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Sweet dare


I never imagined this could happen (Part 3,The MFM)
For those that have read Part 1 and 2 this story follows on from that. It is a true story, a word for word account of what happened. It isn't explicit really, but sexy non the less if you have read what things were like previously in my marriage. To sum up my wife is as straight as can be, had one prior boyfriend before we were married and wasn't too adventurous when it came to sex.
She was happy and had her reservations about doing even the smallest things, so this final story, even now blows me away that it actually happened.

Here we go!
My wife and Greg had maintained contact after he moved interstate. She didn't make a secret of it but also didn't advertise the fact that they chat online/text or speak on the phone from time to time.
I came home early one day from work.She was outside with a friend having a glass of wine. She looked concerned. I sat nearby and listened. It was her friend Jodie, the one person who knew about what had happened previously.
I watched thru a slit in the curtains as she had a cigarette (she never smokes normally) and listened.
This is what was said....
I really like him, i love love my husband but i really like Greg and would like to see more of him.
She replied, does he know?
Yes,and he is fine with it.But i don't want to have a lover if you know what i mean.
Why don't you just invite him up for a weekend, speak to your husband and see what he says?
OMG...I don't know...
Greg doesn't know that he knows and has known all along..
"Well thats up to you to fix!"

I had the biggest hard on imaginable!!!

I eventually made my entrance, sat down with them both and had a beer.

2 days passed before she approached me and said she had something she wanted to talk about.
I asked what it was.....
She paused and said, i was wondering if i can invite Brett to come stay with us for a weekend?
I said sure, no problem.
She said....But i want you here...
I said, ok!
She said im serious....I don't like secrets. i want him to know you know...
I said, ok well im fine with that, but thats up to you to tell him ok..

That night she went into the room.I hear her speaking to him, slightly muffled but enough. "Greg, he knows about us and is fine..Please don't freak out, he isn't angry.He is totally with it...
I want to see you...And when you come here you will see he is fine.
Later that night i got a text from him saying he was so sorry.He wouldn't blame me for wanting to kill him. I told him it was fine, and that G had told me all along about it. I told him to come up and stay for the weekend and he would see its ok.
He replied,Great...

2 weeks passed before G told me,he is coming this weekend.
I said awesome, the kids will be away for a few days with family so we could sort everything out.
That night i picked him up from the airport. He shook my hand,got in the car and i handed him a cold beer. i said relax! He said "Is this my last meal?"
We laughed and i said just trust me its ok.
We got home and G was cooking dinner.She met him at the door, they hugged and she kissed him on the lips..Just a second longer than friends would normally kiss!
We had dinners few drinks and then got into the pool as it was a warm night.
The drinks flowed and there was no talk about "it",so it seemed it was an unspoken thing now and water under the bridge.
I decided to test things, as G was acting totally like this was normal!
I swam under water and undid her bikini top and stole it in one swoop!
She screamed.Greg laughed and said oh no, now your in trouble!
She covered up a little, but didn't try too hard.
She then got her drink from the side of the pool, when she did so her tits were totally bared for us to see. She was loosening up.
She then said, its getting cold.Im going inside.
We finished our beers and went inside, the lights were dimmed and she had just gotten out of the shower. When she came out, we were both waiting for her.
She giggled and said "fuck"
And we laughed...
I led her over to the bed, her towel fell to the floor...
She said, i don't know if i can do this....
I said why?
She said, i don't know if ill be able to do it with both of you at the same time.
Greg said, no pressure, we will go slow...
He then started to kiss her...
We lowered her to the bed.I started sucking on her breasts while he kissed her mouth.We then had a tit each in our mouths.Her back was arched then and all inhibitions were no gone.
The room was in twilight, just enough for vision but not too bright.
Greg then made his way down to her pussy,which to my surprise was totally bald.
She normally had a little landing strip, but had obviously been to the beautician earlier in the day..Greg went down on her as i edged my way up the bed to her mouth.She then took me in her mouth,occasionally biting on me as he sucked on her clit.
This went on for a few minutes before she said her first words.
"Please fuck me"
Greg then moved up and pushed his cock into her. This was an unbelievable thing to see.I can't explain the vision, the feeling or the jealousy all in one. She moaned as he fucked her, really slowly.His cock was slightly bigger than mine from what i could tell.
We them moved into the spit-roast position. I lay on my backache took me in her mouth as he came in from behind.He fucked her really hard then and we got a rhythm up.
He was close to cumming and at that moment pulled out...
We then swapped.
It was an insane feeling, pushing inside of her wet pussy only seconds after my good mate had been in her.
She was definitely warmed up and felt looser than ever.
I fucked her hard and she then let out a gasp as she came, with him in her mouth...
She continued giving him head, until he let out a groan and came. He pulled out and shot his load across her tits, with some landing on her cheek.
I couldn't last any longer after seeing this and came inside her...

We then lay there, stomachs heaving!
It wasn't long before we all fell asleep.

During the night or early morning i could feel the bed moving slightly.
She was in the middle of us.She was on her back and he was, from what i could tell in the dark fucking her side on slowly.I guess to not wake me up..
I moved to her side and kissed her on the neck...
She reached down and felt i was hard and knew what was going on.
Then,another thing happened id never even contemplated...
She moved down the bed slightly.She had my cock in her hand, and edged it to her pussy. I had no idea what she was doing as Greg was already in there.Then i realised....
She said "I want you both"
I felt my cock sliding init was tight as i was on one side and he was on the other.
It wasn't going to work, and id seen a few videos in my time...
I then lifted her, and put on on top of Greg so they were both lying on their backs.He was underneath and rested her back on him.She grabbed his cock and put it inside her.I then came from in front of her.
I still wasn't sure if this would work, so i pushed slowly...
It worked.
Both of our cocks were slowly sliding in and out of her in unison.
We had to go slow, she was going to cum....She then let out a shriek and shuddered on us...
We just kept fucking her until i felt her pussy was saturated. Greg had cum and it was oozing out onto my cock,onto the sheets and everywhere..
That was enough for me..I shot the biggest load of my life inside her...

Again we collapsed, laughing but no words!

The next morning i woke.
Greg was next to me totally nude on his back.sound asleep.
I was lying on my back nude.
G was in the shower.
When she came back in the room, she had just a g-string on.Her hair was wet.
She slid up the bed and took Greg in her mouth.She knew i was awake and watching.
I just lay there getting hard as she sucked on him.It was torture but beautiful at the same time. He wanted her again, but she pushed him back down now that he was awake.
She sucked him until he got close, and then took her mouth off him and wanted him until he came, shooting cum over his chest and stomach..
He looked over at me and said "She is way too good at that!"
It was then my turn.WOW
She was going to make him watch now.I was kind of shy i guess, it was light now and i wasn't sure if i was comfortable with it but once she started i couldn't stop it.
He sat up on the bed watching as she sucked me off until she knew i was going to cum.She always knows!
Then i came, same as he did...

She then smiled and said...
Get cleaned up..
Lets go to the beach, and with that left the room...

It was only Saturday morning of a long weekend!

Just unbelievable!!!

hope whoever reads this gets as much enjoyment as i have by writing it.
Happy to reply to anyone who wants to know more!
Poster: Jay Charles