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Sweet dare


Controlling the Meeting
Since my last post on my birthday 5/24 I've been quite busy at work, and with my Dr. boyfriend Dave. I had a scheduled meeting today with 4 guys from a large Advertising firm, since I'm in Marketing for a "big 3" auto manufacturer. I first had to go into downtown Detroit to my office to grab a few things for the meeting, then make the 90 minute drive to their offices. So, at my place this morning after my shower I figured I'd wear something a bit distracting so I could keep things in my control during the meeting, and it pays to have long, sexy legs, big firm boobs and long blonde hair, so I chose a pair of black 4 1/2" stiletto heel pumps, black VS bikini panties, a light gray mid-thigh length miniskirt, and a light pink 3/4 sleeve button-front blouse in a very light material. I decided to go braless for the meeting, and a good male eye would most definitely notice that fact, as the blouse was just barely able to hide my firm 36 D's and their perky nipples. I went down to the garage and jumped in my new Corvette and headed downtown, on the way stopping to fill up on gas, getting lots of male attention as I walked into the building to pay, I enjoyed that. After the quick stop at my office, I headed out to the Interstate to go to my meeting, stopping along the way at a Starbucks to get a coffee for the drive, again getting some good looks from guys. After a bit over an hour, I arrived at the offices for my meeting, and I was greeted by one of the guys I'd be meeting with, and he walked me to a Conference room where we would conduct our meeting. I noticed as we walked together he took a couple sideways "glances" over at me, checking out my legs and my barely covered and slightly jiggling breasts, and it was fun to catch him looking, he was maybe mid-30's, maybe 6'2" and good looking. When we got to the Conference room, he introduced me to the other 3 guys I'd be meeting with, and we got started. Things went very well, and it seemed that my plan to keep control had worked, as all 4 guys were pretty focused on me, and I was able to steer the conversation exactly where I wanted it to go. After about 3 hours, we decided to head out to a local Restaurant for lunch before wrapping things up, and since there were 5 of us and the car they were using only seated 4 comfortably, I said I'd drive my car and follow them, and asked the 30's guy if he'd like to ride with me, which he happily accepted. Again, he was checking me out as we walked out to the parking lot, and he was very surprised that I was driving a brand new Corvette Grand Sport coupe, and even more surprised when he realized it was a 7 speed stick shift. During the 15-20 minute drive to the restaurant, he got the full leg show as I worked the pedals and shifted gears perfectly, and I think I was a bit aroused as my nipples were very erect, a fact not lost to him, as he commented that either my bra was very thin, or I wasn't wearing one, and he said he'd go with the thin bra. I laughed and told him "wrong guess" and that I wasn't wearing a bra. I don't think he knew what to say at that point, and I did notice he was getting a bit "uncomfortable" with that growing bulge in his dress trousers. We had a nice lunch, and were getting ready to head back to their office to finish the meeting, and I said I needed to use the ladies room, he waited for me while the other 3 guys left. When I went in the stall to pee, I just on the spur of the moment decided to take my panties off and stuff them in my purse, since I wasn't wearing any stockings or pantyhose, I thought it would be a fun turn-on driving him around with no underwear at all. We walked back out to my Corvette, and I was careful not to let my short skirt ride too high, my landing strip was barely a couple inches above the hem of my skirt. On the way back, the chat got a little sexual, he said he was impressed that I hadn't worn a bra, knowing that I'd be meeting with 4 men, and I told him that was exactly the reason I decided to go braless. He laughed and said my strategy had worked, and a confident woman was very sexy in his mind, and he asked what my bra size was anyway. I told him I was a 36D, and he said he was very impressed how firm my boobs were for being so large, and I told him I worked out daily, and went braless quite often when not at work. We got back to their office, and after about another hour finished the meeting, and I got them signed up, so it was a productive day. All 4 guys walked me out to my Corvette, and it was very sexy getting in behind the wheel, knowing how short my miniskirt was and the fact that I'd removed my panties, the other 3 guys went back inside and the cute 30's guy said thanks for the "hot" lunch, and just for kicks I decided to tell him I'd removed my panties before we left the restaurant, but he didn't believe me, so I gave him a nice look at the most neatly trimmed landing strip ever, and we both got a good laugh. I got back out of the car to shake his hand before I left, and then thought WTF, so I gave him a nice, braless hug, got back in the Vette, fastened my seatbelt, smiled and drove off, I think I really surprised him, but I have no doubt I'm now his favorite GM rep, lol.
Poster: Kelly