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Sweet dare


Cottage Fun
My wife’s family has a cottage up in northern NY which is on a pretty private lake. Last year we had a pretty dirty and fun Friday up there. We had the day off and it’s about a 3 hour drive up there. My wife is about 5-4 with D size breast’s and a nice juicy butt. Even though she is a size 2 she has nice wide hips so she has that perfect hour glass figure which during sex makes it easy to grab onto. Well on the way up she always dresses very casual which usually means short gym shorts that allow her juicy thighs out with easy access to her vagina and ass. Additionally she usually wears a light T-shirt that allows her breasts to be foundled.

We both were really excited to go up alone because we would have the cottage for the day before family came up the next morning. Additionally a previous weekend up at the cottage my wife had teased me in the lake by coming over to me at sunset and reaching her hand up my suit to rub my cock while I fingered her pussy in the lake. She kept doing this and we both got really horny and she even let a nip out from her bikini that I sucked on. She then wrapped her thick thighs around me and let my thick cock rub against her vagina which she exposed from her bottom for a few seconds before she stopped and we went up for the night because family was still up.. So both of us were already excited about our previous fun and what we could do.

Once we got to the cottage in the early afternoon we went inside and she immediately threw down her shorts so her big ass was exposed with just a tiny thong left on. I came behind her in he bedroom, lifted her shirt off so her lush breasts were out and kissed her neck from behind as I rubbed her big nipples. I kept doing this and she reached around to pull my pants down which as she did my massive erection went right between her big butt cheeks. She then turned and took off my shirt, took off her thong, and laid on the bed with her legs spread wide. I could see how horny she was because her vagina lips were already dripping wanting my cock. I came over and rubbed my dick against her vagina hair before slowly penetrating her. Her vagina quivered with squeezes as I went deeper and deeper. Once I was fully in she wrapped her massive thighs around me and held me with her legs as I rode her. I would slow the pace at points so I could kiss her neck and suck her lush nipples and breasts. She started moaning loudly as I did this and screamed for me to cum inside her. As I came inside her her vagina squeezed me so tight that I sucked her nipple even harder which caused her to scream in even more pleasure and then she orgasmed.

We laid together for a few minutes rubbing each other’s cock and vagina feeling the juices from our amazing sex. We then got our suits on and went down to the lake. Our lake is just a quick walk down our hill and we have docks set with a boat. That summer we had got her a far more revealing bikini that showed her mammoth cleavage and her bottoms exposed her butt cheeks far more. As she tanned out the boat she kept doing little posses and showing her nipples at me. She would sometimes get up and straddle me rubbing her big ass against my crotch and then go back to tan on the boat.

After an hour or two she said she wanted to go in the lake to cool down because it was an 80 degree day out. I followed her and as she walked she made her bikini bottoms into a thong so her big ass cheeks jiggled and showed even more. The lake was about 4-5 feet deep along the shore so for me at 5-11 I can stand without issue. Once we got in the lake we kept swimming and playing around. She would expose her ass or breasts or grab up my suit to feel my thick cock.

She swam around for a few more minutes and then came over to me. She undid my bathing suit and pulled it right down so my hard cock was out. She proceeded to take off her bottoms and jump on me so we were face to face. I was so horny and excited because we were about to have sex like we wanted to a few weeks ago. She was a little tighter because we had sex early but it still only took a few seconds and I was deep inside her thrusting madly. She was wrapped around me tightly and I had her ass cheeks grabbed like crazy controlling our thrusting. Anyone from the cottages on the shore probably could’ve figured out what we were doing but neither of us cared. As I thrusted in her she kept moaning deeper and exposed her right breast for me to suck on. As I sucked her and kept banging her tight pussy I started fingering her butthole a little. She moved my finger deeper in her ass and grinder her clit harder against me as I went as deep as I could in her drenched vagina. At this point I couldn’t hold anymore as she was moaning and kissing my neck and I blew another massive load of cum inside her. She stayed mounted on me for another minute as she road me to orgasm. We both then put out suits back on and got out of the lake. She sat on the boat smiling and said she had wanted this for years to have sex together on the waterfront and finally achieved that.

We are hoping this year we can not only have fun in the lake but at night have sex on the boat so we can see the stars as we fuck. I myself want to ride her from behind so she can see the lake at night and so can I as I feel her tight pussy like crazy while grabbing her massive ass cheeks.
Poster: Greg C