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Sweet dare


Terrified, Embarassed and Turned On
Mandy (with Jack and P – Lee J’s widow) here. I know Lee wrote about this a year ago, but as Jack, P and I were reminiscing and I shared how I felt, they suggested I write my version of my very time being exposed to anyone other than Jack, so here goes.

A year ago, Jack and I moved into a new house in a new town. It was a definite move up for us. It was a bigger house, in a nice neighborhood and more centrally located for many of Jack’s clients. He is a software designer with some big customers. He has created several apps that hey sold for lots of money, so we are not hurting.

Our first weekend in the new house, we were unloading boxes from a moving van and trying to unpack when an older couple showed up to welcome us and offer to help carry and unpack. They were an older couple but very attractive.

The older lady was tiny and very pretty. The older guy was tall, surprisingly muscular and quite handsome.

At the time, I was a very reserved, shy and conservative person. I never used foul language, never watched or looked at porn, never smoked, never did drugs, rarely drank and always dressed modestly. I was a virgin when I got married to Jack and other than my doctors, Jack was the only man that ever saw my breasts or other parts. You could say I was a prude and at the time, I was comfortable being a prude.

We hadn’t unpacked our kitchen yet, so this older couple, Lee and P, invited to their house, just a few doors down the block for dinner and a chance to relax. Lee grilled as p showed me around their house. It was great and included a room set up as a photo studio. During the tour, I asked about kids and P told me she could not have children. I understood because neither can Jack.

I recall Jack saying how much he liked their pool and suggested that we should have a pool put in one of these days. I added that the pool did look inviting and refreshing. That’s when Lee invited us to take a dip to cool off after all of our hot sweaty working with the move. We told them we had no idea where our swimsuits were, as they were still packed and P told us that was okay as they and their friends often skinny dip.

Being the conservative prude I was, I had no idea what that meant, so Jack whispered in my ear it meant swimming naked like we had once at a remote lake. I was shocked at the suggestion. I know my face must have been bright red. I was embarrassed and scared.

While Lee and P cleared the table and took care of the food and dishes, I told Jack that there is no way I would swim naked in front of others and that maybe these new neighbors were not so great afterall. Jack tried his best to calm me down and it became clear that he wanted to skinny dip with these old people. I think he wanted to see P naked as she was a gorgeous little thing. I kept telling Jack no that there was no way, but he did his best to convince me that under the water, they couldn’t see much and that after all, a dip in the pool would be very refreshing.

I was terrified. My heart was racing and pounding in my ears. I was looking for a place I cold run to. I felt that my entire being was about to be torn open. My palms were sweating and I didn’t know what to do. I knew my husband wanted to do this, but the thought of exposing myself to other people was frightening and the thought of them seeing me was embarrassing.

When Lee and P had finished cleaning the kitchen, they came out to us and I have no idea why, but I told that we would like to swim if that was okay.

The moment the words were out of my mouth, I regretted it and was more shocked and terrified when Lee unfastened P’s top, exposing her breasts. I saw how Jack stared at her and the thought of Lee staring at me made me tremble. I was so scared that I almost felt sick to my stomach. Lee must have seen my reaction on my face and began to apologize, but Jack stopped him and said it was okay.

Then P removed her shorts and panties and Lee stripped out of his shorts. Jack was the only man I had ever seen naked and I dying a thousand deaths looking at Lee’s manhood. I was horrified and yet I was fascinated. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t.

Lee and P dove into the pool and I felt like a deer in the headlights and really wasn’t aware that Jack had taken off his shorts and then helped take off my top and shorts. Somehow, I suddenly realized that I was standing there in just my bra and panties. That was a first and it felt like I was naked, being seen in my underwear.

Jack whispered to me that it was okay and asked if needed more help and realizing there was no getting out of this, I took off my bra and then my panties.

I felt like the entire world was staring me. I tried to nonchalantly cover myself with my hands, but Jack kept telling me everything was okay. I saw that Jack was getting erect, so reached down, grabbed his cock and gave it a quick yank and then I dove into the pool, more to hide my body more than to get refreshed.

It took few minutes and in the water, I began to feel a little safer and more hidden and joined in tossing a ball around the pool. I missed the ball and it rolled past me into the yard. Without thinking, I got out of the pool and retrieved the ball and then headed back to the pool. It suddenly dawned on me that I was standing there naked, so I quickly jumped back in.

I saw P go under the water a few times near Jack and had no idea that she was giving him underwater oral sex.

After some more playing in the pool, it was time to get out and dry off. Instead of using towels. Lee and P just sat naked in their chairs. Jack did the same and, still dying a thousand deaths, I did what the others did and sat down naked, wishing I was somewhere else. I couldn’t help but keep looking at Lee’s manhood as we sat their talked.

Once we were dry, we got dressed, which was none too soon and as Jack and I were leaving, Lee and P said they would come over and help us the unpack the next day and we could all come back to their house for dinner and more swimming afterwards. Jack was quick to say that sounded great.

Walking back to our house, Jack told me how proud he was of me and how hot he thought I looked. I told him I was terrified and embarrassed. When we got back home, Jack stripped me and took me to bed. He commented that I claimed to be scared and embarrassed, but I was really wet. That made me realize that although I had just undergone a traumatic event for this prude, that deep down I was turned on at seeing Lee and him seeing me. As Jack and I made love, Jack got me to confessed that it had turned me on, but kept saying that I was also scared and embarrassed. He asked me if I was up to doing it again the next day and I told him I wasn’t sure, but already deep down, I was dreading it and yet excited and the feelings confused me.

If you want to hear how I felt about what happened the next day, let us know.
Poster: Mandy (Jack & P)