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Sweet dare


Long trips home!! Part (1)
For the last few years me and a great friend Roosevelt had been making regular trips to Atlanta to attend both Braves and Falcons games. Since it is close to a two hour drive we always had a lot to talk about and most of the time it centered around women. About the only thing that seemed off limits was my wife as Roosevelt was divorced and surprisingly in his detailed conversations he never mentioned my wife.

Finally one night I was driving and he started talking about lady we knew and he started talking about how awesome her tits were. I agreed with him and kept the banter lively. Finally as it began to slow down I asked what he thought of Lyssa's tits. Caught him by surprise and he said your Lyssa's tits. I laughed and said yea. Roosevelt said they are awesome but they are also off limits. I asked why he thought they were off limits and he said because she is your wife. So I left it alone after saying but she does have some awesome tits Roosevelt.

A couple weeks later we went to another game and since he was driving not much was said until we got out of traffic but once headed south Roosevelt said so did you mention to Lyssa that we were talking about her titties? I laughed and said as a matter of fact I did. He was very talkative now with the no way and things but quickly wanted to know what she said. I told him the truth and said she told me surely we had more exciting things to talk about than her tits. Roosevelt said oh her tits are more worth talking about than anything else. But it fizzled out and we drove on home. A couple weeks went by and we went to a Sunday game that had us going home with daylight still out. Of course Roosevelt asked had any more been said between us and I told him not recently.

I waited a few minutes and then stuck my hand in the center console and handed Roosevelt a envelope. He asked me what this was and I told him just look and see and he pulled about ten to twelve pictures and I had arranged them where the first two was of her in a bathing suit but the third was her in a bra and then the rest were of her topless. He got all excited and said man she would kill us both if she knew you let me see these. I told him no and that she knew I brought them and she knew I was going to show them to you. He went on and on about her knowing but then started talking about how nice her tits were. He probably flipped through them ten times or more. He finally put them back in the envelope and handed it to me and said man she is hot. I held them for a minute and then said you want to see some more pictures I have and he said oh yes please.

I dropped them in the console and took out another envelope and handed it to him. I also had arranged these and the first couple was a couple more topless pics and then full body shots of her in panties from the front and back. Then the next few were her laying on her tummy with no panties on showing her butt off and then a few of her full body from the front completely naked. He went on and on about how good she looked naked. Roosevelt is a few years older than me and he is a black guy that is in good shape and I was enjoying letting him see these pictures of her. For nearly the next hour he flipped through the pictures until we pulled into his driveway before handing them back to me. Before he got out of the truck he apologized for not having any of his ex wife Vonda but said she would never let him take pictures. I told him all was good.

As soon as I walked in the door she wanted to know if I let him see the pictures and once I told her I had she wanted to know about what he thought of them. I told all that was said and by the time I had told her everything she had gotten pretty worked up and was ready for me to play with her. We started messing around and she asked me did I want to take some more daring to show him on our next trip. I just said that sounds like fun and kept messing with her. She finally said well lets go ahead and do it now. So she started posing and was asking what Roosevelt liked best. I told her he liked all of her and whatever she wanted him to see then I would take them. She really surprised me as she laid back and posed and quickly got to posing with her legs open to posing on her hands and knees with me taking pictures from behind that showed a lot.

We finished up and she wanted to look at them with me and have me delete any she did not like. She ended up deleting two that she said was not flattering. But left the wide open shots for me to show Roosevelt. We finished up and as we laid in bed she asked when we were going again and I told her would be a few weeks. She acted bummed about that and said maybe you and Roosevelt need to take a ride somewhere tomorrow. I laughed and said hell why don't I just run over to his place now and let him see them. She said okay that is fine with me. As I started to leave she kissed me and said I want to know everything he says okay. H e was surprised to see me and asked me what was up. I held up the I-pad and said we just took a bunch of pictures and I thought you might want to see them. This brought a oh good god yes.

I opened the I-pad and handed it to him and hit the photo button. He started slowly looking at each picture and making comments mostly talking about how brave she had gotten and she was really showing a lot. He then said and Lyssa knows you are showing them to me and I let him know that she encouraged me to bring them on over today. I had been there a while when I got a text from her asking how it was going. I sent one back saying he was loving them and added that Roosevelt said he wanted to see these poses live (nothing had been said by him) She quickly answered back that he did not say that. We bantered back and forth and then she did not text for a few minutes until I got one from her that said "I don't care if he comes over if you are okay with it". I just answered I would see. She quickly texted back with let me know soon where I can take a quick bath.

I let him finish up looking at them and he said man them are great but dam they have got me worked up and said he might be having to call somebody for a booty call before the night was over. We both laughed and said hell man why don't you come over to our place for a little while. He said now you are trying to kill me and added seeing her in person after seeing them pictures will drive me crazy. But he quickly asked what would she say if he showed up with me. I showed him her last text and said she is the one doing the inviting. He said hell yeah I would love to come over. I went ahead and told him I had to let her know where she could take a quick bath. Roosevelt said I probably need to do that myself if you don't mind. I laughed to myself that my wife was taking bath because my good friend was coming over and now my good friend was taking a bath because he is going to my house.

Told him no to go ahead and then sent her a text to tell her we were coming and even told her Roosevelt was also taking a bath. She sent a smiley face and said okay me too. Roosevelt came out of the bathroom in tight boxers and no shirt. I had never seen Roosevelt undressed but in these tight boxers you could tell he had a whole lot going on down below. He came back a few minutes later in a polo and khaki shorts. Asked did he want me to follow him but I told him to just ride with me and I would bring him home. We got in the truck and he asked did I mind if he looked at the pictures again so I handed it to him and he carefully looked at each picture. He closed it up and set it on the seat and then said not sure how to say this but since you have let me see some very sexy pictures of her and since she wanted me to see them he was just wondering is there any chance I would let something happen. He then went on that he had heard about guys that liked their wife's to do that sort of thing but he did not want o get to our house and act like a fool.

I told him it was all good with me but the decision to do anything was one hundred percent her decision. But added do I think she wants to do something then I would have to answer yes I do think she does. He said and you are sure you would be okay with something happening. I again told him yes. He then asked had we ever did anything like this before and I had to tell him the truth and tell him yes we have.
Poster: Greg K