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Sweet dare


Night Club 3
If you have been following my adventures you know a couple stories ago my sister came home early from the club as if she had stayed there they were going to strip her and make her take my place. She had also brought home 2 other women with her as they helped her sneak out. So with me being at Renee’s I owed my sister a shift at our restaurant but with our parents being in town for a change they scheduled employees to work giving us the weekend off. My sister told me since it had been several months since I had been to the club that we should go. We were to meet at Darlene’s apartment at 7, I wasn’t sure why so early but it came to light in a hurry. We walked over and just before we knocked on the door my sister told me I was to arrive at Darlene’s naked, I asked why and she said don’t ask questions now you never had before. So, I went ahead and took off all my clothes and handed them over to her. She said for asking questions, she emptied my pockets and then proceeded to throw my clothes out the back window of the 4th floor of the apartment building. She said if they are there I could put them on before we left. So we knocked on the door and when we were let in, I was lead into the dining room. Darlene’s mom was there entertaining some of her friends. Before we even left for the club, her mom told me that the ladies were going to reenact the event from the club. So there was a chair there that I had to bend over the back of and put my hands on the arms of the chair. They then spanked me making sure I was good and red. Then I had to turn around and they held my cock out straight and they each took turns slapping my cock around. Before anyone had a chance to do anything else, Darlene and the other girls we were going to the club with arrived. I was lucky enough that my clothes were still in the yard and so I was able to get dressed. We drove over to the club and when we arrived there were several other cars that pulled in. As we went in, there were several girls and a few guys behind me and when I got to the front door the 2 people that were checking ID’s and collecting the cover charge were the 2 girls my sister brought home with her. They told me I couldn’t go in as I didn’t meet the dress code for the night; I was wearing too many clothes. I had never been naked the whole night and really didn’t want to then either so I turned to go back out to the car. Once I turned, one of the two grabbed the bottom of my shirt and started pulling it up. As much as I tried to keep my arms down, they managed to get them high enough that the other girl started to take my pants off. I figured the only way to save my pants was to let the first girl get my shirt off but she just held my arms above me head long enough for my pants and underwear to be pulled down to my ankles. She then removed the shirt and everyone in line said we all just saw you get stripped by the two girls you might as well just get them your clothes. I turned around and as I was letting the girls finish removing my pants the crowd realized that my ass was very red. My sister then informed them as to what had already taken place before we got there. I was told the rules for me tonight were that as long as the band was playing music I had to be on the dance floor and the first women to ask me to dance the slow songs is who I had to dance with and I was to tell them they could do anything that came to mind. I was slapped a lot on the ass and the cock and during the final set I got asked to dance by a woman wearing a dress. She had large breasts and with her heals on was taller than me. As we danced, she told me to pull her breasts out of her dress. She then reached down and pulled the front of her dress up, then grabbed my cock and as luck would have it she was the right height for her to guide my cock into her pussy. So we were dancing with my cock in her pussy and she told me to reach behind her and start to lift her dress so that her ass would be exposed to everyone. The song was over but the band saw what we were doing and dedicated the next song, another slow one, to us. She then told me to continue to lift her dress up and over her head so when we were done dancing it would just fall to the floor. I asked her why she was doing this and she said she didn’t feel it was fair that I had to be punished alone and she actually wanted to meet me and have a chance to get to know me other than being entertained at the club. Well everyone saw what happened when we separated after the slow dance was over. The next song was an upbeat rock song and she and I were dance near each other. The guy and his girlfriend that started my punishment in the first trip to the club were out on the dance floor, the band announced that the next song would be their last song and it was another upbeat song. As I was dancing, all of the sudden my ass was struck harder than ever before, I knew it had to be the guy so I didn’t do anything and is a few seconds my other cheek was hit just as hard and with the spanking from earlier and the slapping all night both shot hurt. The girl that allowed me to strip her came over and said if you are going to punish him for being naked then she gets the same punishment. So his girlfriend told her man that if she wants it then we should deny her and told the girl to turn around. He then smacked her very hard on both ass cheeks. The band ended the song and the guy announced to the crowd that not only our normal entertainment for the night but he has a girlfriend tonight that wants the same punishment. So when we walk by them and you hit him on the ass, he then demonstrated, then we hit her on the ass. If we hit his cock then we slap her pussy and being that they are available, if we slap her boobs then we hit his chest. Well even the band got in line to join in the “fun”. My ass was very sore and hers was bright red, my cock was red and sore so I can imagine how her pussy felt. Her boobs were red enough you almost couldn’t make out were her nipples were. When everyone was finished, I retrieved her dress from the corner of the dance floor and took it to her. I told her, I didn’t know if meeting me was worth her being in so much pain. She just asked me to put her dress over her head and help her get it on. She then gave me a very passionate kiss and gave me her number. It took me about a half hour to find my clothes and get dressed to leave; I was so sore trying to drive home. The following week I called Susan and was surprised it was actually her number. I took her out for a wonderful dinner and we then went back to her apartment and had awesome sex together. She told me the punishment was worth it but she won’t be going back to the club as once was enough. I told her that I wasn’t going to go back for several months was all of this was getting out of hand.
Poster: crazyjoe1073