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Sweet dare


Party on, wife.
I first wrote back in July 18, 'Party wife gets fucked”, now this has happened.

I have often told my wife, Karen, that she was too hot to keep to one man. She is 6' without shoes, 36dd,25,37 and 28 years old. Light brown/blond, I call her a Viking maiden. In spite of two kids she has retained a flat belly with just a few marks.

I have not pushed for another event but this was worth the wait. We were out last Saturday night at an expensive hotel and club. It was a birthday bash for a friend's friend. Karen had on stockings and suspenders, matching her red lingerie, a tight short (on her) red skirt and a white open neck blouse which hung loose to show lots of boob from on centre angles.

We were sat near an out door heater and I hopefully brought up the party where she really let go.
Karen said she was nicely buzzed but don't push anything. As if...

Karen went for another dance round someone's hand bag, and a guy came over and sat down saying “You won't remember me, but I was at a party you attended a while back, I left when they took your wife to the bed room!”

One of the audience of three I presumed. We talked a little and of course he wanted to know if there was any chance of some kind of repeat. I could only tell him what my wife had told me. He said he was hoping, and wandered off.

A while later I went to the bar for another £6.25 pint and looked around for Karen. Of course, as I found out later, she had allowed a few drinks to be bought for her, at those prices who wouldn't?
Just as I turned round Karen appeared a few feet away, drink in hand. We went and sat at a side cubicle and chatted about the guys eyeing her up and chatting her up. I helped myself to a couple of kisses and a grope of upper thigh.

I needed to pee and said I could get another round in or we could call a taxi, her choice. Her eye lids were just a little droopy and she was rather flirty, a good sign she is 'ready'.

On my return I did a quick course change as the guy from the party was sitting with Karen, doing something under table and looking at her boobs, and she was letting him. Minutes later and another white, early forties maybe, thin guy sat on the other side of my wife. Very soon he looked to be busy under the table too.

About a minute after guy two started a good fumble in her blouse, Karen suddenly tilted her head back and let her jaw drop. I am sure I could see her shaking a little as well. Dirty cow had cum.

Fumble and grope continuing, an Oriental guy arrived and sat next to guy one. They swapped places a minute or two later, and number three took over under the table. Karen came again thirty seconds later.

Once my wife could stand up, number three straightened her clothes and all four left the cubicle. Number one looked right at me and winked with a nod, beckoning me to follow. He must have known I was watching all along.

At one end of the car park was a gate through to what I found out was staff rooms, for use on long nights like this on. Number three had a key to one with an easy chair, a table and two single beds.
Number one lifted Karen' s blouse over her head as we waited for the door, and began to unzip the skirt as we walked in. Karen seemed quite o.k with this.

Clothes bar the suspenders and stockings were thrown onto one bed, and Karen stood beside the other. Number one knelt and licked her hole while the other two took a breast each and molested them. Karen moaned and shook slightly.

Quite soon my sexy Viking woman was on her back and the Oriental guy was fucking her with what seemed an abnormally large cock for a far eastern. He slobbered over my wife's breasts and fucked her steadily for ages, making her cum twice.

With far eastern cum leaking from her sex, Karen welcomed number two as I thrust my hard on into her mouth, I couldn't tell if she knew or cared it was me.

I had just asked number one if he had set this up when there was a tap on the door. Number one opened it and a voice said, “Is where you've got the fuck slut then?” And number one let him and another in. He told them to wait for their turn and no pictures. I was glad of that.

I then just had to shoot in my wife's mouth, she swallowed half and half run down her cheek.

At this point Karen took a load in her twat from another stranger and number one took his turn.

The two late comers both had Karen the same way, and then everyone went round again, one cock came from between her tits and over her face, another two in her mouth with the rest keep her twat supplied. Karen came about a half dozen more times before everyone was done. All except number three then left, and he and I began a clean up. Luckily there was a small sink and a towel.

Next thing was to get my well fucked wife home. Fez, or number three, said he could drive us and went to fetch his car. I was thankful that only Karen' s underwear had been looted.

Once in the car Fez asked if it was straight home. Karen was dazed in the back and I asked what he meant. “She looks like she can take some cock,” He said, “I could find a bit more if you like?”

He explained and so, twenty odd minutes later, we pulled up at the back of a youth hostel where we were met by Allen, the night manager. He led us to a small outhouse with three flats in it, and let us into one. A single bed, table and chair with some drawers and a cheap rug was it. We left Karen' s clothes in the car for safety, and led her into the flat where three late teens (19 yrs) had arrived.

Karen looked at Fez as he led her to the bed and asked him what was going on, I don't think she knew I was on her other side. “These young men are going to shoot some cum into you're hot body just like those blokes earlier you dirty whore!” He whispered to her. She replied, “Oh' right.” And got on the bed on all fours.

The manager took her mouth while a blonde youth slipped into her still soaked pussy and began a no nonsense hard fuck of my wife.

The sight was tremendous, Karen' s double d tits were magnificent as they swung in the odd way to slap together, and she was taking the whole of a pretty good cock into her throat, a first I am certain. She choked a little when he shot his load but swallowed the lot. Amazing.

The blonde lad really gave her a good shagging before he came, and she came with him. A gangly ginger lad was behind her in a flash and rammed his cock into her arse. Not a favourite, Karen grunted and took it, while I had to fuck her mouth again or burst. We all came within the same minute, the youth, then me and Karen almost together.

The last youth, Indian or thereabouts, rolled my slut onto her back and fucked her tits for a minute or two, poking the head into her mouth now and then. He then backed up and threw her legs over his shoulder and rammed into her hole as hard as he could, making her “oof” loudly.

“Yes you fucking big whore,” he mumbled, “You love some young cock don't you. I bet you like lots and lots of cock you fucking slut. I see the ring on that finger, you unfaithful whore.”

Fez said nothing as the young man got louder, a sort of suppressed shout, and I just enjoyed seeing her dd chest bouncing around while being used by a never before seen youth.

“I ought to post pictures of you all over the net you fucking mattress,” He carried on. “Loads of blokes would wank over you, hey, maybe I could take you out one night and make lots of money letting men fuck you all over the place, I bet you'd love that, lots of strange cocks working your cunt over for money and shooting cum down your throat, you filthy whore bitch!”

With the last word he went rigid and fired his own load inside my wife and very nearly passed out, as did she. Apart from me, Karen was fucked or face fucked or tit fucked by everyone, before we finally headed home.

We had to let Fez drop us away from our house, and it was lucky it was only a little after five A.M. Or Karen would have made a great sight for the neighbours.

Recovered, Karen remembered little fine detail, and said she was in one long orgasm for most for the youth fuck. She likes the idea of young male cock, and admitted the dirty talk and the idea of being sent out whoring really got to her. But she says there will be no driving around whoring, but probably another gang bang.

Oh boy.
Poster: Ivan