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MILF From New Rochelle Bagel Shop
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Party wife 5, wedding bash bang.

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Sweet dare


Naked Nature walk with friends
In my prior adventures I had told you about things that happened to me at work. Where our building is the is what is known as the walk way which is a 1.75 mile one way paved path long a creek that runs through the middle of our town. It has street type lights to light the path in the evening and at night but I was at work when one of the girls came over to my office and asked me if I would take a walk with her because she didn’t like to walk alone in the evening. We went over and parked at the far end as we were planning on walking the whole distance both ways. At the end of one side there is a very busy 4 lanes road that leads to the downtown at the other end it comes out from behind a bank with an ATM machine and the entrance/exit to our mall. We no sooner started walking and Dorothy said I dare you to walk naked with me. I asked what should we do with my clothes, she said just give them to me which I did. I asked her, what we are going to do if someone comes up behind us or is walking the opposite way in front of us. She just laughed and said we will have to see what happens. Well we walk about a mile and saw no one at all but then as we rounded the next turn we saw 3 people headed our direction. I asked her to give me back my shorts so I could be covered and she said I think it is 3 women and I want to see their reaction to you being naked. I asked again and she said if you don’t quit whining I will just throw your clothes down to the creek. So we kept walking and I could tell the women knew I was naked as they were walking very slowly now. Once we got up to them, Dorothy said hello ladies this is my friend Joe and as you can see he is naked. I invite all of you to spank him for being out here in public without any clothes on. They told me to bend over and grab my knees. Each of the 3 women gave me 20 swats a piece. They had me straighten up and face them and I had an erection. They all said you must like being spanked as you are as hard as can be. As she said it she grabbed a hold of my cock. She squeezed it and rubbed it and then so did the other women. They said they wanted to continue their walk and would see us on their way back through. So we started walking again toward the main road. The is a turn off that leads to a grocery store that if anyone was headed in or out would see me for sure. Dorothy kept telling me to keep going and not stop until I got to the edge of the road. I made it to the road but as soon as I turned around there was a car coming and saw me plan as day. There were a couple of guys in the car and they just went by and laughed at me. The walk back toward our car the other 1.75 miles was eventful until we met up with the ladies that already saw me. They were waiting by the gazebo at the halfway point but there is also various other things. It had rained the prior couple days so there was some standing water and all kinds of insects buzzing around. When we first started talking the women said in order for you to continue your walk I had to do a dare from each of them. The first woman said that she had been alone for a long time so much to my pleasure she dared me to fuck her right in front of the other women but I was not allowed to cum yet. She was soaking wet and after only a few minutes told me to pull out and the 2nd woman told me to eat her friend until she had an orgasm, which really didn’t take long. So the last of the women told me I had to squat over the standing water where there were mosquitos sitting on top of the water or flying around it. She said I want your cock and balls to get bit at least once each so you will have to be there for at least 5 minutes even if you get bit right away. She then found a stick and stirred the water, then let some drip off the stick onto my cock. Well this really made the mosquitoes mad and it didn’t take long for them to be landing on me and biting me. We guessed that I got bit around 8 times as they left red bumps on my cock and balls.
As we were getting up we had noticed that there were 4 people stopped on the walkway just far enough away that they could see everything. These 3 women told me they wanted to see me on the walkway again and that whenever they saw me I was to strip for them. (That is another story). We went our separate ways and Dorothy and I had to walk toward the people that were watching what had just happened. As it turned out it was 2 young couples and they told me that the show really had made them all horny. The 2 girls came over to me and played with my cock and had me put my hands down their shorts and they were very wet. I took my hands out and licked them off. They were both very turned on by me doing that as they both said their guys wouldn’t do oral. Then one of the girls took off her shorts and panties and asked if I wanted to taste her directly. I must have eaten her out for 10 minutes while everyone just watched. Her boyfriend then said if you got to lick my girlfriend then I want to see your girls really large breasts, Dorothy didn’t hesitate and lifted her shirt, she didn’t have a bra on to walk. Well after the show was over, we continued our walk and when we got to the end the mall had closed and there wasn’t any traffic. Dorothy then dared me to walk along the road for 100 steps the cross the road then come back up to where we were and cross back over. While I was walking a few cars ended up driving by me but no one stopped. I had mentioned there was a bank with an ATM at this end and as I was crossing back over and basically walking right toward the ATM a car had pulled in there and it’s headlights were right on me as I crossed the street. Once I got back across the car was moving towards me to go back on the main rode. The female drive stopped and motioned me over to her car for a closer look. She asked me why I was walking naked and then asked if I had seen the police car drive by. I had not noticed them and she said they must have had other things to take care of. She thanked me for the view and left. Dorothy and I continued to walk back to our cars. When we could see our cars we noticed that there was a police car parked beside them. Dorothy gave me back my clothes so it would appear that I was not naked at all. We made it to our cars and the police officer who was a male just asked us if we saw anyone walking around naked during our walk. I didn’t say anything and before Dorothy could answer the other (female) police officer got out of the car and came over to me and said that I fit the person’s description of who they saw. We didn’t answer quickly enough and the female cop said to me there is only one way to prove that it is not you. I asked what would that be and she said for me to take off my clothes. While I was walking near the roads I didn’t have an erection so when I stripped down in front of the officer I was a bit more excited and was fully erect when I was done. She then grabbed my cock and looked at the other officer and said this can’t be the one as he was described very differently. She then whispered to me that she knew it was me and that I had better do want she wanted and would be contacting me again soon. Now I know if I got caught today I would be headed to jail but the female cop told her partner, as long as he wasn’t hurting anyone we really don’t need to do anything here. She then picked up all of my clothes and told me that they would be dropping these off in the parking lot across the street and I needed to walk naked to get them. This was the first “Nature walk” I took but not the last.
Poster: crazyjoe1073