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Sweet dare


fucked the mother in-law
well lets just get started by stating that she is so horny and never fucked it was just a matter of time before someone did it. keep in mind my wife and i have gotten drunk before with her and all told some crazy stories so she is pretty open minded. it started when i was over at their house for christmas. i like to sleep late so i was alone in the morning while everyone was waiting for me to eat and open their gifts. sherry (mom) came up stairs to see if i wanted bacon or sausage with my eggs. i was just getting up, and wearing only my boxers. well i had a huge morning wood when she came in and she didnt even rush out or cover her eyes just kinda smiled. i got dressed, went downstairs and it was pretty normal. she called me a week ago to come do some work on her car so as so as i got a chance i drove over there and began rebuilding the fuel pump. its just her and brad (dad) and he travels internationaly alot. she was bored and came out and was bullshitting and we ended up talking more than i was working so we went inside and watched some tv. we were scrolling through the menu and orgasmo was on so i said we should watch it. im the kinda person that cant stop making comments about things like that, so we started talking about sex. well after a little bit she said around her 25th, aniversary last september she started feeling like she wasnt sexy. i told her i though for 45 she looked really good. she commented that i too had a nice body, she couldnt help but notice on christmas. she asked me if i would objectivly look at her in her underware and tell her what i really thought since she cant turn brad on. i told her i didnt know i was a little uncomfortable. she told me that she just wants to know what a 20 year old thinks and it would mean alot to her. so she took her clothes off and i looked her up and down while still sitting on the couch. she came over to me and said take a closer look, do you think that my ass is too big and i said no. i mean shes 45 5'5 135lbs 34c i thought that she was hot and the larger ass added character. so she turned back around and leaned in to me and asked about her tits and if they were to small, while wearing a vikkys secret push up. hmm... i said they were nicer than her daughters that are 24yo and a 34b, since im a tit guy and size matters! she reached behind her back, took her bra off and straddled me. we started kissing. it became more passionate so i carried her in to the master bedroom and laid her on the bed. i kissed down her body and took her thong off. i kissed her thighs for a minute and she pulled my head in to her wet dripping pussy. i ate her raw for atleast 10 minutes then she rolled me over and sat on my face jerking my cock. soon after she started sucking it and grinding her clit on my tounge. she said she couldnt wait to feel me inside her as she has tought about it on and off since that morning. she saddled up, we started kissing again, and before you knew it an hour had gone by. i knew before she said anything that she had her tubes tied after her second daughter (not the mrs) but she mentioned it and told me she wanted me to fuck her like i fuck becka. i got her on all fours and railed her cunt so hard she could hardly gasp for her next breath. i filled her up with my warm thick cum and told her since she wanted it like her daughter she needed to suck the cum off my cock. after she was done cleaning me up we got in to her jacuzzi bath and soaked for a while still playing with each other and kissing. after the bath i called the wife and told her i would be out at the shop for a while and would stay at my friends house. when we woke up the next morning i felt strange but didnt show it. it was weird waking up to a wife, not mine but someones. she reached under the blankets and grabbed my cock and started kissing me agian. we fucked through the morning then i left. she said she wants to do it again some time but i dont know how i feel so ill keep you posted. it was the greatest sex ive had, this coming from a guy that lost his virginity to the baby sitter at 10 and never stopped after that. by the way im 20 about to turn 21 in march and just got married in october
Poster: Gene