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Conference continued #2
Finally gave in to the office IT guy..
Husband's Navy buddies
Party on, wife.
I never imagined this could happen (Part 3,The MFM)
The Hunting Cabin! (final)
My Own Golden Girl
Party on, wife.
Never thought I would do something like this
Conference continued....

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Sweet dare


My brothers wife
My brother served six years in the Navy and married a Philpino girl. When his time in service was up, he moved back home and lived with my father and I. His wife's name was Anna and she was a really good looking woman in her mid twenty's at the time. My brother got a job with a construction company, he was a Seebee in the Navy. I worked evenings at a window manufacturing plant. My mother had passed away a couple years earlier and my father was retired in his late 60's.

The first year or so everything was fine. My brother and his wife did alot of parting and going out to bars. It didn't bother me much since I was usally at work when they got home and my brother was on his way out the door to work when I was just getting back from my job. Anna did all of the house work and looked after my dad, she did my laundry too but I did my own cooking. Anna always used to tease me about not having a girlfriend but I didn't mind it. Sometime during all of the partying that first year or so, my brother and Anna had developed a Cocaine habbit. It started to get bad and my brother started missing work. He and Anna started arguing alot and some nights he would storm out without her. One summer afternoon, when my brother was actually at work, I was lying in my bed sleeping and woke up with Anna shaking my arm. I sat up and said what's up. She was nervous and she told me that some guy that her and my brother owed money too was at the door. I jumped up out of my bed and went to the door in my boxers. The dude was standing there and looked pretty pissed. Long story short my brother and Anna owed him 400 bucks and he wasn't leaving without it.

I kept some cash in a lock box on my room, so I went and got him his money and sent him on his way. When he left, I slammed the door shut and just yelled "What the fuck!" Anna burst into tears saying "I so sorry really." I started to lecture her about the way her and my brother were acting and she just started crying even harder. So hard that I felt really bad about it and told her to sit down and stop crying. I sat down next to her and started to console her. I told her not to worry about the money since she had been doing my laundry so long I figured I owed it to her anyway. She eventually stopped sobbing and wiped her face dry. She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me tight saying "Your such a good man." It was kind of awkward because here I am in my boxer's siting on a couch with my brothers big titty wife squeezing the hell out of me in a house coat. I started to get a hard on and the head of my cock started to poke out from under my boxers down the side of my leg.

She kept her head pressed hard against my chest and I was sure she could see my cock poking out. Suddenly I felt her hand on my cock. I didn't say anything. She turned her head into my chest and started to lick on one of my nipples. God it felt so good. I just sat there and let her lick my nipple and stroke my cock. After a couple of minutes, she dropped her head down and put the head of dick in her mouth. I leaned back and groaned as she slowly lower her mouth down the shaft. Then she started to suck away on my dick. It had been awhile since I last got payed, so it didn't take long before I was exploding in her mouth. She slurped and swallowed it all. When she finished, she stood up, smiled and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. I just tucked my cock back in my shorts and went back to my room. I could hear her cleaning the house as I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up I got dressed and was heading out to work as my brother was coming in. Anna was napping on the couch. I told my brother about the visitor, but said not to worry about the cash because I figured that Anna earned it with all of the work she was doing around the house. He just thanked me for covering for him and I headed out to work.

I got home at about 6:00 am Just as he was getting ready to leave. He was seated at the table eating and Anna was pouring his coffee in her housecoat. I just nodded my head and said another long night? He nodded back and said, we gotta cut this short out. I said, no shit and then went into the bathroom to take a shower before hitting the bed. I was in there about twenty minutes with the shower running when I heard the door open and close. I slid the shower door open and there was Anna. I asked if my brother was gone and she answered yes as she dropped her robe to the floor. She stood about 5'4. She had huge tits with large brown nipples. She was curvy with a nice round ass. She climbed into the shower without saying a word and started to soap up. My cock sprung up and she stroked it with her soapy hands. She whispered "So big and hard." I turned her around and she leaned over bracing her hands against the shower door. I slide my soapy cock into her and fucked her for about 30 minutes before I came deep in her.

That became my morning ritual for the next couple of months. Eventually I would leave the shower and find her waiting for me in my bed. I would fuck her and have her swallow my cum before going to sleep, then wakeup to go to work and see her kissing my brother as he came in the door. I even fucked her in the ass a couple of times. Something my brother tells me she is firmly against and has never done.

I got my own place about two years later and when my dad died, he left the house to my brother. They eventually cleaned up there act and had two kids. I only ever fucked her one more time during Christmas. I was over visiting and the weather was bad and since we had been drinking my brother told me to stay the night. The one of the kids was using my old room and the other was using my dad's, so I crashed on the basement coach. When I woke up the next morning, there was Anna doing the laundry in her housecoat. I was in my boxers and it was just like old times. I got up and krept up behind her. She was startled when I put my hands on her waist. She tried to push them off but I kept grabbing her. I could hear the TV upstairs, the kids were watching. My brother was still sleeping. Eventually I got her robe up and pulled down her panties. She was in her flurries now and passed two kids but her ass was still big and smooth. I worked my cock up along her leg. Then I picked her up and layed her over the washing machine. She stopped struggling and grabbed onto the machine to steady herself. I slide my cock into her wet pussy. It was loser than in her younger years but it still felt good. She moaned as I pushed it in saying "So big." I slammed my cock into her for about 15 minutes. The dryng machine next to us was shaking from a full load and covered the sound of me banging her on the washer. I shot my load deep in her pussy. When we finished, she dropped down off the machine and pulled up her panties just smiling. She pressed her finger on my lips and said "Last time horny boy."
Poster: Guilty conscience