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Sweet dare


cardgame surprise
I haven't told this to many people, but decide it's time to let it out. I was 19 at the time living with my best girlfriend Stephanie also 19, and a male roommate Mike 23. I come from a very strict conservative family. Steph came from a more liberal home, living with her mom. Mike, on the other hand, came from a practicing nudist openly swinging family. He joined that lifestyle at 18 when his parents allowed him to attend his first party. Steph and I knew about his family and actually visited the family home twice. It was quite the experience seeing his brother, sister, mom and dad walking around nude, and being very open with there talk.
Mike told us his mother was having a birthday bash for his dad's 65th birthday and invited us for that weekend. A big poker game was schedule with his best poker buddies for Saturday night and a big party on Sunday. When we got to Mike's parents place, I was making small chat with his dad and asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He immediately replied with a smile, "you on your back completely naked!!". I blush but knew his sense of humor and laughed it off. He then said, "If I can't have that, how about you and Steph tending bar for the poker game? The tips are very good.". I told him that was more a realistic request.
When Saturday night arrived, Steph and I went to the large game room in their home and went behind the bar getting food, snacks, and the beer and drinks ready. It was quite the room and bar!!. Mike's family is retired but very wealthy. Stephie and I thought we would look the part and wore black form fitting t-shirts, white, very short, shorts and sneakers.
I wore a small string bra, while Steph went braless, and we both had black g-strings on underneath the shorts. As the night went on, we served drinks, got the occasional pat on our asses, and sexy comments .... but we joked them off. There were about 15 guys in their late fifties and sixties, all best friends, who play poker on a regular basis. We couldn't believe the money they were playing for. This was by no means a dollar game. It was obvious these guys were all well off.
At around 11:00 pm they all decided to take a break, and came over to the bar that Stephie and I were behind. I don't know how it started, but some of the guys started joking about wanting to see our boobs. No way was I about to do that. Steph got real playful and flirty and flashed one boob. A big cheer went up and then they started on me asking to see mine. Steph said "Go on... show them". I laughed and took a beer and poured it on her shirt covered chest. The guys cheered. She in turn did the same to me pouring it over my head laughing. I knew I had the bra on, so as they continued yelling "Tits,Tits,Tits", I pulled my shirt over my bra and said that was it. Then one of the guys said $200. to take your tops off... $100. each!! Steph looked at me and smiled and said, "Come on... Let's do it!!" I was hesitant and before I knew it Stephanie had her shirt up and pulling it off over her head. She stood there naked to her waist smiling and playing with her tits. She look so hot topless in her low cut shorts that fit just above her pube line. I took another beer and to the loud cheers, poured it all over her now naked boobs into her shorts, laughing. Her nipples sprung to a hard erection. She grabbed my shirt and pulled it up and off leaving my bra. Then she doused my chest with beer and grab the back hooks of my bra and pulled it undone and off. The guys were going crazy with the show we were putting on. They offered us each an additional $500 to strip naked and play with them! Then the guys started yelling "Take it all off!!" I wasn't ready for that, but we kept spraying beer around on each other. Finally I heard a guy say, "Let's help them!!" We were hysterically laughing as the guys lifted us up from behind the bar and onto the bar counter. I felt hands and tongues all over my chest and fingers twerking my very hard nipples. I felt champaign being poured on me and Steph. It wasn't long before I was on my back on the bar feeling hands everywhere including going down the front of my shorts. Someone yelled to get us naked and get the shorts off. I felt my button snap open and zipper coming down. Someone lifted my butt to slid them off. I glanced over at Steph who also was laying on the bar and saw she was already completely naked and guys putting hands everywhere. I then felt someone grab my g-string and laughing I tried to hang on to it. It just ripped and I was now as naked as Steph. Somebody was yelling to check out my pussy and the guys opened my legs while pulling my sneakers off, leaving me naked from head to toe. Both Stephanie and I are completely shaved and everything was now fulling exposed and on display.
My pussy had hands on it and fingers were opening the bare lips to expose my hole. Quickly fingers found their way into it. I was squirming all over the bar having fingers explore the inner depths of my pussy. Then I felt more champaign being pour all over both mine and Steph's body, and the guys started licking it off us. I heard someone say, bring them over to the tables. I was layed on my back at one end with my ass and pussy on the edge and Stephie was on the other end the same way. Our heads were side by side. Steph turned to me and we immediately locked lips. I felt her tongue going deep and very aggressively and caressingly into my inner throat. I did the same as our tongues slid against each other in a hot passionate kiss. I knew she was very hot and turned on. The guys were going nuts yelling approvals at Steph and I liplocked!! While we were kissing, I felt my legs being held wide open. I heard Steph moaning, and broke our kiss and watched as the first guy had slipped his cock deep into Steph. I looked down at my legs now also opened wide and saw my roommate, Mike's, dad standing between them. "May I have my birthday present??" I said "why not?" With that he drove his hard cock deep inside me and starting fucking me hard. This went on for several hours, having cocks in my hands, mouth, pussy, and eventually even a few got into my ass. I had only tried anal once but that night it was never ending. Stephanie was getting the same treatment and loving every minute. At one point we were turned, bending over the table, exposing our asses. We held arms as we both felt cocks working their way in and fucking our asses. Finally, I had someone with another guy figured a way to double penetrate me. I look over and saw Steph getting the same treatment and another guy had just slipped his cock into her mouth and was pumping away. I watched him pull out of her mouth and cum all over her tits. At the same time a guy was cumming deep in my ass. I could feel him throbbing as he emptied it all in me. Steph and I were at the point of being so horny that we were up for anything. I had cocks in my hand, my mouth, pussy, and my butt. Never had I had such an experience, or even though about it, but Steph and I loved every minute!! We both lost count at how many guys fucked us that night. Both of us are far from sluts, but it was a crazy experience feeling like one for one night. When things finally calmed down Steph and I hugged while the guys poured more beer and champagne over our already liquired and cum soaked bodies. We ended up on the table, in a 69, going down on each other while the guys were cheering and spraying us. Stephie ended it with a two finger har pussy fuck on me. That was a new beginning for me sexually, and for us when visiting Mike's parents house.
Poster: Annie