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Sweet dare


A night to remember
I went to a Birthday party last night where we had VIP bottle service at a lounge. There were 8 of us in a very private area, dimly lit and I hit it off with a woman out on the dance floor when we were all dancing.

She started grinding up against my groin, then to my surprise, grabbed my crotch, and of course I started to inflate. She deep French kissed me and soon my erection was bulging in my pants. I took her by the hand and walked her back to the VIP area, only a couple was making out in there, I got into the corner, pulled out my dick and she promptly took me in her mouth. She had a great technique to the fellatio she performed, the other couple cheered her on. A couple of women who I didn't know very well came back to the area and were shocked to see me getting head, and at the 8 inches of hard cock I owned. I knew they were going to complain, so I had to drop my load ASAP.

I took the woman giving me head, and bent her over a chair, raised her dress, rip off her panties and stuffed her dripping cunt with every inch of cock I had, I fucked her aggressively almost expecting to be kicked out by the bouncers. Instead, the other couple started fucking in the corner, and one of the other women bent over for me, asking me to fuck her next. The second woman stood guard at the entrance, while the 5 of us fucked. It was easily the sexiest, dirtiest and more thrilling sex I've ever experienced, taking turns on 2 women I barely knew, all the while, the other couple make love in the corner.

I was fortunate to bring both women to orgasm, thanks to my big dick, and when it came time to finish, I was fucking the first woman in mish, and advised the other that I was reaching the point of no return and asked her to get close so I could facialize them both. When the glorious moment arrived I withdrew my engorged cock out of her soaked slit and angled forward and gave it the last few stroked need to release the cum from my monster cock. I ejaculated with great vigor providing both ladies with a good dose of my cum. They exchanged a kiss with all the gooey goodness. The rest of the party guests return to the VIP area as the ladies slipped quickly into the washroom. They still got a glimpse of what had just transpired, mainly because my cock was out and still half erect which drew a stare from ladies and gents alike, thank you very much.

My original friend came out of the washroom and I insisted she stay at the party so I could drive her home and fuck her some more. Not more than half hour later we said our goodbyes, we were clearly not into dancing anymore, we wanted to fuck! The other couple asked if they could come with us because the fellow had not been able to get off and was horny and packing a pair of blue balls that would make anyone envious.

We got back to my place and while I opened a bottle of wine the other couple was already balls deep into his wife. It took him 5 minutes to finally relieve the tension in his balls. My female friend and me, slipped into the shower together, we had to wash off the previous sex session, before starting the next one. We walked completely naked into my bedroom, I stopped to turn on the TV for the other couple, I was fully erect and enjoying the exhibitionist experience. They both complemented me on my 8 inches, we talked for a bit, as I stroked myself, it was the sexist thing ever. Then I walked into the bedroom, and there she was, spread eagle the hottest woman I had ever had in my life, I dove in face first....

I must've lapped up her juices for 20 minutes, she moaned with orgasmic pleasure so load the neighbors could hear, then I entered her and she had tightened around my shaft like a vice grip. I slid inch after glorious inch deep into her honey pot until my balls touched her taint. I gyrated and poked at her searching for her sweet g-spot, and when I found it, I pumped my hard on effortless onto it, applying pressure to her swollen clitoris, and she covered her mouth because the pleasure my big dick was giving her made her cum and squirt a bit. I withdrew, to let her have a minute to enjoy her orgasm.

She got on top and rode me for a bit after that but tapped out very soon, saying her pussy had enough for tonight, she was going to have to finish me orally and manually, if that was okay with me. I just lay there and enjoyed the effort as she sucked my dick balls and asshole, trying to make me cum, to no avail. I lay her back down, got some massage oil out of the drawer, squirted between her C cup tits, planted my massive erection, and squeezed the stuffing of out it, as I titty fucked her until my balls retracted and a first powerful squirt landed on her chin the rest gave her a sweet pearl necklace. We came out to a standing ovation from the other couple, and watched a movie together, drank some wine, it was the best fuck and night of my life!
Poster: Mike Smith