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Conference continued #2
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Party on, wife.
Never thought I would do something like this
Conference continued....

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Sweet dare


I never that I would.
After 33 years of marriage and 3 boys 20 and twins 18, the good stay at home wife. My husband left me. I was devastated no job no experience shy and all alone. I went out a couple times with guys and all they wanted was laid. It never work out. I agreed to meet a girlfriend at a small restaurant bar, where I met a guy 7 years older and we hit it off drinking and chatting most the night. at the end of the night I said I had to go and asked him to walk me out. He did and he kissed me goodnight, i told him I had a good time and gave him my number. He called and we went out. Long story short we became very close and he made me feel good again telling me how pretty and sexy I was, and pointing out guys checking me out. He would bring his buddies along who were much younger from his work. They would flirt and tell me I was hot and sexy. my boyfriend bought me sexy under wear and bras and I bought a short skirt to go with them. When I showed him he loved it and asked me to wear it and be flirty and give his buddy's a flash. I smiled ,really I asked yes just a peek they all say how sexy you are after many drinks I decided to go to the bathroom and when I slid off the bar stool let my legs swing open and so guys watching. when I returned I told him. I know he said his buddy told him, no he didnt yes he said it was pink. I didnt believe him but was turned on by it, then his buddy walked over whose name is Ben, and he asked him what color my thong was he looked at me and said pink and very sexy. I blushed and said yea your right. Don't be shy it sexy. Ben asked me to dance and I looked at my guy and he winked and said have fun. We slow danced and Ben told me i was very sexy and hot and I felt his hand on my ass I looked at my guy and he smiled and winked so I left it there it felt so good making me horny. When I returned. My boyfriend aske if I cared if Ben came over and we drank at our place while he was ok to drive. I looked at him and said what on your mind, just drinking and fun, Ben likes you and you said he's hot, so just enjoy. Ok I said when we got back I sat on the couch and zB en sat beside me talking while my guy got us a beer and shot and sat on the other side. He asked if they could do there shots off my stomache I looked and he said here let me show you, and he laid me back on Bens lap and unbuttoned my blouse and put his shot between my tits that not my stomach, I know this is much sexier, he held the glass and bent over me putting his mouth over the glass, I could feel Ben's dick getting hard aganst my head. turning me on my guy did his shot and kissed my tits. It felt good and was no big deal. Then he said ok Ben your turn, and pulled me over on his lap and pushed my blouse open and push my bra down some, I looked at him as Ben put his shot glass between my tits linger his fingers brushing them, my guy smiled and I moaned and smiled back, he kissed me deep as Ben mouth went over the glass andI felt his warm lips on the side of my tits he did his shot and I thought ok that wasnt bad at all, then he kissed my tits and his tongue slid under my bra rubbing my nipple. He sat up and I saw my skirt was pushed up and my pink thong fully exposed. I squirmed to pull it down, dont worry we both have seen it ,it sexy and just like a bathing suit I sat up, took a drink of beer and said OK that was fun. and grabbed my shot wait you get to do yours off of Ben's chest,Op and oh Ok i said and my guy got up and Ben laid down and I knelt on the floor and slid his shirt up to his hard chest and flat stomache and Ben said here and pulled it up to his neck pushing his shorts down to the top of his hip bones, I laid my shot on his chest holding it, and knelt down my hand on his stomache i let it slid down by his waist i put my mouth over his glass and saw my guy nod to him, i felt his hand on my ass rubbing so I rubbed his stomach letting my fingers slide under his shorts just feeling his pubic hair I did my shot spilling it everywhere, I sat the glass down and my guy said to lick it up clean. I licked his chest and nipples and licked down his stomachehe pulled his shorts open and I licked down to his hairline and we sat up. Wew I said out loud fun my guy asked yes it was I admitted my blouse undone and his shorts undone. I was getting pretty drink my guy got more shots and brought the bottle over. Then he dealt the cards and said looser does a shot and winner makes a dare. Well i lost and my guy on. I grabbed the shot glass auy said wait his dare was i removed Bens shorts and do my shot off his underwhwear I looked and he said its my dare, Ok I said and slid Bens shorts off and saw his boxers and he sat back I straddled between his legs, and said how am I to do this Bens slid his shorts down spread his legs and put the shot on his cock and said ok hold it so i grabbed the glass my hand on his cock it felt so hard and big I went down let my lips brushing his cock I did the shot and my guy said lick it clean I looked and he smiled so i put mmy mouth around his shaft through his boxers then sat up and he had dealt agin my head was spinning and I was horny, Me and Ben tied for the lost and my guy won, I was getting suspious, ok you both do shotsBen remove her top and bra and do it from her tits, I looked our you sure yes he said. Ben took off my top and bra and laid me back and felt my tits rubbing them he did his shot then sucked my tits for along time I felt his hand slide on my pussy rubbing my soaked thong he sat up and mercy I said that felt so good your buddy is making me horny I hope you know good watching is making me horny, you like to ben your turn, lets see what should i dare, I looked at hima nd smiled he said ok take his boxers and shorts offhold his cock down and do it from his balls th en lick and suck him like he did you and make him feel as good as he did you thath maight be hard it felt really good. Do your best I slid them down leaned him back and grabbed his long thick cock it felt huge I held it back and did my shot from his balls only spilling a little. I licked his balls and started stroking his cock I looked at my guy and he winked so I went down on his buddy his cock stretch my mouth so wide, i went deeper sucking him trying to make it feel so good I tasted some precum and thought I should stop, before he came I sat up and asked well how did it feel Ben He reached over and kissed me and said it was great good thing you stopped i couldn't take much more. Well I said looking at my boyfriend I did taste some precum, good girl he said. we drank our beer and I got us another one my guy grabbed my ass and rubbed my pussy, you are really wet he said ,I quess so I just sucked your buudy's cock with you watching it was very , I agree I loved watching you suck him so good I wanted him to cum in your moticerouth me too she sid he almost did. Then I gsve Ben his beer and he kissed me and said I taste my cum I think, probably there was alot of precum, he rubbed my pussy his finger slid inside and penetrated me I sat down and took a big drink. as I saw my guy dealing the cards , I said let me deal and he handed them to me. I dealt and i won and my Ben and my guy losti told my guy to take off my thong and do his shot and dared him to lick my pussy but not make me cum he did and did a great job, then I told Ben to do his shot and lick me till I came then fuck me hard and cum in me , my guy looked at me and smiled and said I love it, good baby now watch. Ben did his shot and started lick my pussy as my guy watched I said how good he felt. then tols Ben ok fuck me op of me and his thick cock sliding inside spreading me open yes you feel so good so big, he began pounding me hard ,yes oh yes Im cumming again so much so hard, I looked at my guy and said see what you made of me I love it he said me too baby, then I felt Ben arch and push hard inside me exploding so much fucking me his cum dripping down my ass. hepulled out and I licked him clean and he sat up i rubbed his cum from lass and asked my guy to taste it nothanks he said so i licked my fingers then kissed him pushing Bens cum in his mouth he smiled and swallowed anything for you sexy. We sat up I kissed Ben deep and said you were grea. I want to do that again in our bed in a while after we rest up if you both don't care. Sure baby and I would love that. What a great night
Poster: Maxetonic