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Sweet dare


Inpired by Crossing the line, update 3
So I told my husband that in the next session of my photo shoot l wore a string bikini, some very sexy night ware, and a pair of Daisy Dukes, with a short crop top. Then I told him there was a couple of pictures that were even a lot more sexy. Now I have him wrapped around my little finger. He will do almost anything I ask! As a reward over the last couple of weeks I have shown him those pictures. I have so much control, I have made him stop fucking me just before he cums and eat me while we are almost in a 69 position, but his knees are both off to one side and I make him spread his legs so I have full access to his testicles. I usually have to grab them and pull them down because they are drawn up so tight. I make him keep eating me out the whole time then I get rough with his balls. When he jumps or jerks or grunts, I just tell him to take it like I a man and keep eating! A couple of times I think I might have gotten to rough because the next day I can tell he is still sore down there. But it has made him cum and he was rewared with another picture. So I haven't told him about, or shown him this picture yet, but by the time you get to read this post, he will have seen it. So the photo shoot was late and was not over until long after closing hours. The photographer was late to an appointment with one of his friends,they were going to go out clubbing. Since he was late his friend stopped by and helped setting up. So his friend said I was very photogenic,and wanted to know the story. I asked what did he mean? He said well your wearing very revealing outfits, and since you have a nice wedding ring, I take it your doing this for your husband? I admitted I was. He asked did he know or was it a total surprise? I said he saw some less sexy one and got really turned on, so I decided to go further. He asked how far did I want to go? I thought for a bit while taking some positioning in shear night gown and said, I think I want to do some very hot one. Then if my husband starts getting too freaked out I just won't show those to him. Then out of the blue I asked What did you have in mind? He said well what if you took a few shots with another guy? I have to say we had been drinking, to help me relax,and his friend was a couple of years younger than me, and he was seriously buff. So I said if he didn't mind I would love to. He said it would be fun and started taking off his shirt. My God he was more buff than I had imagined! Before he had his slip on shoes off I was completely naked! So the photographer said let's get a couple like this! I'm nude and he still has his pants on. One he is standing directly behind me with one hand cupping under my left breast,his other hand is between my legs,palm holding my inner thigh and the index finger firmly against my pussy. The thumb is on my waxed mound. His head is down on my right shoulder and he is kissing my neck. I have my head leaning back my lips are slightly parted, and my eyes are closed,as if I were in heaven. Truth of the matter is I was and if he would have wanted me I would have not even slowed him down! The next group of shots we were both nude. He had picked me up and was carrying me to a fancy bed with the covers pulled back. I had my arms around his neck and was looking into his eyes. His manhood was fully inflated, but not hard,his balls were hanging as low as they could go. It gave the impression that he had had so many women that it would take some work on my part to just get him where he could take me. Next we did a lot of foreplay shots. I really like the one where he had one of my breast in his mouth, one of his legs was between mine, with his knee pushing my legs far apart. His soft, but inflated dick was laying over my other leg and he had two fingers burried deep inside my pussy! I may not show him that one for a long time! I got dripping wet. So the next shot I'm over him, playing with his dick and cupping his balls. I was really getting turned on by them because they were so loose and relaxed! My husband's balls always get tight because he gets to excited too quickly when I even act like I'm going to play with them. I loved it because I could clearly feel the tube that carries his sperm and even feel his pulse in the arteries that kept those gorgeous testies healthy. He told me to act like I was licking his dick. So I got a couple of shots, then I held it to my face. Then I asked if I could put it in my mouth, but he said no just act like I was licking the head. I asked if I could hold one of his balls in my mouth. First he said no, but then he told me to stick my tongue out as far as I could,then he laid one on my tongue. I want to suck it in so badly, but resisted some how. Next he had both arms stretched above my head with our fingers interlocked. My legs were spread, knees slightly up and further spread. He was laying between them and slightly up on his knees. I never saw him with a full hard on but he had one in this set of shots. It was like he could turn it on and off, there is no way my husband could ever do that! But there he was in the pictures. The photographer took a lot of close up. I could feel him moving that hard dick around for different shots. Finally, he positioned right against my virgina opening. When the photographer did this his friend looked me straight in the eyes, smiled and said my you are very hot and wet down there! So after he got a couple of shots in that position, I said that I wouldn't mind if you got a couple with the head just a little closer. My photographer said he is snuggly against you, any closer and he would be inside of you. I said, I really would like to get a shot of that. He said, not to night, so I have one more position to take tonight. So as we are getting out of this position his friend looks me straight in my eyes, smiles, and as he is getting up, very quickly pushes,at least some of his long fat dick into me. Then he says, Your welcome,and as quickly as it forced it's way in it was out. He quickly rolled over and got up. I could see the shadow of it,it was standing straight out. But before I could recover from that quick penetration,it kinda stung, and get up,he was already soft! The final shot he was standing with his inflated dick. I was sitting with my arms and legs wrapped around one of his legs. I was looking up at him as if he had just totally satisfied me, and I was now totally his!
I'll let you know how my husband reacts as I show him each of these pictures. More to cum!
Poster: Wife of Riley