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Sweet dare


Long trips home!! Final
Me and Roosevelt sat in the truck discussing things before we went in the house and I pretty much told him there was a very good chance something would happen with her.

When we got in she was still not in the front part of the house so I went toward our bedroom and she was sitting at her dressing table and was brushing her hair. She immediately asked did Roosevelt come with me to which I replied yes. She then asked what was said or what did I tell him. I went over what we talked about and then finished up that me and him had a talk in the truck before coming in and he is very aware that something may happen between the two of you. She then wanted to know if he liked the pictures and I told her very much. She then stuck her feet out and asked di she shave her legs good. I ran my hand up and down them and said yes you did a great job. I then asked did she shave anything else and she smiled and said I trimmed and then stood up and slid her panties down to mid thigh and let me see.

She wanted to know how she should dress and I just told her she looks great in everything and to dress the way she wants to. She smiled and said she was probably going to end up with nothing on so maybe that's the way she should come out. (she had done made her mind up that Roosevelt was going to have her tonight) I told her that was up to her how she came out and she shooed me on and said I will surprise you. So I rejoined Roosevelt and he asked was everything okay and was she good with him being here. I told him all was good and that she was getting dressed and was anxious to see him. She kept us waiting for a little while and then came in behind us and into the kitchen and stuck her head around the corner and warmly greeted Roosevelt and asked did we want anything. Took her time in the kitchen but finally came into the den where we were.

She had worn a silk top and some silk lounging shorts that were a light green in color and was bare footed. This was the type of outfit that you do not wear a bra with and that was pretty evident and I was hoping that she had left the panties off as well but could not tell that yet. She walked over to the chair and reached out for Roosevelt to give him a hug and mentioned she had not saw him in a while but he still was the same handsome devil that she saw last. He gave her the same spill but told her she was as beautiful as she always is. Roosevelt sat back down in the chair which was not the best spot as the couch and loveseat was off to each side of him. So she stood in front of us talking to the both of us and catching up with Roosevelt.

Finally Roosevelt said to her that he really appreciated her allowing him to look at our private pictures and that they were awesome. She told him he was welcome and smiled and said did he tell you a lot of them was from today. He picked right up with this and said yea Greg told me that you were posing for me. Of course she told a big lie and said well I was just posing and I had no idea that he was going to show them to you. I left it alone since Roosevelt already knew different. He then told her if we ever needed a photographer to take some of us together that he would be more than happy to do that for us. She smiled and said we may take you up on that someday. Just from looking at Roosevelt I could tell he was so nervous he was on the verge of shaking. She also noticed this and told him no need for you to be nervous and laughed and said I am the one that posed for the naked pictures.

She finally said okay I am sorry but I have to go out on the patio and smoke a cigarette and asked did we want to go with us. Our backyard is totally enclosed so we could not be seen. She smoked the cigarette and we kept talking and as she sat on a deck chair she raised up and tucker her feet up under her. Great move as this confirmed no panties. Me and Roosevelt was leaning against the deck railing so he had the exact same view I had. She moved around as she talked to us and kept tucking and untucking her feet under her. I then spoke up and said I don't want to be in them but is it okay if I get the I-pad and let Roosevelt take a few pictures of you sitting out here and she responded that it was okay with her.

He started clicking off one picture after another and at one point told her to let her leg drop down some which she did. This allowed the view up the leg of the shorts to get much better. She then got up and stood over by the railing and let him take some more. I then told him to hand me the I-pad and get up there and let me take a few of the two of them. So Roosevelt stood up and put his arm around her and I started clicking away. I then started posing them and told them to turn toward each other and for Roosevelt to put his hands on her hips. I then told her to straddle his leg and move in close. After taking a few like this I told her to turn her back to him and told Roosevelt to put his arms around her and let them drop right below her belly button. I did notice as I took them he had the back of his hands against her and was pulling her butt back against his crotch as I took a few like that. I then told her to bend over with her hands on the deck chair and push her butt back against Roosevelt. There was no doubt that he was pushed right up against the crack of her butt like this.

She then stopped and wanted to see the pictures I had taken so the three of us stood there and looked at them. It had now gotten pretty dark outside and she mentioned that we needed to go back inside. Once inside she was like a woman possessed as she started directing me on what pictures to take. She went over to Roosevelt and pulled his shirt out of his khakis and pushed it up as I took a couple of pictures of her running her hands through his chest hair. Roosevelt got very nervous again and she calmed him down telling him there was nothing to be nervous about and even told him that we could stop taking pictures. He did not want this to happen and told her so. She replied good because she was having fun. She moved back towards him but off to his side and she mashed her tits up against his arm and raised up on her tip toes and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Roosevelt put his arm around her mid section and asked would it be okay if he kissed her. She said sure. So there was quick kiss on the lips and then a second kiss that was a lot longer. She again got up on her tip toes again and put her hand up behind his neck and pulled his face to hers and they got into a real kiss complete with intertwined tongues. I clicked a couple of quick pictures and she stopped long enough to say not right now. She turned back to him and she lifted at his shirt and asked could she take it off. He quickly helped her out with that. She told him he had a nice chest and then patted him on the belly and said no beer gut. This gave him his lead in as she pulled on her top and pulled it up right above her tits and said no where as near as nice as yours sweetie. She thanked him and then asked would he like for her to take her top off also. Roosevelt told her yes please.

He again pulled her to him and her tits were now pressed against his chest as they kissed again. She told him he was a very good kisser. They talked for a minute and then he brought his hand up and cupped her tits and started playing with her nipples. She asked would he like to sit down on the couch so they backed up and sat down and went right back to what they were doing. Once on the couch it did not take but a minute for him to work his mouth down her neck and start sucking on her nipples. She still had her hand on the back of his neck and was moving him around just like she wanted him. I was watching and enjoying this very much Not as quite as much as she was but it was hot.

I noticed Roosevelts hand drop down to her upper thigh and stayed there a second before it started moving up the inside of her leg. I had a perfect view where I was sitting and noticed that he never took his mouth off her nipples this whole time but had opened her legs up for him as wide as she could get them. Roosevelts hand was nearly completely inside her bottoms and from the looks on her face he was hitting all the right spots. But she did have other plans and stopped him for a minute and got him to stand up in front of her. She undid his khakis and slid them down and took them off of him and then she sat back up and rubbed her hand across the front of his boxers and just said oh my. I am pretty sure that Roosevelt had not even thought this far ahead and again got a little nervous. But she wanted to calm his nerves and reached up with both her hands and put them in the sides of his boxers and the looked up at him and asked was this okay.

Roosevelt told him yes she could. She pulled them down and as soon as she did he just popped out and he was packing a whole lot in those boxers and my first thought was she is going to really enjoy this. She quickly looked up at him again and said oh my god Roosevelt and then added you are not even completely hard yet. She took his boxers the rest of the way off and then sat back up and again took a full handful and squeezed him. She then leaned forward and kissed it and then licked the head she then licked the head four or five times and bent forward and took a couple inches in her mouth and did this a couple of times before taking all she could get in her mouth and started sucking him. She is good at this so I knew he was enjoying it. She was not sitting on the edge of the couch with Roosevelt in her mouth and had her hands wrapped around him and on his butt.

She did this for a while and once she slowed up Roosevelt reached for her hand to help her stand up and he told her I have wanted to see you naked for a long time. He then slid her shorts off and let her step out of them and before he stood back up he gave her a kiss on her mound. He then stood up and took her hand in his and turned her completely around getting a good look at all of her. He told her she looked exactly how he always imagined she would. She laughed and said Roosevelt I am sure you have seen quite a few women naked and he said no not that many and then added he had never seen a white lady naked except in pictures. She laughed and said well you have seen a lot of pictures. Roosevelt said pictures do not do you any justice.

He looked a little more at her and then pulled her to him to kiss her again but this time he kissed her with very active wandering hands. He wrapped his hands around her and grabbed her by the butt and pulled him as close as he could get her. When he did this I noticed that she started grinding against him. They are very closes to the same height so I knew exactly what she was grinding against. Roosevelt then broke the kiss and took her by the hand again and turned her with her butt pressed against his crotch only this time his hands went straight down and was using a finger on her and pulled her back with her butt now grinding against him. No doubt about it he was driving her crazy. She finally broke away from him and reached out and took his hand and said lest go to the spare bedroom and took off down the hall with him.

Once to the bedroom it seemed the nervousness was now gone and Roosevelt said before we go any further I need to know what the limits are and what I can and can not do. She was so horny at this point but she stopped and said no limits but if you do something I don't want you to do I will let you know. She then asked did he have any and he responded none at all. They were way past the kissing and making out point at this time and he physically picked her up and laid her in the middle of the bed and then moved up between her legs and as he started moving forward she reached between them and guided him in. Not sure if it had been a while or what but it started really working her over and she had her feet wrapped around him and she seemed she could not pull him in deep enough. A lot of her playing I know she does for my benefit but there was no doubt in my mind she wanted this one. My thoughts after a while was how long could he go but I found out a lot longer than I ever imagined.

She told me later that she came several times just from them having sex. Sometimes around midnight things started slowing down and she cleaned up Roosevelt and herself and went to the den and got his boxers and then got her a new pair of panties on. We walked back to the den with him in boxers and her in a pair of panties and we sat and talked for a long time. Sometimes close to two in the morning he said I hate to have to ask but I really need to be going. He then stood up and reached for his khakis and shirt and started to pull his shirt on when she stopped him and told him she needed a good bye kiss and hug. So he put his arms around her and pulled her close and they kissed pretty passionately a couple of times and marked the end to a great night
Poster: Greg K