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Conference continued #2
Finally gave in to the office IT guy..
Husband's Navy buddies
Party on, wife.
I never imagined this could happen (Part 3,The MFM)
The Hunting Cabin! (final)
My Own Golden Girl
Party on, wife.
Never thought I would do something like this
Conference continued....

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Sweet dare


A little get away fun. Final!!
Looking over at her I did not even have to ask where her hands went all I had to do was look at the expressions on Jake and Jasper's face to know she had each of them in her hands. Of course she was making it obvious with the movements of her wrists and arms. We were all sitting there talking as she was playing with them like we were just discussing the weather. At this point both Jasper and Jake was just sitting back and enjoying her playing with them. Jake told her to scoot up a little out of the water where he could see her boobs again. So she more or less just sat up straight and this brought her breasts just out of the water for all to see.

Jake then bent over slight and took her nipples in his mouth and started nibbling on them. She looked at Jasper and asked was he sure no one was going to walk up on the porch and he assured her no one would just walk up. She had a slight laugh and said well I am sitting in a hot tub with three naked guys and I am naked myself so I was just making sure. After assuring her Jasper turned slightly and bent down and took her other nipple in his mouth and I quickly noticed with both of them turned her hands came up out of the water but both of their hands were now under the water and I was guessing between her legs. Hand fighting for the sweet spot.

She was loving all this attention. Jake turned toward me and asked was it okay to kiss her the same as Jasper had the night before (This is a southern gentleman thing as it happens often when she is playing) I assured him that she loved being kissed and he turned back toward her and started kissing her. As he did he started kissing her on her neck and nibbling on her earlobes which drives her crazy. She turned her head slightly and kind of whispered something in Jakes ear and he said of course and then stood up and leaned forward and she took his "huge" co** in her mouth. So she asked him for it.Unlike Jasper's she could not get most of Jake in her mouth but it was not from a lack of trying. Jasper broke the mood or trance when he told Jake don't you dare cum in the hot tub. This got a laugh out of everyone. So he sat back down beside her and told her she was very good. At this point she said she still was not real comfortable outside like this so could we all maybe go inside and Jasper got up to lead the way.

We are put our shorts on real quick but she grabbed her things and walked in bare ass naked and asked Jasper where to and he looked at Jake and said upstairs to one of the bedrooms so we followed Jake. There is just something about following you naked wife up the stairs with two guys that you know is about to wear your wife out. Jake got everyone towels and while she dried off he got out of his shorts and she then dried him off and did the same for Jasper when he came in and then stepped over and dried me off and leaned in and kissed me and quickly said this is going to be fun. I did notice that Jasper was only semi hard so it kind of told me that he was ready the night before and probably had taken something and also had decided at this point that Jasper had told Jake all about us and I am pretty sure he told Jake he could probably get in her panties too. They quickly sandwiched between the two of them with Jake in the front and Jasper behind her and they both had their hands all over her.

For basically the next twenty minutes or so they made out with her the same way me and her would make out before sex. Jake mostly kissing and playing with her tits and Jasper who was now pretty hard was sliding it all over her butt. She was putty in their hands and she was beyond horny at this point and in a very soft voice she told Jake she had to sit down or lay down. So Jake held her hand as she sat on the edge of the bed and she immediately pulled him to her and took him in her mouth again. She then alternated between the two of them sucking and licking and would play with the other while she sucked on one of them. At this point Jake was ready for them both to be involved so he moved to her side and laid down on the bed and pulled her on top of him and slid them up where they were close to the other edge of the bed and Jasper walked around to that side and offered her his co** as Jake started to slowly fu** her. Jasper had said different but with the precision they were working with I was pretty sure this was not the first time they had done this.

She was having a difficult time keeping Jasper in her mouth because Jake was filling her and was moving her around every time he made a thrust up and Jasper finally just stepped back and walked back around to where I was and we both just watched Jake fu** her. As if we were just talking about things in general Jasper said wow look at her and said he noticed last night that she got super wet. I assured him she enjoys what she was doing. Her and Jake had now picked up the pace and Jake was moving her even more which each thrust. She bent forward and grabbed the comforter which told me she was cumming and then Jake made one last hard push up and grunted and I was thinking he was cumming also. They stayed like that for a minute before she rolled off him and on her back and I glanced down and there was a steady stream running out of her and down to her butt. Jasper did not give her time to recover as he moved up on the bed and between her legs and entered her (They had most definitely done this before). She wrapped her feet around his butt and put her hands around his back and pulled him in. Jasper did not last long before he tensed up and added to what Jake had gave her.

As is her thing she got up and went and got warm washcloths and cleaned up Jasper and then did the same to Jake. She then went in and got herself cleaned up and we all got something to drink and went out on the patio to talk. This is when Jasper fessed up and said they had did this a few times before and mainly with Jakes soon to be ex wife. She told them she hoped that his ex enjoyed it as much as she did. At this point it was getting close to midnight and I asked was she ready to head back and she said lets stay a little longer as we can sleep in before we check out tomorrow. We went back in to the den and she mentioned that she could not believe how much they had cum as her shorts and panties were both soaked and did they mind if she took them off (oh sure!! in other words she wanted more)She stood in front of us with her back to us and slid the shorts and panties off and giving us all a great view of her ass. She started talking and saying she wished we had of booked for the whole week. Jasper spoke up and said hey no worries there just move your stuff into my unit and stay as long as you want. She looked at me and said can we stay a couple more days and I said sure.

At one point Jake had walked upstairs and Jasper went to the kitchen and she came over and asked me could she see if she could get Jake upstairs with just the two of them. I asked about Jasper and she said I will do the same with him tomorrow night. I said sure. She walked to the kitchen and talked to Jasper for a minute or so and then came back in. A few minutes later Jake came back down and as he got to the bottom of the stairs she went over and hugged him and I heard her aske if he wanted to take her upstairs for a little while. Finally about two in the morning we headed back to the condo and she mentioned that they wore her out. I laughed and said you have three more days of it. We did sleep in and got up about ten and straightened up and then moved our things next door. Jake must have done the same because only Jasper was there when we got over there.

The night before was the only night she had both at the same time but over the next three days she was pretty much getting it daytime and nighttime. More sex than she has had in a long time. She said the change in size between the two made things very nice and laughed and said glad we do not live down here. On Saturday night they took us to a very nice seafood place and something that she hardly ever does but she let them get her drunk. Once back at the condo she took Jake upstairs nd spent about a hour with him and Jasper spent the night at the condo and she spent the whole night with him. Before they went to bed I watched him fu** her as she was bent over the railing on the balcony which was super hot. On the way home we talked a lot about the week and she even volunteered that she let Jasper have her ass (and laughed said so you know I had to be drunk) She also said she had told Jake that when his divorce was final to let us know and we would come down for the weekend. I normally always play around with her on our way home on trips but she says she was too sore for that so ended up just giving me a blowjob.
Poster: Greg K