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Sweet dare


Doreens 2 weeks
When Doreen came in on Tuesday she told Pam she feels real bad for as she will be the last of the females to leave work and that for her to top what she plans on doing while she is still working, there would be no way for her to top it. She said she is going to duplicate what Renee did her last week as her first week. She then said that her second week each day there would be a new theme for the day. So Tuesday she was braless all day and with the size of her breasts everyone knew and with the button down the front shirt she had on, she left the buttons from the top to just under her boobs open. If she moved just right you could get a view and I am sure many guys did. Bob had asked Doreen what she was doing and told him that for the first week she was redoing what Renee had done so he would quit saying he wished he was there for it. She continued and told him that what she is going to do the next week would make everyone forget Renee all together. On Wednesday, she wore a tube top and a pair of leggings that were skin tight and left nothing to the imagination. We had a female sales rep. stop in and as Doreen stood up to talk to her, she couldn’t help but notice how she was dressed. She asked Doreen what she was doing showing herself off; but, after Doreen told her the story the woman reached over and pulled the tube top down and said she just had to see her boobs. Doreen responded by asking her if she wanted to see anything else, she said no just to feel her boobs to see if they are real. Doreen put her top back up and took the woman back to see the sales people. When she was finished with her presentation, she came back to the front office and asked Doreen if she was wearing anything under those pants as she was watch her ass bounce around while she walked her back. Doreen told her no. She told us she would be back next week and se left. Well as you may remember, Renee on Thursday was bottomless and sure enough Doreen came in just wearing a shirt. When Bob came in he asked Doreen to stand up and the tails of the shirt covered parts of her ass and pretty much covered her pussy. Bob said that will never do and had her step out from behind her desk. He then took the scissors that were on her desk and trimmed the bottom of her shirt up to her waistline. He then gave her a smack on the ass. He left the office and about 10 minutes later, he called down to the front office and asked Doreen to bring some report up to his office, this made her walk through the various departments with all the guys seeing her naked from the waist down. He had her parade around several times during the day. On Friday, she came in naked and paraded around all on her own. Bob ordered food to be delivered for lunch Doreen revealed to Pam and I that she wanted to be fucked by Bob and Don (one of the shop guys) that she had the hots for. She told me that she was going to have me fuck her a couple times as she has wanted to since seeing me do Renee but she didn’t think her husband would be as OK with it as Renee’s was. She had ordered a salad and told me that since there was no cake she was going to pour her extra dressing on her pussy and wanted me to lick it up. She got so wet and horny from everything that went on during the day she stripped me out of my pants and guided me inside her and wasn’t happy until I exploded inside her. It was only midafternoon and her pussy was leaking out my cum and pussy juice, when Bob called her to go to his office. She stood up to walk and Pam asked her if she was going to wipe the fluids off her legs and she said no Bob and the rest of the guys can just get a good view. Nothing much happened the rest of the day, I had received a job offer along with 2 other shop guys who were going to open their own businesses all turned in two week notices. On Monday, Doreen came in naked and said she would be naked the rest of the week. Monday’s theme was play with her boobs day. She had guys kissing them, punching her nipples, and messaging them. At lunch, Bob and several of the guys came up to visit and she asked them why none of the tried the slap her boobs and when she asked she slapped them herself. Well that was all it took and Bob told her to come with her. He took her out to the truck repair bay, held her arms behind her and each of the guys took turns slapping her boobs, when she came back to the front office her boobs were bright pink. Tuesday was going to be play with my ass day for Doreen. Pam said with so many people leaving she was going to join in the fun and on Tuesday she was braless but other than me, no one noticed as everyone was having fun spanking and fingering Doreen’s ass a day. She said the she had never had anything stuck up her ass and several of the guys were sticking their fingers in. Wednesday came and she said it was play with her pussy day. After going on display and telling everyone what the feature of the day was she came back to the front office and climbed up on her desk. She no sooner spread her legs open so everyone could have a wide open pussy to play with, the sales lady from the prior week came in and we amazed at what site greeted her. She said she was only going to be dropping off flyers and sales info. She went out to her car and when she returned there was another woman with her carrying her flyers. They were told it was play with her pussy day and they both took turns as they both admitted they were more interested in girls then guys. While this was going on Pam came into my office and told me that she had no underwear on and proved it to me. She said not to take anything from Doreen’s week but she will be bottomless Thursday and Naked Friday but had not told Doreen. Well needless to say everyone took their turns licking and fingering Doreen’s pussy, near the end of the day Don was the last one to come up and she just flat out told him either he needed to fuck her our Joe is going to have to. He looked at me, then at Pam who flashed him her boobs and decided what was he waiting for and he dropped his pants and he was already hard and did what Doreen asked, after some time he said he was going to cum and asked where she wanted it and she said just to let it go inside her, which he did. She cleaned Don up and he got dressed and left. When he left, Doreen got off of her desk and with a big grin on her face said well that is one and asked Pam if she had a bra on. Pam said it is Wednesday so she had no underwear on and that tomorrow she was going to be bottomless. Doreen said that was fine with her as the theme for her tomorrow was for everyone to have fun with her mouth. Everyone was surprised on Thursday the Pam only had a shirt on and she might as well have been naked as the shirt really didn’t hide anything. Doreen walked through and made sure that everyone knew the theme for the day was her mouth and made sure she kissed everyone while she was out. Mostly all the guys were feeling her up and she saved going up to Bob’s office last in the morning. She gave him a kiss and told him her mouth was the theme and he was the first one to whip out his cock and put it on her mouth. As she was sucking on him, she told him she wanted him to fuck her in his office. Well he told her to move over to the couch in his office and he went at her doggie style and dropped his load inside her. She came back to the front office just before lunch. Pam said what took you so long and Doreen showed her pussy was leaking fluids and said goal number 2 was done. Doreen said that she added a goal since Pam was bottomless and the theme of the day was fun with Doreen mouth, she told Pam that she wanted her pussy for lunch. So with a lot of the guys coming up to see Doreen again, they were greeted with the site of Doreen eating out Pam’s pussy. Doreen stopped as each of the guys said they want to have turns with her but not in front of me and Pam. Doreen then told them to go out to the men’s locker room we had and she went up there and everyone got a blow job from her and while standing in line many of them played with her pussy. With Doreen out of the office and Pam naked from the waist down and all excited from Doreen licking her, Pam came into my office took office my pants and without saying a word guided my cock inside her, she had me finish off in her mouth and said sometime in the future she will let me finish inside her too. Doreen last day on Friday, both her and Pam were naked and Doreen’s theme was anything goes. During the course of the day, 4 guys had sex with her and they all were feeling up Pam but no one fucked her. The guys included Bob and Don again and two others. It was near the end of the day and she told me it was my turn and reminded me and Pam that she was going to be having a party at her house (Renee’s old house)
Poster: crazyjoe1073