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Sweet dare


Fun weekend at our bar
Well with all the fun happening at work and the club, I ended up owing my sister a couple of shifts at our restaurant, she decided that instead of having to work she told me she would work the shifts instead of me but I had to be naked whenever she wanted me to. On Friday night, right after our parents left for the weekend she told me to get undressed. Karen and Julie who already saw me naked were working in the dining room and bar, when they saw that my sister had me naked in the kitchen they both told her that they wanted to be part of the fun. The first thing I was told I had to do was go out into the dining room which was were the pool table was and challenge the winner of the current game to a game. The two people that were playing were players from our women’s softball team that we sponsored. The two girls playing were not the only people in the dining room there were a couple of the other players there as well. Luckily for me they were the only people in the whole bar so when the girls were done playing I started playing the next game, The girls asked what the winner gets, Julie told the girls that if I won they had to flash me there bodies either top or bottom. The girls that weren’t playing said they thought if I won the game the girl that lost to me had to get naked. If I lost, I had to agree to umpire one of their softball games naked. Well with them poking at me and slapping my ass while I was trying to shot I didn’t do very well. They said that I should play another game but if I lost I had to do 3 games but if I won, I could eat out the losers pussy. Well needless to say, they were even more active in distracting me while I was trying to complete a shot and sure enough I lost again. Other people started coming in the bar area and it was agreed that I should go back into the living room. I wasn’t in there too long when my sister said that there was garbage that needed to be taken out to the dumpster. I was to just take to the dumpster and come right back without double checking to see if anyone was out in the parking lot. Well I walked to the dumpster and no one saw me, but what I didn’t notice until I turned around to return to the backdoor, there was a couple that were making out in their car. They noticed me and as I got closer to the car the guy opens the door and stops me and asks why I was naked. I told him about the dares and things that my sister had me do. As I was talking to him, his girlfriend slid over and saw that I was naked and so was she. She said that being that I was naked and daring maybe he should dare me to eat out her pussy as for some reason he wouldn’t do it. He was embarrassed with what she said and told me if I wanted to I should go ahead. I climbed into the backseat with her, she sarcastically asked him if he was going to watch. He said no he was going into the bar leaving me in the car with her and said once you get done using your tongue on her go ahead and use your dick on her too. Well I was in the car with her for about an hour when he came back out and opened the door just as his girlfriend had an orgasm that made her squirt all over me. She told him he better learn how to do what I did to her with just my tongue and fingers cause he never made her cum like that. He told me to get the heck out of his car that he was going to finish her off. I went back in the backroom and my sister heard me come back in and asked where I was and realized my face was all wet. I told her what had happened. She said that I bet you never refuse to take out the garbage ever again. I went into the living room and about an hour later I hear Karen and Julie describing to someone where they could find me and it turn out to be the girl from the car. She came over and gave me a very passionate kiss while grabbing my cock. She said do you always just sit around naked? I didn’t get to answer when she continued to tell me that her boyfriend couldn’t even get it up and want me to finish getting her off by fucking her. I told her I would go get a condom and she told me it didn’t matter because as soon as I knew I was going to cum she wanted it in her mouth. Well we did what she asked but before I dumped my load in her mouth she told me she wasn’t going to swallow it, she was going to keep it in her mouth and go back to the car and French kiss her boyfriend so he ends up with some of my cum in his mouth. Once she left that night I never saw her again. My night and weekend continued with various dares from the girls and receiving a schedule from the womens softball team so I would know when naked umpire was to be there. Saturday night as the bar was getting ready to close Karen came in and told me she wanted me out in the bar. As I looked out there was still 8 people in the bar along with her, Julie and my sister. Apparently they were talking to them about the night club events and they decided that I should do the same thing for our paying customers. So they had me walk out among the group. They had me bend over a bar stool with my stomach on the seat. They had me reach down and grab the footrest on the bottom and proceeded to tie my hands. With my ass up in the air, they all took their turns smacking my ass. The girls then said we need to turn him over so his cock is up in the air. They untied me, had me get up on two of the barstools lying face down but there was a space in between them where my cock was hanging down. They had no trouble spanking my soft dick as it was hanging, but with even the thought of females touch my cock it got hard and was not just hanging there anymore. Someone got the wise idea of either I had to hold my cock straight down for them to finish smacking it or the where going to tied something to the head to make sure it was pointed toward the ground. Well one of the girls decided she was going to tie her shoe to my dick and when she did she made sure she tied it a little extra tight. Will the spanking and dick slapping was over and I had to escort all the ladies to their cars. I then had to walk up the street to the end of the block and then down the street to the end of the block and if any cars go by I am to just keep walking. 5 cars total went by and I got a couple of horns tooted at me but that was all. On Sunday with the bar being closed and we were to be cleaning my sister had me do my part naked. She had invited some of her girlfriends over and as we were finishing up they had asked my sister if she has ever been naked in front of me. Well the answer was no she had not been, so the other two girls didn’t think that was fair and they got together and managed to take all of my sisters clothes off. So now we are both naked in front of her friends. I was later dared to do some naked neighborhood walks by the girls which were uneventful. Thank you for the feedback, I hope to continue to hear from readers of my stories. Sorry to Jessica that you werent happy with your dare results, with help I could have done better.
Poster: crazyjoe1073