to be on her ass. So Renee put tape on her mouth and had her stand in the archway leading to the kitchen, then tied her hands above her head, lopping the rope around a rod that was there for a curtain. The people that were the meanest to Elaine were the 3 neighborhood women especially the mom. They went last after we were done and told Elaine that they were the ones that needed to be convinced that she had learned a lesson and wouldn’t dress slutty anymore as everyone else would be gone and that she would be punished worse than tonight if she did. They used belts, wooden spoons, a spatula and their hands. They smacked her ass, tits and her pussy until her ass was firetruck red, her boobs were just a few shades lighter and her pussy was swollen, wet and red. They untied her and untapped her mouth and she said she had learned her lesson, wanted to hang out with the other women from the neighborhood and yes she still wanted very much to be fucked. I being the only unmarried man there was who she was going to get. She came over to me and started working my cock again and this time I was able to get hard again and she wasted no time in guiding my cock inside her soaking wet pussy. It wasn’t long after, she let out a loud moan and I was soaked by so much fluid that it was running down my legs. She proceeded to clean me up. While this was going on, everyone got dressed. I then went to the bathroom and got cleaned up so I could get dressed. It wasn’t until we were all saying our final goodbyes to Renee and Brain, giving them our going away presents that everyone realized that Elaine had no clothes to wear home. She said that she would just walk home as is as her final humiliation and anyone that would see her as bruised as her ass and boobs were, well then they would just see her that way. The other neighborhood women said they would walk with her to her house to be sure she got home safe. So they left and we watched them as they were going and the girls were spanking her as they walked. Don’t know if any other people saw them as you could hear the smacks and the resulting yelps from Elaine.
When Doreen, Pam and I got to work on Monday, Bob had informed us that the majority owner of the company had refused his offer to buy them out so he would own the whole company. He went on to tell us that we should all look for jobs as he didn’t know how long we would be open. This led to more adventures for me and will continue to share them here.
Send any feedback to, I would like to her from you.
Poster: crazyjoe1073