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Sweet dare


Party Turns to Revealing Tattoos
Some years ago, Lee and I held a party at our house. It was spring, the weather was warming and the pool was ready for use. It was a nice Saturday afternoon and we had about 8-10 other couples join us. All of the other wives brought a dish to share and Lee acted as the grill master as he always loved to do.

By the time dinner was ready, most everyone was in swimsuits, which revealed some interesting tattoos on some of the guys. When I mentioned it, the conversation turned to tattoos and then tattoos on the ladies. Beer and wine has been flowing pretty free and everyone was pretty happy and by the time dinner was over and with the effects of the alcohol. It became a time of daring each other to show all of their tattoos, especially those on rather personal areas of the body.

Some of those present had no tattoos, but they were still enjoying themselves. One of the guys has a tattoo of a tiger on his back and he explained he got that while serving in Vietnam. Another guy had a tattoo of a hula girl on his arm and his wife mentioned that he could make her dance by flexing his muscles, and of course we insisted he show us and he did.

Another guy had a tattoo of a dagger on his calf and explained that he got it while serving in special forces in the military and most of the guys in his unit got the same tat on their legs.

Then one of the guys mentioned that his wife had a tat of a rose on her butt and that got a lot of cheers, whistles and calls for showing, so she stood up, and lowered just enough of her bathing suit bottom to show the small tattoo of a red rose on her butt.

Another guy mentioned that his wife has a small tat just above her breast and she showed the tat of a flower that was already visible above her bikini top. Another wife had a rose on her ankle and another had a flower around her navel, which she showed.

I knew my time was coming but eventually, Lee piped up that I had a tat of lips around each nipple. That really got the group going and yes, they all wanted to see, even the other ladies. To make it easier to see, I just took off my bikini top so that everyone could see my breasts with my lip tats on each nipple.

One of the wives asked why I had the tats and I told her that my nipples are extremely sensitive and that Lee loves to suck on them, and that many a night, we would go to sleep with him sucking on a nipple, but there were times he traveled and I always wanted to think that he was sucking us to sleep, so I got the lip tats around each nipple.

She then asked if the tattoo artist was a man or woman and I told her it was a man. She asked how I felt about having him see and touching my breasts and I told her it was painful and yet I was flowing like a river, especially when I glimpsed that he had a big bulge in his pants.

She turned to Lee and asked how he felt about it. Lee said he was there watched and that he was also hard, watching this man working on my nipples and constantly wiping them with the cloth. He smiled and told me to tell them what happened and I admitted that since my nipples are so sensitive that I orgasmed both times he worked on my tats and yes, he obviously knew I was orgasming as he lifted away and watched, probably to make sure I didn’t move too much and mess up his work.

No one said they could top my nipple tats and when they said that, I looked at Lee and saw that sly smile on his face and knew he was going to tell them about my other tattoo and sure enough he did and naturally, they all wanted to see and started chanting show us, show us, show us.

Lee told me to go ahead, so I stood up and slid my bikini bottoms off, sat down, leaned back and spread my legs for all to see my tat of a butterfly. The opening to my pussy served as the body of the butterfly with the butterfly head tattooed on the hood of my clit and the wings out to each side of my pussy and inner thighs.

As they all stared at my pussy butterfly tat, I clenched my pussy several times, making it look like the butterfly was moving or trying to fly.

Again I was asked who did the tat and I told them it was the same guy and that yes, I orgasmed again as he worked and rubbed on my pussy and clit.

Well, there I was in our backyard with about 8-10 couples and I was the only one naked. After they all saw my tats, I reached for my bikini to put on, but most of the guys began to object, so I told them the only way I will remain naked is for all of them to strip also. To my surprise, they all did, even the ladies.

We all remained naked for about an hour and even swam naked. Then they all began to dress and get ready to leave, all except 1 couple who were good friends of ours.

After everyone else had left, Gail whispered in my ear that Denny, her husband, wanted to kiss my tats, including the butterfly. I think I surprised her when I said that would be fine and I would love to let him, but only if Lee could kiss her the same way. She turned to Denny who was already sporting a raging hardon, so she agreed.

I’m only 5 foot and Denny stood at least 6’4”, so I stood on a chair so he didn’t have to lean as far. He first kissed each of my nipples and then I laid on my back on the outside table, spread my legs and Denny moved in began kissing my butterfly tat. He kissed my pussy and clit and then stuck his tongue inside me as far as it could reach. When he brought his tongue out, he took my clit in his lips and sucked hard on it and I orgasmed instantly and he licked my juices where were flowing like a river.

Then Denny told Gail it was her turn. She faced Lee and told him to go ahead. Lee was a master at kissing nipples and he took his time on each of Gail’s. When he finished she commented that she know knew why mine were so sensitive.

She laid on the table, spread her legs and Lee moved to kiss and lick her pussy and suck on her clit. He lingered longer than Denny had with me, but got the same results when Gail orgasmed and flooded Lee’s face.

I knew the guys enjoyed this but would wanted more, so sat on a chair in front of Denny and took his big cock in my hands and began licking up and down his shaft. I told Gail that it was only fair and she agreed. I licked his shaft several times and the licked his precum from the tip and felt his cock twitch as they often do. I took the tip between my lips and began trying to get as much of it as I could in my mouth. Denny was big and I could only get about half of it in my mouth, but with the help of using my tongue, I brought his to orgasm and eagerly swallowed his hot fluid as I gently massaged his balls with my hand. I made sure he was empty and clean and then pulled away.

Gail sat in the same seat and Lee moved in front of her and I watched as this other woman took my husband’s cock in her mouth and began sucking him. Lee reached down to play with her ample breasts. Watching them was getting me more arouse than I was before I saw the familiar expression on Lee’s face as he tensed and emptied his balls into Gail’s mouth. She tried swallowing it all, but some dribbled out the corners of her mouth.

When she was done sucking Lee dry, Gail asked what was next and Lee said it depended on her and Denny. Gail blushed as she admitted that she needed more satisfaction. She looked at Denny and he told her to go ahead and ask. She turned to us and asked if we would be up to swapping as she would love to feel Lee inside her and she knew that Denny has always had to hots for me and we agree.

We moved to the bedroom where we had a California king bed with lots of room. For the next couple of hours, Denny ploughed into me with me on my back, riding him cowgirl and taking doggy from behind. I managed to watch Lee and Gail who also changed or tried a number of positions.

Denny was bigger than Lee and he definitely more than filled my tiny hole, but once I adjusted to his size, he felt really good inside me. Due to his size, he was hitting all the right spots and I orgasmed several more times until my legs were so shaky and weak that they felt like Jell-O in an earthquake. He emptied himself in me a couple of times and afterwards, I licked and sucked him clean and brought him back to erection status so we could continue.

We looked at the clock and it was two in the morning. Good thing it was a Sunday and no one had to get up to go to work.

Denny and Gail were still quite buzzed by the beer and wine so we offered them our spare bedroom and they readily accepted. We hugged and kissed and said our goodnights. Although I took a quick shower to clean up, I was so exhausted that the moment my head hit the pillow, I was gone.

Do you want to hear what happened Sunday? I’ll give you a little tease – we had surprise visitors while Gail and Denny were still here.
Poster: P J (Widow of Lee j)