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Sweet dare


After the game!
After the playing with Roosevelt we had not been able to get back together again for a couple of weeks. She wanted to for sure but we could not work out the details. So this past Thursday we were joining our group and going to the wing place to watch the Falcons game.

I got home and got changed and was getting ready to head out when she caught me at the door to kiss me and to tell me to have fun. After the kiss she asked did I think there was any chance that I could talk Roosevelt to come home with me when the game was over. I told her that the game would not be over till midnight or later. She replied that would be fine with her. So I handed her my phone and said call and ask him. I got a quick you cant just ask him when you get there.

Told her if she wanted him to come over then she needs to ask him. So she called him and told him she wanted to call and tell him for us to have fun watching the game and also to see if he wanted to come to the house after the game was over. Not sure what his reply was but she told him she would make it worth his while. She seemed to now be trying to talk him into it as she told him that she would make sure things would not be drawn out and that she would meet us at the kitchen door naked.

I was guessing that Roosevelt was giving her reasons as to why it was just too late. She finally asked what did she have to do to change his mind. Again not hearing his end of the conversation but she said when and then said hold on a second. She covered the phone and gave me a big smile and said Roosevelt said he would come home with you if I would let Lorenzo see me naked Saturday night at his house. I knew Lorenzo as he was a former neighbor of Roosevelt and was a few years older but a great guy.

I let her know it was up to her but did ask if she was willing to let Lorenzo fuck her because she knew it would happen. She put the phone back to her mouth and said just let him see me naked asking Roosevelt and then said deal. I headed to watch the game and at halftime we stepped outside and I made sure to tell him that she wanted him bad and she told me she had made a deal with him. He laughed and said I will not hold her to it. I quickly told him oh you have to hold her to it and told him it might lead to some fun. He was all ears and said you really think so. I told him if y'all get her horny there is no doubt something will happen.

The game was not the results we hoped for but finally headed home with Roosevelt following me with me pulling in the carport and him parking behind me in the driveway. We walked in the kitchen door and true to her word she was standing at the counter facing the door bare ass naked with her nipples hard as rocks. She smiled at Roosevelt and said I told you I would and gave me a quick kiss and then put her arms around Roosevelts neck and kissed him.

She broke the kiss and said you taste like beer. He laughed and said well in a few minutes that is not what you are going to be tasting. She said oh yea and just what will I be tasting then. We all laughed and he said what you wanted so bad tonight. So she reached down and unzipped his jeans and reached in and fished his cock out and bent over at the waist and gave it a lick and said yum that does taste much better. She raised back up and said lets go to the bedroom and let me have a better taste.

We headed to the bedroom and she wasted no time in getting his clothes off and then took a pillow off the bed and dropped it at his feet and got down on her knees in front of Roosevelt. She bent in and took him back in her mouth and started sucking him like a women possessed. She was taking as much as she could in her mouth and then would take it out and lick up and down the front and sides and then bent down and took one side and then the other in her mouth. Roosevelt told her that she was a wild one tonight and she was a horny little thing to. This went on for a good little while and she never slowed down. I was envious because she normally does not do the down below thing very often.

She finally slowed down a little and Roosevelt looked down at her and said wow maybe I should just call Lorenzo tonight. She looked up at him and smiled and said if you call him tonight honey he is probably going to do more than just see me naked and added that she would not mind that at all. He got into it with that and then said so if he came over you would give him some too and she looked back up and said I would take care of the both of you. Roosevelt said damn I wish it was not so late as a chance like this might not happen again. She reached her hand for him to help her up and when he did she kissed him and said you take care of me tonight and I might let Lorenzo do a little more than see me Saturday night.

Roosevelt lowered her down on the bed and took his hands and put them under her butt and pulled her to the edge and then stepped forward and slid right into her. He was giving it to her good and she was really into and enjoying it.Normally when she finishes up she will get up and clean the guy up with a warm wash cloth but she was so worn out that she just laid back on the bed with her legs still spread and I do not remember seeing her that wet in a long time. She did get up in time to see Roosevelt out and then ran her some bath water and soaked in the tub. She came to bed and started apologizing for in her words "being such a little sl** tonight". I just told her I hoped she was ready for Saturday night.
Poster: Greg K