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Conference continued #2
Finally gave in to the office IT guy..
Husband's Navy buddies
Party on, wife.
I never imagined this could happen (Part 3,The MFM)
The Hunting Cabin! (final)
My Own Golden Girl
Party on, wife.
Never thought I would do something like this
Conference continued....

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Sweet dare


A fun little getaway! Part two!
After I gave Jasper my approval to kiss her he stepped toward her and pulled her in and immediately started kissing her. Not just little pecks these were full tongue in mouth kisses. She was very sexy standing there in his arms in just her white shorts and topless. Jasper was still fully dressed but she was changing that quickly as she started undressing him. Taking his shirt off and running her hands all over his chest and then letting her hands drift down to his shorts where she unfastened them and started to slide them down but Jasper had to sit down on the bed and take his shoes off.

He looked up at her and then reached his hands up and took his fingers and slid her shorts down and she stepped out of them. He gave her a approving glance and then did the same thing with her panties. Jasper leaned back to look her over and mentioned that he loved to see that she was natural as most women anymore kept it shaved down there. She told him she keeps it trimmed up but did not care for the bare look down there. Jasper asked her to turn around where he could see her butt and she did. He complimented her on that and then turned her around pulled her to him and started sucking on her nipples again as he played with her butt.

She let him continue sucking on her nipples for as long as he wanted but once he stopped she dropped down to her knees in front of him and reached up and pulled off Jaspers undershorts and bent forward and took him in her mouth and slowly working up to taking nearly all of him in her mouth. She has this thing where when she is sucking a guy she constantly looks up into his eyes and to me it just adds to what she is doing. Because I have watched her play for many years now I take notice of things and I quickly noticed that for Jasper to be mid sixties he was rock hard and stayed that way for a while. Never asked if it was from help or if he was just still able to stay that way. Not a huge guy by any means but she says just the right size.

She slowed down on sucking him and when she did she leaned forward and pushed her boobs together and let Jasper slide between her tits and she helped him out by sliding up and down on his rock hard c***. Once this slowed down Jasper stood up and took her by the hand and moved her up to the center of the bed and moved down between her legs and started licking her. You always hear about guys that can lick for hours I honestly believe Jasper was one of these guys as he did this for a quite a while and from what she said later she came a couple of times just from that. She finally could not take any more of that and took her hands and basically stopped him by holding his head away from her. Jasper wasted little time in moving up between her legs and slowly entered her and picked up a good steady pace (she said she also came from this) She thoroughly enjoyed him.

She is a smoker so naturally she told us she needed to go out on the balcony and have a cigarette after that. She got up and went to the bathroom and then came back to the bedroom and put her top on and nothing else and we went out on the balcony. I was fully dressed and Jasper had put on his undershorts. She leaned on the railing and me and Jasper sat down behind her looking at her butt. Jasper proceeded to tell me what a lucky man I was and told me that back when he was married that he also used to watch his wife play with others and that he had always wanted to be involved as the "other" guy in that set up and we made it happen for him. We continued to talk for a while and she continued showing off for us. During the conversation Jasper told us that the unit we were in was his investment that he rented out and he had the house he lived in down on the other end of the beach and he was back and forth with the work and he was letting his brother stay with him while his brother went through a divorce.

We then headed back in and walked downstairs after she got dressed and we were able to talk for a while. It was getting pretty late so we headed back next door and Jasper locked up and said he was headed to his other place. We slept in and got up and went and had lunch before heading back to the condo and walked down to the beach. As we were coming back we ran into who we of course thought was Jasper and spoke to him. He laughed and said he was Jake and was Jaspers twin brother. Even at this stage in their life you could not believe how close in looks they were and size wise and everything. We apologized and about then Jasper came out and started to introduce us and we told him we had just met. Jasper asked were we planning on using the deck again and she spoke up and said she thought she was going to make me take her shopping (even though I knew nothing about it). We went on in and the first thing she said was did I think Jasper had told his brother about yesterday and last night. I said they are brothers so probably so.

She did in fact tell me she wanted to go and do some shopping and on the way she talked a lot about her wondering why Jake was with Jasper that day and how much he knew and so on and so on. I told her we had only been there a couple days and for all we knew Jake worked with Jasper all the time and yesterday he just might not have been with him. When we got back Jasper just so happened to be outside and we stopped to talk to him and she was quick to mention how much him and Jake looked alike and then asked did Jake work with him a lot. Jasper said yes he helped most everyday except yesterday when he had to meet with his lawyer. She quickly smiled and said well then I picked a good day to lay out then didn't I. Jasper said oh yea but I was thinking more a long the lines of Jake picked a bad day to not be here. This brought a big smile to her. She then said well it is too late to lay out but I would love to see that sunset again. Jasper said well me and Jake are going to have some oysters why don't the two of you come with us. She said we love oysters and would love to and asked did she have time to take a quick shower. Jasper told her if she did it quick. She then said I will just take a quick bath as that is a lot quicker.

We headed out and had a great time and had plenty of oysters and found out that Jake was a lot of fun and hilarious. Jasper mentioned if she wanted to see the sunset we had better head back. We headed back and stopped and got some beer and Jasper asked what did she drink. She is not a drinker. We got up to the balcony and did indeed watch a great sunset and once it started getting dark we just sat and talk. She was the one that actually brought it up to Jake that he picked the wrong day not to be there yesterday and Jake looked puzzled and asked what did she mean. She laughed and said Jasper let us use the balcony and I laid out topless. He looked over at his brother and said dam bro and you did not call me. We all laughed and since she had let it out of the bag Jasper said and she has some very nice ta ta's! Jake said oh I can tell that even with them covered.

We kept talking mainly about her and she was loving the attention but she said okay guys it is getting warm out here in more ways than one so lets go in where it is air conditioned. Jasper said it is not late and asked if we would like to ride down to the other house and see it and he could get a quick shower. Jake said he needed a quick cold shower to. She said she would love to see it and we got in the truck and followed Jasper and Jake down the road. We soon pulled up to a three story beach "mansion". We all went inside and Jake said he was going to get a shower as Jasper showed us around. The house was something else. Immaculately clean and huge. The back patio on to the beach had a raised level with a hot tub that was walled off from the beach or the neighbors. As we finished the tour Jake came out on the patio in shorts and a t shirt and Jasper went in to get a shower. Jake asked what we thought of the house and told us that him and Jasper built it. A short while later Jasper came back to join us and with them standing together she said I can not believe how much a like the two of you are. Jasper laughed and said pretty much a lot alike but Jake was blessed a whole lot better than I am. She gave a puzzled look and Jasper laughed and said he is hung and I am not. She just said oh really!!

She asked could we walk down to the waters edge as she could not see much in the dark and Jasper said sure and we followed him down to the waters edge. She said I love to walk on the beach at night and Jake said lets go and held his arm out for her and she took it and then reached for Jasper for her other arm. We walked a good ways down the beach and she was talkative as was Jake. As we stopped and turned around she said so the two of you are pretty much just alike except Jake has a bigger thingy. Jasper said yep that's pretty much the difference. She said how much bigger. Jake laughed and said well you would have to see Jasper to know how much bigger I am. She said I have seen Jasper so how much bigger . Jake was taken aback and said you have seen Jasper and asked when that happened? She smiled and said I told you that you took the wrong day off.

We got back to the house and walked up the stairs and started to head in the door when she said can we get in the hot tub and Jasper said sure let me turn it on and let it heat up. We went inside and was standing in the kitchen and she said I want to see the difference and smiled at both of them. Jake said I am good with that and nodded toward Jasper who said she saw me already. She made a pouty face and said come on I want to see both side by side. Jake was already undoing the buttons on his shorts as it was evident he wanted her to see. So Jasper said sure if you want and pushed his shorts down and about this time Jakes were also being pushed down. I heard a big wow Jake and glanced down to see that it was no exaggeration as Jake was a big guy... really big guy. Jake then said okay we showed you and since Jasper has already it is only fair that I get to see your boobs. She smiled and said that is fair and pulled her blouse and bra up above her tits and turned to let Jake see them. He told her she had great ones just as Jasper had said.

She let her blouse back down and we stood there a few minutes and she said is it okay if I get in the hot tub in just my panties. Jake said sure but you need to put a towel around you or change behind the wall because you can be seen from the beach walking out on the patio. She smiled and said I will wait till we get out behind wall. Jasper walked out and checked it and came back and told us it was ready. We got drinks and me and he walked out ahead of them and I quickly said to her she does know where this is going right. She smiled and said yes I am pretty sure I do and then asked is that okay. I said sure if that's what you want to do and she said I do. Both guys then came out took the cover the rest of the way off and Jake started undressing and did not stop till he was naked and Jasper did the same so I followed suit. Jake then said well we are good with whatever you want to do but since we have no clothes on then we think you should get in with nothing on also.

She took her blouse and bra off and then slid her shorts off and she had put on some very nice sexy panties because I think she was determined that something would happen. So she did not stop there and pushed the panties down and stepped out of them leaving her naked. There was not a lot of light but enough that Jake could see everything. So Jake took her hand and helped her walk up the stairs and sit down next to Jasper. He then got in and sat down on the other side of her I sat down across from them where I could see everything that went on. We had been in the tub for maybe five to ten minutes when first one hand and then the other dropped to her side under the water.
Poster: Greg K