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Sweet dare


Shy wife and my friend
This occurred in 1983 after two years of marriage. We had never considered anything like this but this is how it went down.
A friend of mine from childhood was in town from out of state and I told him he could stay the weekend with us. He had met Terri when we first started seeing each other but hadn't seen her in almost four years, Terri had a boob job a year before we married.
Once he arrived I was taking notice of him checking her out over and over that afternoon, she had always thought Steve was "really cute" and liked him much better than most of my friends.
We had plans to go to a bar and meet up with some other mutual friends Steve and I had attended Jr high with but the weather turned bad with tornado warnings and we rescheduled for the following night. We were dressed to go out and we're having a couple of cocktails when we decided to reschedule. Steve then says " since we're staying in anyone care to partake in a lude?" Methaqualone was a downer popular in the 70's and 80's, commonly called panty droppers. She nor I had had one in a long time so we decided on taking half of one so Steve also took a half. We sat and had beverages and laughed and smoked a little. He was constantly staring at her tits by now and once she and I were in the kitchen alone I brought it up and she was just grinning saying " he's been doing it since we picked him up at the airport."
We returned to the den and she just blurted out " Stevie, did you notice my boob job." He just rolled in laughter saying he knew something looked different saying " I've never seen a boob job before." We all laughed and Terri said she was changing from the outfit she was wearing to go out. Steve and I also got comfortable in gym shorts and t shirts. Terri kind of took a long time to come out, when she did she also had small shorts on but to my surprise she had a fairly thin top on with no bra. It was v necked and her nipples were erect. Steve just made a remark like I'm never going to be able to look you in the eye Terri. They laughed and I was really surprised she was being so loose. Well, we were all sitting on a sofa and Terri was in the middle. After a few more drinks he just asks if he can see them. She looks at me and smiles and I realize she is willing or wanting to show them to him. After a second I just say go ahead if you want to show him. She unbuttoned the top that was cut low in a v a few buttons and just pulled the straps over her shoulders pulling down the top. Oh shit I was thinking, she looked so sexy and he's just locked on staring at them from 18 inches away with his mouth wide open. It seemed like an eternity and she was in no rush to cover them. I'm staring at them too and I hear him say " can I feel them?" She eagerly said yes and as he was feeling them she was getting flushed and her chest and breathing a little harder. She was enjoying it and that's when I realized I was hard as a rock, coving my crotch with a pillow for some reason. We were a little high. As he's feeling them he has inched closer and she was actually pressing herself closer and boom, he is sucking on her tits. Her neck falls back and her mouth is open and she is loving it, at one point looking over to me and mouthing " is it okay." I didn't answer but I adjusted side ways and slid my hand between her thighs and she just leaned back and let her thighs come apart. I was really not knowing what to do so I just started rubbing her pussy and then slid my hand down into her shorts and panties to her very wet pussy. Finger fucking her while my friend sucked her tits. She rolls into a face lock with him kissing him deep, and I'm just fingering her watching as I notice her left hand has a hold of his hard dick through his gym shorts. Fuck what is going on as I adjust and have a better view she is stroking his dick and she just utters softly " that's a big dick, I want to see it" and his shorts are off. It was a big dick, I'm average at a little under six but mine is skinny, his was not. In seconds he's up on a knee on the sofa and she is sucking on him. I can see see can barely reach around his dick and can't get much in her mouth. All I can think is she has no trouble taking mine balls deep. Then she is sucking on his balls and I'm thinking she never sucks my balls, she hardly sucks my dick. Well, I just start pulling her shorts off thinking "well I'm going fuck her, not him." She responds at my tugs and raises her hips and I'm on my knees with my face buried in her pussy looking up as she is still sucking his dick. I just seconds she pushes my head back and is pulling her legs away laying back and wrapping them around him. Next thing I know he's taken my spot on his knees between her legs, I'm back next to her, her laying back against me as he is rubbing his big dick up and down her pussy. After several small penetrations of the head he started fucking her with about half of it, he was so thick and her pussy looked so stretched as she moaned and panted I stupidly whispered " does it hurt?" She just said " omg no, it feels incredible." Then she started cumming the first time, hadn't been inside her 90 seconds. She had told him not to cum in her but after she had cum several more times and he said he was going to come she just locked on to him with her legs and pulled him to her. He was now balls deep and begining to cum and I fucking can't believe it, she's cumming again. I have precum just flowing out of my dick as she is reaching for me. I have to stop her knowing if she strokes it I'm cumming. Once he pulls out she slides down in font of him on her butt and him still on his knees and starts sucking on his dick. She has never done that to me, I have never even cum in her mouth and she's sucking his dick after he came inside her. She lays back on the floor looking at me and reaching out asking me to fuck her. Let's just say it went it without any resistance and the look on her face told he she could hardly feel me as I just shivered and shook having maybe the best climax of my life. She asked if she could kiss me and I shook my head yes, after she said she didn't think I would want to because of his stuff on her lips and mouth.
This was Friday night and I assumed it was over. Let's just say it was a long weekend. To be continued.
Poster: Joe