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Sweet dare


A evening of elegance and country!
Not too long ago I was on the 'short' end of drawing straws and ended up going to Atlanta to attend a dinner and concert. The set up was dinner and a well known country act. Afterwards in different ball rooms they had set up several different acts and types of music with dance floors and open bars.

The seating was set up before hand and was ten person tables. We ended up with three other couples and Reggie a black guy that was a former offensive lineman for a major college team and a guy with a great personality. The concert was okay but nothing great and she did not really care for it at all and we found out that it was certainly not Reggie's type of music. We endured for as long as we could and then was going to step outside for her to take a smoke break.

After we had been out there for a minute or two Reggie showed up and told us he could not stand any more of that kicking country. We talked a few minutes and he told us that someone mentioned that they had a Temptations cover band in one of the ballrooms and that was more his style. She absolutely loves the Temptations and started saying she had rather go there instead of back to the country act. So the three of us headed there and stopped at the bar and got a coke and Reggie got a beer.

Not many in the room and the band was really good. Reggie excused himself and we notice him go around to several tables before ending back up with us and he mentioned there was hardly any unattached women there and he guessed that the ones there did not want to dance with a black guy. She spoke up and said she would dance with him as she enjoyed dancing but I did not care for it. So they danced a couple of dances before coming back to the table. Reggie went and got another beer and she asked did I see them and said Reggie is a great dancer.

They had danced about eight to ten songs and the band had yet to play a slow song. She headed off to the bathroom and as she walked back in the band started to play My girl. She looked at me and smiled and said finally and asked did I want to dance this one with her. I figured I had better dance with her and she told me she was having a great time and was much more fun than the concert. We got back to the table and we all talked over the music when the band played another slow song and she gave me a look. I told her to dance this one with Reggie.

They looked odd as Reggie is probably six foot five and
easily three hundred plus and she is five foot two and goes a hundred forty. As they danced Reggie held one of her hands and he had his other hand in the small of her back. They finished up and came back to the table and she told Reggie he was a very good dancer and he returned the compliment to her. Talked some more and found out Reggie like us was staying the night in the attached hotel. It came time for another beer and Reggie went up to the bar and she wanted to go out and smoke. While talking I told her that Reggie would be a great candidate. She knew exactly what I was talking about and said she did not think so.

We headed back in and they danced again to a upbeat song and when we got back Reggie told us when we were gone a couple was telling him they had a real good band in another ball room that was playing some great music and asked did we want to head there and she answered and said sure we did. As soon as we got seated the band played a slow number and the room was low lit and the mood was a lot better. So Reggie asked was she danced and she accepted. A few more people on the dance floor and as they danced I noticed that Reggie was letting his hand drop a little lower and was right at the top of her butt and they were dancing a little closer.

They came back and she sat down beside me and I leaned over and asked was she sure and she smiled and said probably not going to happen. I smiled back and said that is better than a she did not think so. This band was playing a lot of slow number so I danced with her and talked to her a little and told her the next time she danced with Reggie to dance a little closer and she said we will see. Was only a few songs until they got up for another slow dance and when they got on the floor instead of putting her hand up she tried to reach her hands up and put around Reggie neck. But she was a little too short so ended up putting her hands on his chest and Reggie put both arms around her and let a hand linger on her butt.

They came back to the table and Reggie went to get a beer and while gone she fanned herself and told me it was getting warm in there. I leaned over and told her it would be so hot to see her and Reggie together. This time she asked how would we even get him up to the room. I asked so that means maybe so and she said she thought it would probably be fun. I smiled and asked had she felt anything yet and she laughed and said it was pressed against my belly. So Reggie came back and she told him she wanted to go out and smoke and did he want to go out with us. He said sure and added he needed some fresh air.

We got out there and went away from the other people there and to the side of the building. She talked a little to him and then asked him what his plans were for the rest of the night. Reggie looked at his phone and said well it is nearly midnight now so probably when this was over he would head up to his room and find something to watch. She did not say anything right off but as she was putting out her cigarette and without even looking up at him she asked did he want to come to our room and hang out a little while. Reggie said that would be great and asked both of us if we wanted to go back inside or were we ready to go up to the room. She spoke up and said lets go to the room.

We went up and like most of the times we play things were progressing very slowly and she gave me several looks as saying I do not know how to start something. She got up to go to the bathroom and called me in there and told me just that. She said I am not sure if he just came to hang out or if he is even interested. We came back out and Reggie asked was he holding us up from anything and she replied not at all. He then told us did we mind if he went and put on some shorts and flip flops as was ready to dress down. She asked was he coming back and he said oh yea. She then said she thought she was going to change too while he was gone.

As soon as he walked out of the room she said well at least he winked at me when I said I was going to change to. I patted her on the butt and said oh yea no doubt that he wants some of this. She smiled and asked so what should she put on and was look through her things when Reggie knocked and I let him back in. She smiled and said that was quick and that she had not even found anything. This was the first inkling he was interested when he said I hope you put on something sexy. She picked up a couple things and said she would be out in a few and went in to the bathroom. She was in there for a couple of minutes when she stuck her head out the door and called me and asked would I get her some different panties. I walked over to the suit case and picked up a pair and held them up for Reggie to see and he said nice. I showed him a couple more pair and he said really nice to a pair of beige shear ones.

I think at this point he had a pretty good idea what was up. I joined Reggie back in the room and he said man it would be so hot if she came back in here in nothing but them panties. I laughed and I don't think she is going to be that naked......and added yet. A few minutes later she came out and had on a matching top and tap pants on. She had put on the panties but had not put a bra back on. Reggie told her she looked real nice and very sexy. She walked over got some ice and a little coke and stood with her back to us to give Reggie a good view of her butt. She then picked up the remote and went through a bunch of channels until she got to the music stations and settle on a slow song and stopped it and turned and asked Reggie did he want to dance with her now?

They danced as they talked and she looked back at me and said find a real slow song. I found one and she again put her hands on his chest and Reggie put his arms around her but this time made no qualms about it and put both hands on her butt. She just kind of leaned her head down and put it on his chest. Reggie was pretty much just playing with her butt now instead of dancing. The song ended and she stepped back and got some more coke. I am pretty sure to show Reggie how hard her nipples were. He was standing there looking at her and he had a whole lot going on down below. I mean Reggie was a big guy but he was a big guy in more ways than one. I saw her eyes kept looking down and then back up to Reggie. He finally sat down on a chair and stretched his legs out and all this did was make the bulge more prominent. He had changed into running shorts and it was pretty obvious he had left the undershorts off.

He was teasing her now and doing a good job of it. Reggie asked her had she ever did this and she said yes many times. He laughed and said so I am not your first black guy. She smiled and said not many but no you are not my first. He then said so you two have guys join you often and she smiled again and said yes he loves to watch me with other guys. Reggie then said is he going to get to watch you with me and she smiled at him and said I hope so. He then asked why didn't she show him the panties he sent in for her. So she set the drink down and slid the tap pants down her legs and stepped out of them and turned and let Reggie see both the front and back. He then asked could he see her breasts and she pulled the top off. Standing in front of him in just her shear panties. She was pretty much going to do whatever he asked at this point. She wanted that bbc bad!!

Reggie ran his hand across the front of his shorts and asked did she want to see and she responded yes you know I do. He stood up next to do and just dwarfed her with his size. He then told her if she wanted to see then she needed to take his shorts off. So she bent over and started pushing them down and about halfway down he just popped out and hit her. She stood back up and gave the standard oh my you are huge. She leaned back against the bed and said that looks yummy and licked her lips. Reggie said you can find out just as soon as you get them panties off so she leaned back on the bed and bent her legs and pulled them off this kind of opened her up and Reggie said nice.

Once they were both naked Reggie stood up and walked to the end of the bed and just kind of fed her his bbc to her. She started slow but took as much as she could take. He let her suck on him as long as she wanted but his plans were to get between her legs and give her all she wanted and then some. Reggie ended up most of the night in our room and had her every way possible and she loved every minute of it.
Poster: Greg K