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Sweet dare


What the hell am I doing - Part 2
Hi again,
This is part 2 of my story about what happened with Paul, who is my husband’s best friend. You will need to read my previous post for this to make any sense.

( the-hell-am-i-going)

So Paul and I had just had an incredible time in his living room and he was leading me upstairs to his bedroom for the night (this was my husband’s suggestion). When we got upstairs, I quickly popped into the bathroom to clean myself up a bit and remove my stockings and suspender belt. I crossed the landing and entered Paul’s room. He was lying naked on his bed and his cock was standing to full attention again. He invited me over to his bed and signalled for me to lie down next to him. He then said to me “Let’s take it more slowly this time. Until I say so, you just need to lie there and do nothing”. I quite like to take charge of things in bed, but I thought I will let him lead things for now.

Paul started gently caressing, kissing and blowing on me, all over my body. He was careful not to touch my breasts or my pussy at first. He started with my stomach and worked upwards around the edge of my breasts, then he moved on to my arms, then my neck and nibbled at my ear. It felt so good having my body sensually pampered in this way. He then moved back down again, he gently brushed against one of my breasts on the way down and I felt tingles all over me. I was loving the way he was teasing me. He moved down passed my stomach again. I felt his breath on my pussy as he was moving down to my thighs. I wanted him to stop there, but he continued with his tease. He gradually moved down one of my legs, kissing, stroking, caressing all the way down to my toes. He then gradually worked up my other leg. When he got higher again he moved to the inside of my thighs, I opened my legs up so that he could have full access to my thighs. He spent some time working his way up and down my thighs, each time going a little higher and getting a little closer. My whole body felt so relaxed, yet so stimulated. This all took about 30 minutes. I hadn’t had to lift a muscle. I only had to sit back and enjoy and relax.

He finally moved all the way up to the top of my leg and I felt his tongue gently push into my clit. My body shuddered all over at the immense pleasure of the feeling. He spent the next 20 minutes pleasuring my clit and pussy with his tongue and his fingers. Sometimes gently, sometimes more vigorously. It was so sensual. It felt like I had a sex slave whose only purpose was to pleasure me.

He moved his whole body on to me and between my legs. Once I again I could feel the top of his cock working its way between my wet and super sensitive lips. He eased his fully length and pushed hard and held it deep within me for a few seconds. Then he progressed to moving in and out sometimes gently, sometimes more firmly and then more and more he pushed harder. This was heaven. I didn’t have to do anything other than just lie there while is large hard cock gave me all the pleasure I could ask for. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. He was now pushing in so hard and so deep. There was a little pain, but that only increased how stimulated I was feeling. And then it happened, I let out a cry as an immense orgasm seemed to take control of my whole body. I gasped for breath at first as I could feel my pussy spasm and tighten around his cock. That immediately caused him to fill me with his hot semen once again. I could feel his cock trembling inside me as his cum was forced out deep inside me.

Once again we cuddled for a few minutes with him still deep inside. He rolled off me on to his back. I rolled on to his shoulder and we pulled the bed clothes up and he switched the lights out. I was so relaxed I fell asleep very quickly. It had been an incredible evening and night.

The next morning the alarm went off early. I planned to chuck my clothes on, have a quick coffee and then drive home, shower and then get to work. We didn’t say much but we cuddled and kissed for a bit. I got up, I was still naked. And then my heart skipped a beat as I heard the front door of his house open and shut. Paul looked at me said, “What’s wrong?” I said “Your housemates back from work and all my clothes are down stairs on the living room floor”. He said to put one of his tshirts on for now and I would be fine. So I picked out one I thought would be the longest. Paul tends to wear tight tshirts so he can show of his muscles. I checked in the mirror and it was just long enough to cover my butt and pussy, but I was going to have to be carefully how I sat or moved. It was quite clear I had not got a bra on and you could easily see where my nipples were. But I didn’t think it was too bad.

So I headed downstairs and into the kitchen to make some coffee. Paul’s housemate was already sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of tea. I felt very self-conscious about how little I was covered up and how obvious it was what had happened last night. I had met Greg (the housemate) 3 or 4 times in the past, but I didn’t really know him. I said good morning to him and he responded likewise. I could see his eyes working up and down me. I wished I was wearing more.

Paul then walked into the kitchen wearing a short robe. I was still facing Greg from saying morning to him. Paul cuddle up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. Okay so that was a little embarrassing but not too bad. He then moved both hands up on to my boobs. I pulled them down again and said “But Greg’s here!” Paul said “I’m sure he won’t mind” and moved them back up again on to my breasts. “That’s not what I meant!” I replied. Paul said “I know, just relax”. Greg couldn’t take his eyes of what Paul’s hands were doing to my boobs through the tshirt. I was in a dilemma as the one hand this was so out of my comfort zone but on the other what he was doing to my boobs and the feel of his strong body up against my back felt so good.
Paul moved one of his hands down until he started rubbing my clit area though my tshirt. It again felt so good. I said, “Shall we go back upstairs?” Paul said “No, here’s just fine”. As he was rubbing me, he was also slowly working the short tshirt up. I looked down just as, to my horror, my whole shaven pussy became visible to Greg. I was only a couple of feet way from Greg and as he was sitting down, my pussy was at his eye level. Everything was on show for him. I went to pull the tshirt down but Paul just pulled up a bit further. He now started to work my clit with his magic fingers. I thought, Greg has seen everything now, there is no point in trying to cover up now, besides it was feeling so good. Paul lifted the tshirt right up until my boobs were exposed. I noticed then that Greg’s hand was on his lap and playing with himself through his jeans.

Paul then undid his robe and I could feel his hard cock once again push into the small of my back. My inhibitions were disappearing quickly, which is as just as well. Paul turned me around and manoeuvred me to the kitchen table. He lifted me up and lay me on my back on the table, right in front of Greg. Paul then opened my legs up and was quickly inside me. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Out of all the things I had recently done, this seemed the most extreme. There was me, with my body exposed, lying down on a kitchen table, being fucked hard by my husband’s best friend, while his housemate watched while playing with himself. It was crazy, but it still felt so good.

Greg then stood up, undid his jeans and pulled out his cock. I have to say it was not that impressive. He stood right next to my head, while Paul continued to fuck me hard. Greg was vigorously playing with himself just a few inches away and too my massive shock, I suddenly felt his cum spray all over my face. It was in my hair, on my glasses and yes, a bit even went in my mouth. Straight after Paul emptied his load into me for the 3rd time.

That morning’s experience was nowhere near as satisfying for me as the night before. I am not saying it was a bad experience, but I probably would have probably chosen to do things a bit different.

I skipped the coffee, put my clothes on quick and left. It was complete chaos when I got home. (hubby is not very good at sorting the kids out in the morning). I just had to have a quick shower and get dressed, get the kids to school and rush to work. It seemed so strange when I sat down at my office desk. I was thinking none of the people sitting around me have a clue what I was doing last night and first thing this morning.

I was knackered when I got home that evening and fell asleep on the sofa and then went to bed early. Poor hubby had to wait until the next night to get all the details from me. He loved every second of my recounting of what had happened and we then had wonderful intimate sex.

Well, that was my 2nd adventure over. I get the impression there will be a few more in the future. I hope so.

Poster: Suzie