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Conference continued #2
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Party on, wife.
Never thought I would do something like this
Conference continued....

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Sweet dare


Terrified, Embarrassed and Turned On- Day 2
That first night of moving in, meeting Lee and P, eating at their house and skinny dipping with them was a real whirlwind that completely took me out of my comfort zone. As tired as we were, Jack and I went home and made love and then promptly passed out from exhaustion.

The next morning, we roused and remembered that Lee and P had said they would be over to help us unpack and build anything that needed building, like Jack’s desk. We had barely gotten dressed when they appeared at our door. They had breakfast and coffee, which was great because he had not had a chance to shop, nor had Jack and I had a chance to talk about what happened the night before.

My first reaction when I saw Lee and P was embarrassment, knowing that they had seen me naked the night before. As I said, Jack was the ONLY man to ever see me before that night and still living in my ultra-conservative shell, I was terribly embarrassed about being seen naked.

Yet, there was a tiny part of me that found what happened to be stimulating, but I did my best to put that thought away as it wasn’t anything I wanted to consider.

I think Jack was the first of us to notice that P was wearing a loose tank top with no bra. I realize that her breasts were not that huge, I found out later they were a large C cup, but on her tiny frame, they looked bigger than they really were and in her tank top, they were quite noticeable and Jack was noticing.

After breakfast and coffee, P helped me set up my kitchen. She was great and it was easy to follow her lead. We wiped out all of the drawers and cabinets and then put down lining paper before unpacking our boxes. The first box I opened had glasses and I turned to figure out where to put them. P helped me to visualize where I would want the things we used the most and so on. Once I did that, we began unpacking and filling the cabinets and drawers.

We could hear noise coming from the room that was to be Jack’s office and Lee as helping Jack assemble his new desk/workstation. I had a chance to talk to P about the night before and told her how embarrassed I was. She shared that she understood as she was the same way the first time Lee got her naked in front of others, but in her case, it was a beach in Mexico with complete strangers around to see her.

As we worked, we were getting sweaty and I kept adjusting my bra, so P suggested I take it off. I began to object until she reminded me that Lee had already seen my breasts, and the bra was uncomfortable, so I slipped it off.

By lunch, we were all tired, so we ordered pizza. Although we hadn’t shopped, Jack had beer that he brought in a cooler from our apartment. As we sat ands ate our pizza, I noticed Lee and Jack checking out my being topless. I told them it was cooler and that the bra was irritating with all the sweating. I surprised myself at how open I was discussing by bra and must have turned a deep shade of red as Jack smiled and told me I was fine, beautiful and then Lee added that I was also very sexy, at which I turned even redder.

By mid-afternoon, we had everything unpacked. We really didn’t have that much stuff, living in a small 1-bedroom apartment, which made moving into the new 4 bedroom house seemed like moving into a mansion. We wanted an office for Jack, a guest room and another room in case we managed to adopt a child.

When everything was unpacked, Lee and P said that they were providing dinner and to rest for a bit and show up at their place and they left.

I felt a sudden sense of dread and panic and turned to Jack. I guess I was trebling and looked scared, so Jack took me in his arms and held me and assured me everything would be alright. I’ve always felt safe in his arms and he helped to calm me down, but I was still apprehensive about more skinny dipping. However, the more I thought about it, the more scared and embarrassed I got and the more I kept thinking about how great both Lee and P looked.

At the time, I was thinking they looked pretty good for being around 45. It wasn’t until later that I found out that they were both in their mid 60s, but trust me, neither of them looked it.

Lee was tall, muscular and well toned and tanned and facially, he was a very handsome looking man. As for P, all I can say is she is the most beautiful woman I have every seen and Jack concurs. Like Lee, she keeps herself in great shape. She still has a girlish figure and she has pretties face and smile of any woman alive and she packs it all in her tiny 5 foot body.

Jack and I cleaned up, got dressed, and I had my swimsuit under my top and shorts. When we walked down to their house, they had dinner all set up. Guess they went out and bought ready made which was fine with us as we were just tired, hungry and sore. I felt like every muscle in my body ached from all of the lifting, carrying, unpacking, reaching and bending putting everything away.

They asked us how we were doing and I mention I was pretty sore. P, in her outgoing way, told me that Lee used to be a massage therapist and still had great hands for working out sore muscles. I wasn’t sure, but Jack nodded for me to take them up on the offer, so after dinner, Lee set up his table and told me to strip and climb on. I stripped everything but my bikini and he said that needed to go and not to be shy since he had already seen me. He said if it helped, he handed me a cloth to cover up with and when I looked at Jack, I saw the disappointment on his face, so, once again, against my better judgment, I stripped all the way, and climbed on the table and told Lee I didn’t need the cover.

I was nervous and just about jumped off the table when Lee’s hands first touched my sholders. P sat next to me and told me to close my eyes, listen to the relaxing music and just let my body relax and she and Jack were right there with me.

I tried to relax, but as his hands worked their way down my bare back, I was confused with mixed feelings. I was scared and ready to jump down and run home and yet a strange part of me liked his touch.

His fingers were strong and firm. At first they hurt, but P assured me that was necessary to work the knots out of the muscles. The more he worked my shoulder and back muscles, the better they felt. I could feel the soreness leaving me.

He then moved down to my feet. I’ve always been ticklish and my feet automatically reacted to his touch on the soles, but his fingers were like magic and the tickles soon left. From the feet, he slowly worked his way up my legs.

Between the music, P caressing my hair and Lee’s magic fingers, I was starting to relax. I realized that I wasn’t scared or embarrassed any longer, but the further up my legs his hands worked, the more turned on I was getting. This confused me as I never thought of ever being turned on by anyone other than Jack and I didn’t want to betray that, but I couldn’t help it, as whatever he was doing felt great.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Jack later told me that as Lee worked on my thighs, I began to moan the kind of moans I do during foreplay with him.

When Lee’s hand first went across my bare butt, it was like little electric shocks shooting from there to my pussy and I liked it.

Then Lee told me to roll over. Half and hour earlier, I would have insisted on the covering, but I was experiencing new erotic feelings, so I just rolled over on my back. Lee started with my arms, which were also quite sore. He worked each finger and then my hand and surprisingly it felt good. When he was done with my arms, they weren’t as sore and didn’t feel like lead weights hanging at my sides.

Then he massaged by neck and face. This was a surprise, but then I had never had a full body massage before. From my neck, I felt his hands move over my upper chest and I shocked myself by wanting him to cup my breasts.

Finally, his hands moved over my breasts and it sent a tingling all the way to my pussy. Jack said that I was moaning louder, but I don’t remember moaning. He spent longer on my breasts than other areas and I was enjoying every second of it.

I was disappointed when he moved from my breasts to my stomach. His hands, covered in the lovely smelling oil, glided to the upper edge of my pubic hair and it was all I could do to keep from having an orgasm. I kept my eyes closed and let me mind wander and it was wandering places it had never been before.

Then he moved to my feet and worked my toes like he did my fingers. I never realized that Lee had spread my legs apart until afterward when Jack told me. He also told me by that this point in the massage, he and P were both naked and P had helped Lee strip off his shorts.

As Lee worked his way up my thighs, I was getting more and more turned on. Then his finger barely grazed the outer lips of my pussy and over my bud and I couldn’t help but jump as it felt like an electric shock directly on my bud. At first, I was hoping the Lee didn’t notice how wet I was but after the touch of my lips and bud, I didn’t care.

Lee kept rubbing his fingers up and down my bud and I couldn’t hold back any more as I felt my entire body arch up off the table and shake. My ears rang and I just kept my eyes closed and felt the waves of ecstasy course through my body.

All feelings of being scared or embarrassed were gone. I hate to admit it but I was no longer thinking of betraying Jack. The electric ecstasy seemed to run up and down my body forever, but it finally began to ebb, but not for long as I suddenly felt warm breath and a tongue exploring my pussy and bud.

I didn’t want to open my eyes and ruin the moment, so I laid there with my eyes closed as the tongue penetrated inside me. At that moment, I had no idea of what I was doing. I was on auto erotic mode and just reacted as Lee’s tongue explored me,

After he licked me, I felt him move away and for the first time, I opened my eyes. I glanced over at the couch and saw P sucking on Jack’s cock. Like I said, I was on auto erotic mode and without thinking, I sat up, grabbed Lee’s cock and pulled him to me and then guided him inside me.

Lee was concerned about getting me pregnant and I told him not to worry, but I wanted to feel him cum inside me. As he slid inside I had another body shaking orgasm and all I could think about was feeling Lee’s cock inside. He must have been turned on by me as well as it only took him a minute or two shoot his hot seed deep inside me. I felt his cock swell and then pulsate as I felt that warm satisfied feeling of being filled,

When I looked back over to Jack and P, they were watching us, and then P shocked me by coming over and licking my pussy clean and licking Lee’s cock clean.

All sense of shame was gone. I was feeling a bliss like I had never felt before. I could tell that Jack was happy as well. It seemed that all 4 of us were happy, as we sat, talked and enjoyed a drink. By the way, Lee was an excellent bartender. He made perfect drinks.

While talking, we told them about Jack having an accident when he was younger and that it left him sterile. They told us about P having a rare condition that causes the tissue in her vagina to fuse together. She had surgery once to open it back up, but in a few years, it began to grow back again, preventing her from having penetrating sex. Lee told us that because of that, p had become a master of oral sex.

I whispered to Jack and asked him if it would be okay of I got pregnant by Lee and his face just beamed, so I asked if that would okay with them. Both of them said that would be great since P could never have kids either. We couldn’t afford to adopt and this seemed like the next best solution.

Lee asked me what my favorite position was and I told him doggy and he grinned as did Jack. I asked Jack if it was okay with him and eagerly nodded as P wrapped her hand around his cock.

I got on the floor and on my knees and Lee moved in behind me and as his cock penetrated me, I had another orgasm. Lee lasted longer this time and I had another orgasm by the time he filled me again. I asked him to stay inside me as long as possible to keep his seed deep inside in hopes of getting pregnant. Eventually he softened and fell out. I rolled over, cupped my hand over my opening and raised my legs in the air, but I couldn’t hold them up that way very long.

We all decided to take a swim, so we trotted out to the pool and dove in. I swam up to Jack, wrapped my arms and legs around him, kissed him hard and long and told him how much I loved him. He told me he loved me also. I again asked him if he was okay with what had just happened and he told me it was fantastic and hoped I would be open to doing it again. He said that watching me with Lee turned him on plus he said that P gave great head. I knew this was not my forte so I told Jack I would have her teach me how to do it right and he kissed again.

After getting out of the pool and drying off, Jack and I got dressed and headed back to our new home. We agreed that we loved our home and new neighbors and we were both excited about the possibility of me getting pregnant with Lee, which finally did happen.

Before going to bed, Jack teased me about being a totally different woman and I had to admit that he was right, but I liked the change and so did Jack.
Poster: Mandy (Jack & P)