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Sweet dare


2 weeks later at work
The last time I wrote about work we had said goodbye to Renee. After a couple weeks after, Bob (the minority owner) came out to the front office and asked is any of us had any luck finding new jobs yet and at the time none of us had. The went on to say that he was really disappointed that he wasn’t around for Renee’s last week; as from what he has overheard, she was very entertaining especially on Friday. As he was talking, Doreen who was wearing a sweater that you could clearly see her bra through got up and went to the ladies room. When she came out, it was obvious that she had removed her bra. The conversation in the office had turned and Pam was filling in Bob on everything that had happened from when Doreen caught me naked with Pam, and then Patty, the former owner, catching me again. She told him that the 3 girls often had been daring me to be partially dressed in the office and Doreen chimed in that they spanked me quite often too. While Doreen was adding to the story, her nipples got hard and were pressing against the sweater material and almost poked their way through the material. It was very obvious and Bob just bluntly asked her what happened to your bra. She said that he was so sad about missing Renee, that she hoped that she would make him forget all about Renee. As she said it, she stretched her arms above her head, pushing her breasts forward and her nipples were poking completely through the knit material. Bob said thank you to her and said he needing to get some work done. He then turned to me and told me to hand over my pants and underwear so I could entertain the girls, but he said to recreate the scene where I was being trained and Patty had me force my clothes through the opening in the front of the desk. I did what he had asked and he bent down to pick up my clothes and asked why my shoes and socks were there too. I had informed him that just like when Patty had me do it before I couldn’t get my jeans off without removing the shoes and the socks just went with the pants. I didn’t realize that he was going to take my clothes with him to his office. As I walked through the office and especially when I went out to do some filing, the girls were spanking me quite often. While I was filing and being spanked by Pam, I wasn’t paying any attention to the front door and a woman walked in that we didn’t know. Doreen just looked at her and asked if we could help her. She said that Doreen couldn’t but the guy with the hard on at the file cabinet could. Just as she said that, Bob comes through the inside office door and sees that his girlfriend has seen me naked from the waist down. He had me walk over to her ask her if she would like to remove my shirt, which she did. He then said what else do you think you should offer? I then asked her if she would like to spank my ass, my cock or both. Well naturally she said both and with me facing her, I reached down and pointed my hard on straight out so it would be easier for her to hit it. She stopped and I then turned around and bent over Doreen desk so she could spank my ass. Bob made the comment that the girls must have been spanking me earlier as my ass was already pink. She gave me several more swats on both cheeks. She then looked at Doreen and told her that she had a nice pair of tits and asked if she could see them without the material in the way. Doreen lifted her sweater and then decided that since everyone was seeing them anyway to just take it off. Bob’s girlfriend fondled Doreen’s boobs stating that they are definitely real and then pinched her nipples. Bob then grabbed Doreen’s sweater off her desk and gave it to his girl and they left for lunch. Doreen didn’t know what to do as she didn’t want the whole shop to see her boobs. I then noticed that they had left my shirt lay on the floor where she had taken it off of me. It was a little tight around her large boobs, but at least they were covered. Bob and his girl actually did not come back until around 4:30 that afternoon. All the other guys had closed their shops and had left or were leaving for the day. They saw that I had given my shirt to Doreen and was sitting in my office working completely naked. They ask me to follow them up to Bob’s office which I did. When we got upstairs he asked his girl what my punishment for helping Doreen cover her boobs with my shirt should be. She noticed my clothes on the back shelf behind Bob’s desk and she said for him to give them to her. She then said she would be right back. She took my clothes and went outside. She came back to get me and told me I couldn’t get dressed until I had found all my clothes. As a reminder, our building sat along a very busy road with lots of cars going by especially at this time of the evening. I found my shoes, socks and jeans without a problem but my underwear, didn’t seem to be visible anywhere. Doreen, still wearing my shirt, Pam, Bob and his girl were all watching so I wouldn’t get dressed without all my clothes. I then asked where the heck my underwear are. Just then Doreen said, look out on the road, I think that tractor trailer just ran over them. Sure enough, there they were in the middle of the far lane of traffic being run over by almost every car going by, we are outside with me by the edge of the road naked, waiting to be able to run out and get my underwear. Well after I don’t know how many vehicles ran over them, I was finally able to walk out and pick them up. As I brought them back to the group, I held them up and the looked like filthy Swiss cheese, as the vehicles running over them put several holes through the material. His girl told me in order to get dressed I had to put them on anyone. So I got everything and then looked at Doreen and she said thanks for the shirt today and being that you all have seen them anyway, took off my shirt again baring her boobs. We all then walked back to the office, Doreen’s breasts bouncing along the way. When we got back to the office, Doreen told everyone that her husband had applied for the job that Renee’s husband had and was interviewed. She continued to tell us that while she had no news in the morning she found out that afternoon that not only did he get the job, but she had received an offer from the same company to work in their office. She said the other surprise she had was that her husband had put a bid in on Renee and Brian’ s house as it was still empty and the offer was accepted. Bob then congratulated her and gave her, her sweater back. Doreen said that there wasn’t much sense in putting it on now and being that it was so revealing on her gave it to Bob’s girl and advised her to wear something under it. She then turned to Bob and asked why he hadn’t touched her boobs yet and his girls told him to go ahead. He played with her boobs a while and she then asked him if he had forgotten Renee yet. Before he could answer, she said she was going to make what Renee did seem mild and told Pam that she felt sorry for her being the last girl left, that when she leaves she will have a tough time topping it.
Poster: crazyjoe1073