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Sweet dare


Polo weekend
My wife and I are invited by a friend to join them at a polo tournament in PE. We do not play polo ourselves but my wife has this think about Polo Players, must be Jilly Cooper thing. There is a lot of activity as they prepare for the tournament. My wife Zel is really excited about the day and dressed rather sexy to show off her assets. She is well endowed with a rack of 38DD’s which are real crowd pullers. Her top is low cut and has a really sexy bra which keeps her boob’s rather firm. She is also wearing a short mini skirt which she has always loved to wear as she gets some nice attention when she does.
The tournament gets going and in full swing. Zel is helping out behind the bar getting drinks to the spectators and the players as they finish their game. The bar is always busy as guys are coming in and out for refreshments. Zel comments- rather yummy guys today Babes. Hi, the one player says to Zel. Could I have a rock shandy please, he says to Zel. Sure, how are you guys doing our there, she says. Not to bad. I’m Zel my wife introduces herself. Oh sorry, my name is Richard, I’m the captain of the touring Argentinian team. She starts to flirt with him while I’m serving the rest. You have a customer looking for a drink Zel, I say to her as she is getting all wet chatting to this guy.
The tournaments come to an end at 17h00 and all the players flock to the pub after a hard day’s ride. The aroma is rather funky- a mix of sweat, hard ridden leather and horse sweat. Maybe this is what the women loved in the Jilly Cooper novels. The guys are crowded in the pub and really getting to enjoy the tournaments end. Zel excuses herself a ``heads of to the loo. As she passes through a room through the crowd of polo players, Zel get a feeling of lust and need, this makes her rather horny. She thinks back to the novel and gets some crazy ideas in her head.
She has a pee and washes her hands. She thinks to herself, how do I shock these guys to make the occasion memorable. She takes off her bra and panties and knows this will make a difference, especially with those nice tits of hers. She walks out with her bra and panties in hand and heads back to the pub. She get some enquiring looks! The place is packed and the guys are all discussing there days play with mates and opposition team members. As Zel enters the pub, heads turn and those who haven’t are given a firm elbow in the ribs. She walks in with confidence and knows her nipples are showing through her very thin t-shirt. She just loves the attention. She walks through the crowd and as she is working her way through she feels a hand sliding up her leg. She is firstly startled and lets it happen. She stops and lets the hand get to her wet pussy, she was anticipating this type of action, otherwise why take your panties off. The hand reaches her sweat spot and darts around her wet hole. It penetrates her pussy and she can feel this finger sliding into her private place. She looks around and sees Richard. Your naughty boy, she says glaring into his eyes, takes a moment to enjoy and move on. The crown are none the wiser.

She puts her panties on the bar top for all to admire. She is getting a lot of attention, the guys are really flirting with her, the news must have got around. The one team captain calls his team together and they move off to the changerooms. Where are they going, Zel asks one of the players. They are first on schedule to shower, we will see them shortly, he says. Just to keep some order in the process the guy comments. Richard comes up to the bar. Hi Zel, how about a tequila. How many do you want, just two. One for you and one for me. She has a shooter with him. He is a good looking guy, in his early 30 ‘s and well built. You’re a naughty boy she says sheepishly to him. He gives her a big smile. Zel looks at me and winks. I can see she wants to fuck this one. Zel and myself have this thing. If she sees someone she wants to fuck, I give her a Pass and visa versa. This looks like the one.
Richard excuses himself and calls his team together. Guys its our turn to the showers. They disappear. Zel sees this as an opportunity to satisfy her fantasy and curiosity and sneeks out. She goes to the shower’s door and peaks in to see if there is any action. One of the polo player grabs her from behind. Oh, so you’re a peeping tom, little old to be peeping on guys in the showers, he comments. I’ve always been curious of what happens in men’s showers, Zel explains. He opens the door and takes her in with him. The guys are getting undresses and some are already showering. These aren’t the shower cubicle we all know with partitions, but the school type where it’s all in one. Guys he shouts out, I have found this lady outside peeping into the showers. What do you think we should do with her? Richard pipes up. Bring her in to join us, if she is so curious. Zel thinks, well this is how it plays out in the novel, lets do it. She strips off her mini skirt and t-shirt to stand buck naked in front of the 12 young men. The guys look on in amazement, wow nice tits, girl. She walks to the showers and meets with Richard. What are you doing here, this could get out of hand you know, Richard comments with concern. Well I thought I would live out a fantasy that I have roleplayed with my hubby and now its going to come true.
She sees that Richard is now rock hard and happy to see her. Not to mention the rest of the team who are all rather sheepish with Bonners in full extension. Zel goes down and grabs his erect penis in her hands. She starts stroking his cock as all his team mates watch in amazement. They are all having a good look at her really swollen pussy from behind as she is bent over playing with Richard. She puts Richards cock in her mouth and starts to suck it like she hasn’t had cock for years. She feels a cock sliding into her womanhood. She groans with acceptance. Its makes her more eager to take Richards cock into her mouth. She is loving the attention. A few guys start fondling her large tits. Wow these are nice, they say to each other. Wish my woman had tits like these. Richard is having a great time having his cock sucked and Zel is enjoying her pussy being filled by a stranger’s large cock. Its not long and he shoots his load into her wet pussy. His body quivers with pleasure. Hell, that was some tight pussy, he comments. Zel squats and releases the cum in her pussy onto the shower floor. She wants more!!!!
She takes Richard by the hand and moves him to the bench where she places a towel over it, lies on her back and pulls Richard onto her wet body. They kiss briefly as she takes his hard cock and directs it into her wet hole. He thrust into her eagerly. She gasps for breath as he starts pounding her pussy. Looks like you need that pussy, she says to Richard. He just nods with approval. Its been a long tour. They fuck each other for a few minutes and he pull out of her inviting pussy and takes his cock to her face where he releases his load. Zel takes it in her mouth as it gushes, stroke after stroke he pumps his load into her mouth. She smiles a swallow. Wow, that was a lot of cum, boy. You were great, he says to her. Zel gets up and joins the guys in the shower. She goes up to the guys in the shower, they are eager for her wet pussy, takes a couple of cocks in hand and proceeds to play with them. The boys take turns to pound at her pussy, like real gentlemen. She cleans herself up and gets out of the shower and dries herself of. Naked she stands there for all to admire as they take pics for future use. She gets dressed, still no panties or bra. I hope you guys enjoyed the show as much as I did and proceeds to walk out as if nothing had happened.
Zel walks into the bar and everyone turns around and looks at her with her wet hair. She gives them a large smile and wades through the crowd back to her place at the bar.
The guys are getting really rowdy as they have a few beers. Who’s for shooters guys, Zel shouts. Cheers erupt in acceptance. The shooters are sponsored by the organisers so enjoy. Body shots, body shots, the guys shout looking directly at Zel. OK, then Zel agrees, I’ll be the body. She has two guys help her onto the bar. She stands there and waves at everyone. Show us your tits, one guy shouts, well why not, she thinks. She slowly starts to remove her top with some howls and cheer. She throws her shirt to him. She lays herself down on the counter with her large boobs firm and nipples erect. I take the first shooter and place it between her boobs which holds the shooter rather snugly. I place a lemon slice in her mouth and some salt in her navel. I shoot out, I think the winning Captain should have the honour of the first shot. Richard steps up and everyone cheers. He comes up next to Zel and licks the salt out of her navel, heads up to her well-rounded boobs and gets in there to grasp the tequila with his teeth and takes a swig. He proceeds to her mouth where he gives her a passionate kiss and grabs the lemon. His team mates cheer. What is this wife of mine up to tonight and why is her hair wet, I wonder. Looks like I’m missing something here. The guys proceed to take their shooters and have a good feel of my wife’s firm tits. As this is happening a fair crowd has gathered at the bar end and I’m wondering what the attraction is, I take a look as see they are have a good look at my wife’s pussy. Zel, no panties again!!!!! It looks like something is oozing out of her. I’m puzzled. Why does she not have panties on? The guys continue to have a good look. Enjoy boys, that is mine tonight, I say with a large smile.
The excitement subsides and more beers are ordered. Richard comes up to me at the bar. You have been real fun today. How would you like to take a ride with me on my horse, won’t be long. Zel looks at me for approval? Richard also looks at me and says, would you mind. Zel looks at me with a need to do this. OK I say, have fun, you deserve it. She really shagged me well this morning. Enjoy babes.

Richard gets his horse. The saddle has been removed already. The walk around the corner of the club and her tells her to take her cloths off. She looks at him puzzled, but does as he instructs. Zel stands there naked and vulnerable. He proceeds to remove his own clothes. His manhood erects and wanting. Looks like someone needs some more of my pussy. He takes her hand and helps her onto the horse, but backwards, she is confused. He pulls himself onto the horse with ease. He asks her to hold onto him. She pulls herself closer until their bodies meet. She can feel his cock which is pressing against her stomach. She thinks to herself, looks like he wants to fuck me as we ride. Zel manouvers her wet pussy onto his cock and puts her arms around his body, hugging him tightly. She feels a sense of safety. He gives the horse a jab with his heals and off they go at a trot. What a feeling this is as the horse trots his cock trusts deeper into her pussy. The feeling is absolutely amazing. It is not long and Zel erupts into orgasm. This organism is nothing she has ever experienced in her life. As they ride she has another orgasm as his cock is just in the perfect place. Richard is not far behind and he ejaculates into her wet pussy. They hold each other and enjoy the moment. This is a feeling she will never forget. I have always wanted to do this with my girlfriend, he says to Zel, but she is a bit of a prude. They trot off and enjoy the time together.
I would never have thought that I would ever have experienced such sexual excitement and how great is it to live out a fantasy that I have read in Coopers novel. Every girl deserves an experience like this in her life, at least once, Zel thinks to herself.
Poster: Gavin