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Sweet dare


Karen was determined to do this dare
My wife Karen has had a bit extra cock off friend John in his taxi since we got married and finds it exciting as long as I approve. Read my story about her getting free taxi rides earlier this week.
One night as we were fucking I said on Wednesday when we go for a meal I'd love her her to go into the Pub afterwards without me wearing her short skirt with sexy stockings and suspenders and no knickers and see how long it would take to get tapped up. I said that because she told me she gets propositioned every time she's out with the girls. She boasted she could get a man within half an hour but was reluctant to sit on her own. She only took the dare when I said I'd be watching from a distance. On the Wednesday we went out for our Indian and drinks to help her get in the mood. She had her cardigan on to hide her tits cos she had no bra on. Her 38c tits and big nipples show through the thin material hence the cardigan. . After the meal I drove to a Pub and I dropped her off outside and then I drove to a car park a few hundred yards away. She went in alone and , got her drink and sat at a table. I deliberately took my time parking up then slowly walked back to the Pub which took about 15mins . I sat well away from her in the opposite corner with a shandy and watched. She lifted her skirt up a bit and opened her legs to give me a look up and see her bare freshly shaved fanny. After about 10 mins I saw a fella probably in his late 50s go over to say something to her and she told me later he'd asked if she'd like a drink but she'd said no thanks shes waiting for her friend. He wasn't her type and she didn't like the look of him. After another 10 mins I thought I bet she's going to give up but then a young fella who looked like a Student went over & started chatting to her. She must have liked him cos I noticed she'd opened her cardigan a bit . He went to the Bar and came back with drinks and sat down & they continued talking. After about 20 mins he went to the Bar again and returned with drinks. When he was at the bar she'd gave me the thumbs as if to say 'Told you I could score'. She told me later he'd asked if she was single & she'd said yes but her boyfriend has stood her up . She was a bit tiddly with all the drink and he knew it so said he lives in a Students Flat round the corner if she fancied a coffee. She said he wanted to go incase her 'boyfriend was late and hadnt stood her up. She said that would be nice . He went to the Toilet so I went over & she said he's a quick worker and she's going for a coffee round the corner. She said go home and I'll get a Taxi back. BUT I had chickened out now and told her to make an excuse but she said its only for a Coffee & I've already told Colin that I'd come. She seemed keen so I said he wants to fuck you and she replied 'I thought that was the idea of the Dare?' She was right so I said dont be long and enjoy it and you can tell me all about it later. I went off home and had a horn thinking about what she was doing. Then about 2 hours later she came home in a taxi. We got on the bed and she said she knew all along he wanted to fuck her cos he got a glimpse of her stocking tops. She said Colin told her to sit on his sofa but with the short skirt rode up and he saw up it and might have seen her bare fanny . He opened her blouse up and loved her big hard nipples. He was mauling them and she told him he was a good tit sucker. He asked her to lie back on the sofa and then got between her legs and shoved his cock up her. Then as an afterthought he asked if she was on the Pill so she told him yes. She lay there with her tits out and him fucking her and he asked if she really was single cos he spotted her wedding ring. She admitted she was married and has permission to have extra sex. He asked if this was her first time so she told him her husbands friend is a taxi driver and chatted her up when he gave her a lift and after that he fucks her everytime she comes back from a night out. She laughed and said sh gets free taxis for enjoying herself. As they fucked in walked a fellow student he shared the Flat with. Colin just said 'You are soon Jim' and Jim said its 11pm . Then he shouted over do you need help and laughed. So Colin said its he can help but its upto her. Karen said nothing so he said 'are you up for the two of us' so she said she wasn't sure. She should have known to two horny men that and to them it meant maybe so the Jim came over and sucked a tit. Colin said he's starting to cum and wanted it to last so he pulled out of her. He asked if he could have a try and she thought she's gone this far so he may as well so said go on then. Jim lobbed his cock out and she said it was a bigun. She said it was much bigger than mine or Johns (My taxi driver friends ). So she got well fucked by Colin and Jim and they didnt need to use their condoms. How lucky were they. When she got home and was fucking her she was still dripping spunk. No wonder when she told me his friend helped himself to her aswell..
She enjoyed them and said Jim was the best as he had a big beauty (her words).
She told me next day that its easier to let my friend the taxi driver fuck her after her nights out.
I am waiting for her to tell me John called round one night when I was on nightshift. She'll tell me eventually, but I know already cos he asked if he could pop round to see if he could get anywhere with her. I told him it was ok and he can tell me all about it later. Well he told me it was his lucky night and he managed to get a fuck of her. He'd said he'll keep it a secret if she wants , but she didnt answer. So I am waiting for her to boast she's had a bit naughty fun while I was at work.
Poster: kajon