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Sweet dare


Francie for Dinner
I hope those of you that have enjoyed my adventures have been waiting for my next one. Well the last I wrote about my sister she had moved out to live with her boyfriend. Well I was sitting at home, mom and dad, out of town but my sister called and asked me to bring my dad’s pick-up truck and help her move out while he was at work as she was done with him. So I get the truck and head to her house and when I got there, there were 3 other girls there helping her move everything of hers out. At first I didn’t give it a thought but my sister and I went upstairs to bring down things that took 2 people to carry. She said that once we get to her new apartment I was to lose my clothes so she could win a bet and with the dare she has planned for the loser I would be very happy. So we get over to her new apartment and it is pretty well hidden so while the girls were unloading their cars I decided to start unloading the truck but I did it after leaving my clothes in the front seat. So I am now walking in and out of my sisters apartment naked except for my shoes. The girls all noticed and Francie was the loser of the bet. Now she was 21 had a 38-24-36 body that was awesome to look at. She was wearing a tee shirt that you could see her bra through and tight sweatpants. The other 2 girls were wearing similar outfits. Once I was naked I noticed that when the girls were going in and out various wardrobe adjustment were being made and with Francie she removed her bra and you could see her nipples clearly under her shirt. When we got done my sister said let’s all have a drink and then plan our dinner for tomorrow. I was sitting in a chair across from Francie and between the sight of her and Jackie one of the other girls had taken off her sweatpants and was sitting in her panties that had formed a cameltoe I was getting an erection which the girls were enjoying. Well plans were made to go to a local restaurant so I had left but the girls were staying overnight. Well when I got to the restaurant my sister and her friends were waiting in the parking lot so we went in. The girls were all wearing shirts and pants except for Francie she was wearing a button down the front dress. So we were shown to our booth which was near the back of the restaurant and no one else was near us. As we got ready to slide into the booth, Francie said she would be right back and was going to sit next to the wall and with me. So she came back and she had her bra and panties in her hand and gave them to my sister who just set them on the table. So the waitress brought our menus and asked what we wanted to drink. I could see her looking at the underwear on the table but she didn’t say anything. So she came back with the drinks and my sister made sure she saw the bra and panties. What I hadn’t noticed that Francie had unbuttoned a couple of buttons starting from the bottom of her dress, I noticed because when the waitress asked about the bra and panties my sister told her that Francie had lost a bet and had to remove them before we ordered and every time the waitress comes back she had to unbutton a button. She then told the waitress to take the underwear with her. Well with all the talking the waitress didn’t take our order on that trip so she came back an extra time and that meant another button, my sister asked me to find out how wet Francie was getting so I stuck my hand between her legs and she was getting very wet. Well only three buttons left, so when the waitress brought the bread, and then brought the salads and of course my sister had ordered another appetizer so even before we had our meals the dress was completely unbuttoned and I hand one hand on a breast my mouth on the other and my hand between her legs when the waitress brought back the dinners. She set the dinners down and asked if you are out of buttons what happens now. Francie asked me to let her out so I slid out of the booth and when she got out, she took off her dress and handed it to the waitress showed us all how wet I had her. She got back into the booth and we ate. She had spaghetti and every now and then dripped sauce on her tits and I got to lick it off. She purposely dipped her boob closest to me into her spaghetti. Once she was finished while the waitress was there, she picked up her plate and tilted it between her boobs and let the remaining sauce to drip between her boobs and it ran down across her stomach and down between her legs. With the table cleared off she then got up on the table so she could be cleaned up. While I had my face buried in her pussy licking the sauce up and all the juices coming out of her the waitress came back wearing Francie’s dress. We also could hear other people talking so we also knew there were other people close to us. She asked if we wanted any dessert. I asked if they had fresh cut strawberries for shortcake. She told me yes and I said I just want the strawberries no short cake. The waitress then leaned over the table and took a lick of the sauce off of Francie’s stomach. When she came back with the strawberries she wasn’t alone. The restaurant manager was with her and she could tell Francie was just all hot and moaning so other people could hear her so she looked at me and said if you don’t want your girlfriend to get in trouble you need to get naked too. Well it didn’t take me long and I just handed all my clothes over to the manager. She then said come with me and had me go around the corner and sure enough the other table near us was nothing but women and she had me say hello. Next she came back to our booth and asked what is was going to do with the strawberries and I said I will show you and I started sticking the strawberries inside Francie’s pussy. I then started fingering her pussy moving the berries around and then started sucking them out. She kept moaning as I was sucking them out, leaking fluids out several times and she finally started saying you better fuck me as soon as you get those berries out. Jackie and my sister were playing with and pinching her nipples and the manager and waitress were still there watching so I ran out over strawberries and moved her around so I could penetrate her. As I started to I asked her if she wanted me to get a condom and she said no she wanted me to just unload inside of her as she was taken care of. My sister and Jackie were still playing with her tits as I was sliding deeper and deeper with every thrust. She wrapped her legs around be and pushed my in as far as she could push and her pussy tightened around my cock I thought she was going to squeeze it right off. When she relaxed a little bit I unloaded a large amount of cum inside her pussy and she tightened right up again. By the time we were done and she was back to a normal state she said that was the best bet she had ever lost. The manager handed us a very large gift certificate and told us we could come back anytime and use the certificate as long as I and one of the girls were naked. The manager then had her and the waitress lick off all of the juices from Francie’s pussy and mu cum off of my cock and balls. So once I was cleaned up it was time for us to go and we asked where our clothes are. We were told they were in the kitchen and we had to go get them so the staff could see us both and then we were to walk to the front door before we got dressed. When we walked through the whole restaurant we were groped, smacked and fingered the whole time when we got to the front door Francie told me she wasn’t going to bother getting dressed. So we walked out into the parking lot naked. We got to our cars and she grabbed my cock with one hand and gave me a very passionate kiss and told her it was the best night she ever had. Then turned and looked at Jackie and told her she was going to be my partner next time---I hope to hear from you especially Laura
Poster: crazyjoe1073