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Conference continued #2
Finally gave in to the office IT guy..
Husband's Navy buddies
Party on, wife.
I never imagined this could happen (Part 3,The MFM)
The Hunting Cabin! (final)
My Own Golden Girl
Party on, wife.
Never thought I would do something like this
Conference continued....

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Sweet dare


A little get away fun
We had not done any playing for the past six weeks or so and none was planned. We decided to take a mid week getaway down to the gulf coast. Neither of us are beach people so we got a condo on down the beach away from all the families and hustle bustle as we were down to relax have some good seafood and leave the email and cell phones turned of.

We got there mid day on Monday and was staying till Thursday around noon before heading back. We picked up the keys and headed to the condo which we had rented off the recommendation from a friend. It was all he said it would be plus some. After getting things put up we walked out the back door and walked down on the beach which was pretty much deserted except for a couple people scattered up and down the beach from us. As we headed back in the condo we noticed a guy on the next door balcony doing carpentry work. I nodded to acknowledge him and he spoke.

Told us his name was Jasper and he owned the next door condo and was doing some remodeling and he would stop everyday by six and not start until mid morning but if at anytime the noise bothered us then all we had to do was let him know. He looked to be early to mid sixties and looked to be in good shape. We walked on in and she mentioned just our luck getting next to someone that will be running saws and things all day. I told her I did not even think we would be able to hear it unless we were by the door or outside. She mentioned that she would probably not be able to sit on the patio and read though. She smiled and said but I can not complain about the scenery as he is handsome with that tan rugged look.

We headed out to eat and then turned in for the night. The next morning she got up early and went out to the patio to sit and read a little. Around ten I heard her talking to someone and walked to the door to see her sitting there talking to Jasper. He asked had he got on our nerves yet or disturbed us. She told him not at all and explained we were not beach folks and we just came to relax and get away. She then asked what was he doing to his condo and he invited us over to look at what he had done and see his condo. We followed him in and it was a great condo and was very modern and furnished great. As we finished our tour Jasper mentioned that with his corner unit he had a much better balcony for sunbathing and if we wanted to use it we were welcome to as he had finished everything there.

She told him she make take him up on the offer later on. Jasper also made sure to tell her that since it is a corner until there is no one across from him so she would have a lot of privacy there. She smiled and said that is always a plus. We headed back to our unit and she quickly said that was very nice of him but wondered out loud why did I think he mentioned the privacy aspect. I laughed and said he is probably hoping you will sunbathe topless or maybe even nude. She smiled and said I could make the topless happen for sure. We headed out for lunch and she insisted we take a lunch back to Jasper for being so nice. So we got back and walked next door and she slid the door open and called out to him and gave him the lunch. He thanked us several times and while he was thanking us she asked was he serious about us using his balcony to lay out and Jasper said absolutely. She also made a point of asking was he sure no one could see up on his balcony and Jasper told her not unless they fly over which the don't do.

We went in and she changed into a tank top type bathing suit and we got a few things and walked back over. Jasper was finishing up his lunch and she told him we were going up to his balcony and if he took a break form his work to come up and see us. She was really hoping he would come up and see her, We had been up there maybe thirty minutes and I was sitting in a chair and she was laying on her belly with the top untied and pushed down below her breasts when Jasper stepped out. Once he started talking she raised up on her arms which gave him a view of a lot of side boob. Jasper was enjoying what he could see. She looked over at him and asked did he mind if she turned over where she would not have to look back to talk to him and Jasper said oh not at all and asked did she want him to turn his head while she got her top situated. She laughed and said of course not. She kind of backed off the chair so as soon as she got up on her knees her boobs come into full view. She reached down and got her water and letting Jasper get a full view before she laid back down and rolled her bathing suit down to her navel.

Jasper was getting the full view and she was loving it as her nipples were very hard. He stayed maybe another ten minutes before saying he really hated leaving such a beautiful sight but he had better get back to work. She smiled and said well we will not being staying out much longer so take another break soon. As he walked back inside she looked over at me and said did you see when he got up that he must have been enjoying what he was seeing. I laughed and said well I know I was enjoying. We were hoping it would come back up but he came to the door and said he had to run pick some things up but if we left to just lock the door. Think she was disappointed.

Later on I was outside and Jasper came out and said he wanted to take us to dinner to a out of the way place he knew about. When we met him at his car later he was in khaki shorts and a nice polo top and cleaned up very well. She was very impressed. Meal was great and conversation even better. Jasper brought up that he really enjoyed getting to visit with us on the balcony and she piped up and said me too and I was hoping you would have came back. He smiled and said well I tell you what if we hurry back we can catch the sunset which is awesome from up there. He was right it was awesome. We sat there and talked as it got dark and she mentioned that she had dressed up for dinner and thought she was going and change into shorts and a cooler top. Kind of strange that she asked me to go with her but I did as she asked. As she was changing she was telling me that she was very turned on and she couldn't promise me that if we stayed over there too long she might not start attacking me. I laughed and said I think tonight I am not the one you are wanting to attack. She smiled and said well if he was willing I would not turn him down.

She put on a black top and left the bra off and a pair of grey terrycloth shorts that were very short. She turned and I said change the top it does not show anything at all. So she put on a thin pink top that showed her off very well. As we came back in Jasper was standing at fridge and got a great look at her in the light. We got back to the balcony and Jasper had a one track mind and started the conversation off by telling her she had beautiful breasts and was glad he got to see them earlier. She thanked him and then he asked would she let him see them again. She looked over at me as she was pulling her top up above her breasts. She held it there a minute and then asked Jasper was he sure no one could see up there and he said not at all so she pulled it completely off. As they talked she got very touchy feely and was constantly touching his arm as they talked. Jasper took this as a everything is good and started returning her touches and was rubbing her arm up to her breasts and started playing with her nipples.

She just kind of leaned back on her hands and let him play with them. Again Jasper took this as all is good and he leaned forward and took one in his mouth and started sucking on her nipples. She brought her hand up and put it behind his head and kind of held him in place and even moved him from one nipple to the other. She kind of interrupted things when she told Jasper if this is going to go any further then I would feel more comfortable going inside. Jasper sit up and asked were we both okay with it going further as he would love for it to. She told him she wanted it to and was pretty sure I was okay with it as long as I was present. Jasper looked over at me and said by all means.

He stood up and took her by the hand and we walked into the bedroom where he pulled the drapes to over the sliding door. Jasper then asked before we went any further he wanted to know what the ground rules were and what was and was not okay. She smiled and said if I don't want something I will tell you no. He asked did he need a condom and she told him only if he preferred one as she did not like them. He then asked me was it okay to kiss her and I told her if he didn't she would be offended.
Poster: Greg K