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Sweet dare


Marlene - First time of Many!
Marlene –The first of many !

After Annette left town around September 1999…. I was anxious and wondering if I would ever have so much fun as I did with Annette…. And so I was back viewing and posting on on-line sex sites.
Around November, as I was getting frustrated and yes a bit desperate… I was contacted by a young lady named Marlene from one of the sites. I replied and almost immediately she responded and immediately stated could we meet tonight because she was really really horny! I was like in shock! There were no photos of her on the site and just basic information. I was at first…damn I am one lucky guy, she wants cock really bad!
Well…. I then thought no this is way too good to believe and really just didn’t feel right. I told her I would like to know a little bit more about her and etc…and she replied never mind…you’re not interested…bye !
I laughed and stated to myself, yea this was really fishy!
About a week later I received a message on the site from Marlene- generic questions- and stating that she was interested in me as she looked over my profile. I was ok….let’s see how this goes and responded and asked generic questions. For the next two weeks we talked, email every day and our conversations were very XXX in very graphic details.
She stated one evening while chatting that she would like to get together and if I was really interested. I have to admit I was very intrigued by her….even after the first “crazy “contact. I agreed to meet with her at a restaurant which she said was on her side of town.
I really had no expectations for that evening; I was looking forward to meet with her and see how it went and take it from there. Well, she was late and I thought…damn I am going to be stood up… Marlene walked in; she looked around, locked eyes on me and walked over. She was in a blouse, skirt, high heels and dressed to impress.
Marlene was in her mid 40’s, 5’3”, little chubby and nice looking. We greeted one another, sat down and we had some small talk. We were both a bit nervous…but I liked what I saw and I could tell she did too.
Finally she asked if I had time and if I wanted to go to her place which was close by. I agreed and we drove off and met at her house. I walked into the house and she went to the kitchen and I sat down at the kitchen table. Marlene was talking a mile a minute walking around all over the place, getting coffee and snacks.
As she walked by… again… I gently grabbed her arms to stop her from moving, slowly brought her close to me and kissed her for a long time. As I was kissing her my hand slowly went up her skirt and touched, massaged and gently squeezed her full tight ass! When I did that she moaned long and loud and I knew and my cock knew this was going to be an awesome fucking time.
As we continued to kiss, my hand went from her full tight ass, to between her legs and right between her legs and I slowly, gently started to finger her wet tight pussy. Kissing her luscious mouth and fingering her tight wet pussy. She was moaning with pleasure very loudly. She started to unzip my pants and was touching and slightly squeezing my erect cock which was still in my underwear!
As she was trying to get to my throbbing cock- she moaned lets go to the bed room! As soon as we got to the bedroom…I proceeded to remove all my clothes and Marlene did the same. I was looking at nice firm 34 C tits, small nipples, a slight black hairy pussy and a very firm ass, my cock was throbbing. As I layed her on her back on the bed, I got on top, spread her legs and placed my throbbing head at her pussy. Pussy was warm and moist as I started slowly to enter…. But… I met some resistance! I started again to enter and my head could barely penetrate! Marlene is moaning and saying fuck me….fuck me…! I then proceeded and I pushed hard, real hard and finally her tight wet pussy lips and pussy parted and I slid my hard cock all the way to my balls!
Marlene’s pussy was soooo tight, felt sooo good… I nearly shot my wad right then!!!! I had to really work hard not to cum and I actually pulled out…trying not too cum! Marlene reacted moaning harder and I think she thought I was teasing her! I was trying not to cum! Don’t know how I did it, but I was able to calm down to where I wouldn’t cum!
I then slowly penetrated her wet tight pussy balls deep and proceeded to fuck her, slow……..softly….hard for about 35 minutes. I then exploded my cummm deep in her pussy as she moaned and screamed in delight! Fuck it was awesome!

We lay in bed, holding each other, and breathing heavy, as she started to play with her hands with my cock again. After about 10 minutes of some nice soft stroking of my cock… I was rock hard again. I then positioned her on her back with her ass at the edge of the bed and fucked her tight pussy….after about 10 minute’s balls deep each and every stroke. I then pulled my hard wet cock out of her pussy, flipped her over and positioned her on her hands and knees. With that, awesome firm ass, before me…. I slowly entered her wet tight pussy all the way balls deep in the doggy position. She screamed with delight….saying fuck me fuck me!!!!!! I fucked her steady for 30 minutes till I exploded inside her wet dripping pussy!
I just loved watching the cum drip down slowly from her pussy. Her pussy was filled to the brim with my cum. I asked Marlene - I hope this is not a onetime fun and she said if you want and I will want. Yessss! I dressed and left as she was still laying on the bed-naked with my cum still dripping from her well fucked pussy.

Just to let you all know…. Marlene and I were steady fuck buddies for over 11 years. Marlene and I from 1999 to 2005 were constantly meeting weekly- sometimes twice a week…almost every month. I left town for about a year and when I came back we continued to have regular sex from 2008 to about 2013. Marlene left for East Texas for awhile…then came back…and then she just quit cumming around. There are more stories to cum about Marlene and me… along with other lady friends of pleasure.
Poster: Mario