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Sweet dare


Naked Umpiring
As my stories on this site have progressed through my life there have been 3 different sets of people who always somehow manage to get me naked in some interesting ways. Well if you remember back to an April story where I was naked in our dining room and the girl’s softball team we sponsored saw me naked. Then, they said after my losing pool matches with some of the girls that I had to umpire some of their games naked. My sister had moved out to be with her boyfriend and mom and dad decided with me starting my new job we didn’t need the bar any more. When it was announced that we were selling I was asked by the girls team if I was still going to be their umpire as to be in the league you had to have a sponsor, which was good advertising, and you had to have an umpire. I didn’t mind doing their games, you got to see a lot of hot and not so hot looking women but some of the after the game parties were interesting. Well this happened about the third game of the season and on our home field which was 2 miles out of town on a plot of land some of my dad’s friend owned so we built a softball field for both our men’s and women’s teams to use as well as other teams we played on. The catcher for the team we were playing against and we were winning at the time, decided to run her hand up my leg and into my shorts to grab my cock and said maybe if she treated me right then maybe my calls would go more in her teams favor. Well it didn’t go unnoticed by our catcher and when the pitcher was warming up she reach up and grabbed ahold of my underwear, whispered to me that you realize you was the only guy here and in between innings I should excuse myself go into the woods and remove my underwear. The visiting team was now in the field and they had made a new rule for their team, if a player made an error in the field or made an out while batting they had to remove an article of clothing. Our team heard the rule and decided they would do the same thing and anyone who ended up naked would be punished. When our team took the field again, our catcher reached up under my shorts and said that she was happy that is listened as she had a handful of my cock. She says now before we start this inning you should remove your belt and if your shorts slide down then you just kick them off. The other team’s catcher was the first player up and she heard the conversation. She also made an out and had to remove an article of clothing, she took off her shirt and for some reason she didn’t have on a sports bra she had a normal one that was pretty shear. The next batter up was their shortstop who had a rough inning in the field making 2 errors so she had already taken off her shirt and her shorts so she was batting in her sports bra and panties, she made the next out and I don’t know why she didn’t take off her socks but she took off her bra instead. The next girls made the last out of the inning and she said I am going to do something a little different and she pulled her bra off from under her shirt. When the catcher came out to start the next inning warm ups, she walked right up to me and unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and said that being that you are going to see some of us naked or partially then you should put on a show too. My shorts slid right down and as I was told to do I just kicked them over to the back stop. As the game went on I was seeing more and more skin as errors were made and out were made and by the last inning there were girls that where completely naked other than their shoes which they had to keep to be able to run. The shortstop that I mentioned before was again up to bat and she was already naked. Our catcher asked the other team what happens if she makes an out this time and she has nothing left to take off. It was decided that whoever fielded the ball to get her out would decide her fate and the punishment would be immediate. She hit the ball to our shortstop and he made a good throw and got her out. She was ready with the punishment and told the girl to sit her ass on the first base bag and stretch her leg apart as far as she could lean back on her hands. She then motioned for the next batter to bring the shortstops bat down to first. The handle of the bat has a knob on the end then gets narrow where your hands hold the bat. Our shortstop stuck the knob end and about 3 inches of the handle of the bat into the girl’s pussy while she was sitting on the base. She wiggled the bat around which stretched her pussy even more and then she left out a loud moan and she released fluids all over the base. They removed her bat and had her lick off the end then go back to the bench. The next girl came up to bat came right up to me and grabbed my cock and told me if she gets on base that she was going to come back and slap my cock and if she made an out I was going to spank her. She ended up getting a double so the girls told me I had to walk out to second base and present my cock to her and allow her to slap my cock several times. The next girl up was in the same boat as the first as she was batting naked. She managed to get a hit though and I was told to do the same now for her, which I did. When I got back behind our catcher she turned and was staring right at my now reddening cock and put it in her mouth saying I hope this makes it better. The next girl made and out but she had plenty of clothes left. The next girl up was again already naked and she was told that if you are naked and make the last out the punishment is quite severe. Needless to say she made the last out. Their team had noticed some standing water near the woods back behind their bench which had a lot of insects flying around especially mosquitos. Now we all know how mosquitos fly around us when we are sweating well they had us all come over and had her squat over the standing water where the insects were, they told her to get her pussy as close to the water as she could. Once she was in position they disturbed the water causing the mosquitos to fly around and she had to stay there until fly quit flying around as they were hoping one might land on her and bite her pussy, as it was she was bit on her ass twice and no one had even noticed but got bit once right next to her left nipple. Then the girls all turned on me. They thought it would be fun to see what would happen if my cock got bit by a mosquito. They had me crouch down with the head of my cock pointed toward the water and it was only about an inch above it when one of the girls said he should just stick his cock in the water and she said now just the head but cock and balls too. They started pushing on me and I eventually lost me balance and went cock first into the puddle. I got back up enough that I was out of the puddle but was dripping wet. A couple of the girls behind me were holding my arms behind my back so I was leaned over the puddle. Several of the mosquitos were flying around my cock and everyone was watching very quietly when three of the landed on the head and 2 more on the shaft. We all just watched and a couple of the girls got close enough to watch the mosquitos tongue or whatever they use to suck blood out of us put it into my cock and so did several others. The one I could feel was the one at the very end and after watch me get bit several time with the red blotches on my cock to prove it was all got dressed just in time for the two teams that were coming to play a later evening game. Even though we didn’t own the bar anymore I went there with the team and they kept having me pull out my cock so they could see how it was doing. I healed up quicker there than any bites I had other places. That was without a doubt the strangest thing anyone had me do. A few days later we had another home game against a different team. Before the game started my team reminded me that I still owed them 2 more naked games. The other team captain had heard what was said to me and when we had the pregame meeting between the captains to go over the ground rules they said that they were good with me being a naked umpire and there umpire who was a female was going to get naked too. This game was made interesting by the fact when my team was batting I was behind the plate and vice versa when the other team was batting. If while on the bases the opposing team got a hit the umpire was spanked by the base runner, it was a high scoring game so we were both spanked quite often what I didn’t know it was decided that if my team won the game I got to fuck the other umpire and if my team lost their whole team got the slap my cock 5 times each. Luckily for me my team won and I fucked the other umpire right on home plate it was awesome with 25 or so women around watching. A few days later the girls called me and they were asked if I would be willing to do their next game on the road as the only umpire as the other team’s umpire was sick but they didn’t want to postpone the game. Being that their umpire was another guy I believe I was set up as my naked umpiring would only happen if the other umpire was female. I got to the game and we were walking down to the field and I was immediately asked by the other team why I was wearing clothes as it was now known in the league that I umpired naked. I was told by our team captain that I should go back to the car and remove my clothes then come back to the field, wearing only my sneakers. At the manager meeting at home plate it was decided that the winning pitcher would decide what I had to do at the end of the game as well as the punishment for the losing pitcher. My team won in a blow out in a shortened game so our pitcher decided that being she was so terrible that her punishment was going to be that her ass was going to be fingered by our whole teams and then when they are done I was going to fuck her ass until I dropped a load into her ass. Well by the time she was fingered by 14 women who weren’t gentle and some used up to 3 fingers she was opened nicely for me to slide right in and after a few minutes her ass started getting tighter and tighter around my cock and I had to cut lose and large orgasm into her ass. Those were the three games I “Owed” the girls but needless to say with all the fun I was able to have most of the rest of the season I was naked at the games. It was the only time in my life I had an all over tan. After this softball season, the team disbanded with several players moving away during the winter and others starting different jobs working in the evening. There just weren’t enough players. I still had several outlets for me to be put on display so keep watching for more crazyjoe adventures and let me know if you like what you are reading.
Poster: crazyjoe1073