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Sweet dare


Her first guy of color. Early playing days! (PART 1)
We were several years into playing and she was open to trying different guys and I was thinking she was enjoying it as much as I was. At the time she worked as a bank teller and I worked in a warehouse with seven other guys. We worked close to each other so most days she would come have lunch with me in the break room or when warm out at the picnic table.

She was still fairly young and beautiful woman so of course since she was the only wife or girlfriend that came around there was always a lot of playful flirting going on. Of course she loved it and many times in bed she would talk about how she would not mind doing so and so that I work with. She also admitted many times that by the time she went back to work she spent most of the afternoon with wet panties.

One night while messing around I asked why she never mentioned Lawrence when she told me about the guys. The first answer was Lawrence is just a kid (probably eighteen or nineteen at the time to her twenty eight). After some more conversation about Lawrence she finally came back with if I have not noticed yet he was also black so that put him off limits anyway. So of course I kept talking about why and she of course said that is just something we don't do.

I was kind of getting under her skin about it and knew when to drop it so I did. A few weeks later while we were outside eating lunch Lawrence joined us and everything said to her was yes maam and no maam and just being super polite. He made a impression on her because she brought him up that evening about how sweet he was. A couple days later I was working in the back of the warehouse with Lawrence and asked him about the wife and he went on and on about how nice she was and nice stuff. I laughed and said cool it with all the nice stuff and told I meant what he thought of her body.

He gave me a look and said man that's your wife and I cant say nothing about her body. I kept on at it and mentioned that she had small tits but has a super nice butt on her. He still did not say anything so it was getting close to lunch and I told him he should come out and eat with us again and if he got the chance to check out her butt. He did join us and was nice again. Later on when we went back to work he said man you are right she has got a great butt on her. I agreed and then said if you think it looks good in that skirt you should see it in a pair of panties or pair of tight shorts.

He said man I bet it does look good but added I will never get a chance to see that though. I left it alone but later in the day I told him he should stop by the house Saturday and she would probably be in shorts. He said man I cant just show up at your house. I told him he was my coworker and sure he could. Nothing else was said but the next day which was Friday he asked was I sure he could stop by. I told him yea to come by early afternoon.

He did come by and when I got up to let him in and she saw who it was and gave me this look. But sure enough she had on some tight white short jean shorts on. She when in to get us something to drink and Lawrence said oh man you were not lying her butt looks great in shorts. I laughed and told him it looks even better in panties. He laughed and said I will have to take your word because I am pretty sure she is not going to show me. A little while later she caught me coming through the house and grabbed me and asked what behind Lawrence coming by.

I told her he just stopped by but of course she did not believe that and said he stopped by for a reason. I laughed and said I told him if he came by he may get a chance to see your cute butt in a pair of tight shorts. She just smiled and said I was pretty sure it was something like that. I grabbed her and kissed her and told her and she did not disappoint me or him. She again smiled and said well I am glad I could entertain you and your coworker. I pulled her back to me and said oh you just gave us a nice view but if you wanted to entertain us I am sure we would love it.

She stepped back and said we discussed this already and I again left it alone and said oh yea I remember.
She came out and hung out on the back tailgate of my truck and we were all talking and laughing. She then brought up since it was so nice we should grill some burgers and told Lawrence to stay and have burgers with us. He accepted and me and him rode to the store to get what we needed. When we got back she had changed into a yellow top and pair of yellow shorts that were even tighter than the jeans shorts and they left no doubt that she had on a pair of bikini panties.

She made a couple thing to go with the burgers and when I came in to get cheese she asked was it okay that she changed. I told her oh yes. She smiled and said since you wanted to show my butt off I think these do a better job. I patted her butt and said yes they do and mentioned she should have skipped the bra. She put her hands up on her chest and told me she had thought about it but she has no boobs to show off. I told she had beautiful boobs and she should lose the bra. When me and Lawrence came in with the burgers the first thing I noticed was her little nipples poking out. We ate and got things cleaned up and she mentioned that her mom and dad was out of town and we should go use their pool.
Poster: Greg