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Sweet dare


Personal strip show suprise
Its that time of the year again and Zel asks, what do you want for your 40th birthday, Babes. It’s the big 40. Well how about a nice strip show like you gave me a few years back. That was really nice. Focus now perv, what can I buy you, she insisted.
The day arrives and she says that she has organized a table for us and a few of my best mates at Teasers. Teasers I say, yes Teasers. The last time I took you there I had such a nice time so I’m going to spoil you and your mates to a memorable evening. I booked a table for us all.

We all arrive at about 20h00 at the Durban Teasers. Things are rather packed. We pay our dues and get shown to a reserved table next to the stage. She was really going all out for me to have a good view of the girls, I see. Our mates arrive and not one with their partners, such prudes. There loss Zel says to them. They are really excited to be there without the wives, now they can have a good time. Drinks start arriving with shooters being bought at a rapid rate. The DJ announces that Natasha will be dancing. He gets up on stage and gives us a great show. Looks like the party has begun. I ask Zel if I can choose the first table dance and she gives me a wink. I choose an older girl who has a nice set of boobs. She gets on the table and gives us really nice dance with the pussy just inches from my face, wow that was a turn on especially with my wife next to me look at the same pussy. She pulls my head between her tits and wow its good, she does the same to my wife, takes my wife hands and places them on her tits and asks her to have a good feel, nice she says. Never felt another woman’s tits before. I pay her the dues with my money in my mouth and pass it to her into her crotch. Mmmmm. She gives me a kiss and turns to my wife and gives her a long kiss. That’s for being so brave, she winks at her. What was that all about I say. I thinks she has the hots for me, Zel says with a grin…..

12h00 arrives with much fun being had. Zel excuses herself and says she is organizing something special with the manager, so off she goes. Probably a cake I think and happy birthday songs, so embarrassing. The DJ makes and announcement: gentleman, we have a special dancer for you all today. Her name is Zellie and she is not a dancer but the wife of a man in the audience who is having his 40th with us tonight. Cheers erupt with wolf calls and whistles. Music comes on, it’s a song I remember called “I touch myself”, the same song my wife used to give me a strip some years ago. This is my wife, I think. I still haven’t clicked what is happening and out comes my wife dresses in a very revealing white see-through top with some very tight stretch pants. She has the lovely camels toe showing and I’m not the only one to notice this either. I was thinking she was going to strut around a bit and that’s it. No, she starts to gyrate around the stripper’s pole and starts to remove her clothes, piece by piece. The top comes off and no bra at all. Wow baby, I say to myself. The next is the shorts, which she slides off slowly and also no panties. Wow baby, I’m just staring at her in disbelief. I turn and looking at the audience who are going crazy with support. She is now totally naked and walks over to our table where all my mates can’t believe what is happening. She stands on our table and kneels down in front of me, spreading her legs for me to have a good look at her sweet spot. The mates have moved behind me to also have a good look, silence from them as the perv at her pussy. She starts to play with her really large tits and starts to diddle her pussy lips to turn me on. What a tease I think and so brave. She lies on her back, spreads her legs for all to admire, turning directions and placing her legs on my mate’s shoulders to give him a good look at her pussy, like that Jono, she says. He just blushes and nods. Nice!!!
She gets back on the stage to do her second song and does a great pole scene with the pussy been shown to all to see. The guys can’t keep there eyes off her and she is loving the moment.
Her song comes to and end with cheers from all the guys. The DJ comments, wow girl that was great, hope your hubby enjoyed it as much as we all did. Let our wives note, this is a party surprise we like. Zel collects her clothes and walks off stage where I meet her to give her a big kiss and a very tight hug. Thanks baby that was the best birthday present ever. She walks with me to the table but as she is walking through the crowd which is hectic now, guys are hugging her and getting a good feel of her ass, well done they all say. The other strippers are really enjoying it as they were part of training her over the last few days. They are so proud of her.
She gets to the table and the guys give her a hug one at a time. Babes why don’t you go get dresses and we can have a drink. No babes, I like being naked with all the guys looking at me. She gets onto her stool and we have a celebratory shooter to her performance. She was quite happy to sit there in the nick for everyone to admire, guys were walking past having a good look, giving hugs and a pat on the ass. So, what did you guys think, she asks my mates, but they are speechless, just grins. Maybe I must chat to your wives to organize something for your birthdays. No not at all, I don’t want my wife on stage for everyone to perv over, they say. So, you like looking but not sharing. It’s the most exhilarating thing a girl can do in her life, she says.
The drive home was I must say an experience as well, hell was she wet from that experience……..
Poster: Gavin