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Sweet dare


Naked at Pams interview and more
The last time I wrote about my job I had just started a position at a newspaper in a nearby town. Well after being there around 6 months I got a call from Pam that my form company was finally shutting down and se would be out of a job. As luck would have it we had a position opening up in one of the advertising departments that I know she would qualify for. I told her to come in and fill out an application and give it to me and I would deliver it to the advertising director and guarantee her and interview but it would be up to her to get the job. After review all the applications Linda told me that my friend was one of the better applications and would have received an interview anyway. After a few days the interviews started. Now I saw Pam come in as my window overlooked the parking lot, so I knew she was there. What surprised me was the fact that Linda popped her head onto my office and asked me to come down to the interview room. Well let me describe Linda, she was about my age 5’5”, at least c cup boobs, with a tiny waist that made her boobs look even larger and a nice round ass that swayed nicely when she walked. When I got into the room Pam was there too. Linda then startled me again but saying, Pam here will get the job providing what she has told me about your relationship is true. I asked what all she told her about and Linda said she started with a story about when you were younger her and another neighbor girl took your shorts off and you then just finished getting naked for them as they wanted to see a naked boy. She continued on to say how she had played games with me at my previous job, which also had me naked and my prior boss there caught us but just made me do other things naked for her. She also said that Darlene and your sister get you doing things for them at parties and other places too. I said well what exactly you want to know. She said is any of this even remotely true and I said yes it is all true. Linda said then we are going to just have to prove it and I said how are we going to do that. She came over to my chair and asked me to stand up. When I did she grabbed my tie and loosened it and pulled it over my head. She said that depending how far you let me go will depend on how much I believe her story. She then started unbuttoning my shirt and pulled it over my shoulders then out of my pants. She said are you sure you want me to keep going, I said I guess you are just going to have to go as far as you need to so you believe her stories about us. With that response she grabbed my belt and unbuckled it and pulled it off of my waist. Then unsnapped the top of my dress pants and grabbing the sides of them as well as my underwear she pulls them down to the floor. She then looks at my cock and said that she thinks it is bigger than her husbands. So Pam finally spoke up and asked if she got the job and Linda told her yes, but she would have to go through the process anyway. So after fondling my cock and them both then squeezing my ass cheeks Linda told me to get dressed but now that she has seen me, told me to expect to be seen again. So I returned to my office and went back to work and shortly after, Linda comes in and closes the door and tells me that my letting her strip me was so exciting that she has been wet all day and she lifted the bottom of her dress showing me her panties which you could tell were wet by the color change. She told me that I was the first man she ever stripped like that since she did it to her husband years ago. She then moved over to be behind my desk, lefts up her dress and asks me to see how wet she really is. Well I took the opportunity to rub my hands over her panty covered pussy and when my fingers were wet I licked the off. She asked how do I taste and I said I needed a few more samples and this time with one hand I exposed her pussy and was rubbing it directly and again licking my finger. She then asked, and I told her, I thought she was going to orgasm as she said her husband hasn’t done oral with her for years. I asked if she wanted me to lick her now. She pulled her panties down and off and said to go ahead and lick her wet pussy. It is a good thing the doors were thick and the walls insolated well as everyone would have heard her moaning as she put out lots of juices. She told me to stop as she needed to somehow clean up to be able to leave work.
The next day I was in by my usual time of 8 am, when Linda came in she said that even as wet and ready as she was for sex yesterday, her husband told her he was going to play cards after supper so she took a shower and went to bed. I asked her how long it had been since he had gone down on her and she said she can’t remember when, he is usually in too much of a hurry and if he has a hard on then they use it and when he is done that is it. We went to work with her in her office and me in mine and about 4 o’clock she came into my office told me to grab some papers like we are going to review something in her office. I got another surprise when she sat up on her desk and hiked up her skirt and I could see her wet pussy as she had removed her panties, she said would you please play with my pussy. I wasn’t going to turn down the offer and started to lick and finger her and she was again leaking out fluids and I knew she had at least 2 orgasms as the way her pussy would grip my fingers that were inside her. Once I was done she told me that she found out that where her husband was playing cards, the winner of the game got 30 minutes with the host’s wife. It dawned on her how many times Jeff came home and told her that he had won. So, she said you will be fucking me sometime soon and Pam starts on Monday. I then told her I was pretty good at cards and maybe I should go to the card party, she said you have to be invited. I said don’t you think Jeff would invite me and she said she would ask him.
Things were tame at work once Pam started but after about a month things changed. Pam came into my office and informed me that it was finally time to have fun with Joe again. I noticed that the jean skirt she was wearing was hiked up enough and her legs were spread enough for me to see her pink panties. She then told me to be ready once she gets back. I saw her walk back to the ladies room and then to Linda’s office when she came back I could tell she removed her bra as with the sleeveless shirt she hag on her nipples were now visible and she was sitting the same way and the panties were gone giving me a direct look up at her pussy. She then told me I was to go to Linda’s office after going to the restroom and removing my underwear to present to Linda. I went ahead and did wat was requested. Now let me describe the newspaper office there was one woman left in circulation dept., Dorothy who has very large boobs but is carrying a little extra weight. Pam in classifieds, Paula in display advertising, Sandy in accounting and of course Linda were the only people left in the office after 4pm. So Linda handed me a card with instructions. I had to go see Pam first and she was instructed on the card to pull my zipper down and tell me to go to Dorothy. I went to Dorothy and handed her the card which told her she was to remove my belt, well with my zipper down and her handling my belt I started to get an erection and the head of my cock started coming out through the zipper, she removed my belt and sent me to Paula. The card read to Paula that she was to undo the snap on the top of my pants and let them go. Once my pants fell I was instructed to ask Paula to unbutton and remove my shirt which she did dropping it to the floor with my pants. I then was to walk back into Linda’s office and present myself to her. Seems as though everyone forgot about Sandy and she came out of her office just in time to see my naked ass walking into Linda’s. So she came down and demanded to know what was going on and Linda filled her in on everything. Sandy looked at me and said you are a very naughty boy. Linda then told me to go in front of her desk and bend over with my hands on the desk and ask Sandy to please give me a spanking. For some reason, Sandy was rather shy about the swats and they were more like taps so Linda fired her up and told her to give me 10 firm swats. While I was being swatted, another woman from the display adv. dept. showed up with a late ad and saw me naked and getting spanked. Kathy came over to the office and said I am sure glad I had a late ad to bring in can I join in the fun. So Kathy then gave me 10 more swats on each cheek and they weren’t gentle ones. I then went to see Paula, Pam and Dorothy who all got there swats in. Linda the led me to the woman’s room where there was I full length mirror and told me to look into the other mirror and see how red my ass was getting. She then said she hadn’t got her swats in yet and had me bend over and put my elbows on the sink. She said I am going to give you 10 swats on each cheek and I am going to make sure I hit the reddest spots. If you can’t handle the pain, tell me to stop but you will then have to present your cock to everyone so they can’t swat it. Well I with stood the spanking and I then got to put my clothes back on. When I went back out the girls were all together and they had locked the front door. Pam then unbuttoned and removed her top revealing her boobs to everyone and she also reach down and pulled her skirt up around her waist and let me finger her pussy in front of everyone. She informed the other girls that it is only fair as he play these games with Joe that we give him some sort of reward. Linda informed the others that she had already had me eat her pussy and with Jeff never doing it, she really enjoyed it. So Pam got dressed and this is just the start of many things to come for me at work and various other places when I am with the girls.
Well I have been asked in a couple emails by some of you ladies, if I share pictures and or course I would do you thing with the stories I have written I am shy about you seeing me naked. If you are local enough we can even arrange me being naked at whatever function you would like, just don’t get me arrested.
Poster: crazyjoe1073