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Sweet dare


Stripped by
I have been trying to write my events in chronological order but I am going to skip ahead a few years for now. I had lost my position at the newspaper and bounced around a few other jobs until I had the opportunity to purchase a restaurant in town. When I bought the restaurant I kept the same employees there to see if they were good employees. Everything was uneventful for the first 6 months as no one knew about any of the past adventures with my sister, neighbors and former co-workers. It was mid-summer the first year I was there. I was in my mid 30’s and most of my help were females between 19-22. The day this happened it was very warm outside and early for it to be so warm; the landlord did not have the climate control checked for the AC to work. I told the girls to be as comfortable as possible. Christine who was my lead cook was wearing a thin tee-shirt and jogging shorts and nothing under them and had an apron on when she was cooking. Jenna was the waitress for the day wearing low rise jeans and a V-neck tee shirt, I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra but her nipples were not visible thru the tee-shirt. During the lunch rush I was helping out in the kitchen and pizza station and quite a few times when Jenna would bend over at the waist we got a very open view down her shirt and it was confirmed that she had on bra on. Several times when she bent over her low rise jeans got lower and you could see several inches of her butt sticky out the top of the jeans. Around 1pm as we were finished with our lunch rush. I was working on placing my food order on my computer and would occasionally have questions to ask Christine. Being that the kitchen was so hot she was out in the dining room watching TV and had her legs pulled up and what she didn’t realize was that the way her shorts were being so short and nothing else on, her pussy was in complete view for me to see. I knew she didn’t know and I didn’t want to embarrass her so I just asked my questions and left. A few minutes later had more questions and she was still in the same position. During trip number 3, Jenna had gone to the bathroom and upon her return she said something the Christine and as I walk away all I could hear was a loud are you kidding me. I was back at my office when Christine came back and came around to my chair. She pulled her shorts down and asked if I wanted a better look. She then pulled off her shirt and said she might as well work naked. I was still typing and she looked at the screen and said so you are placing the order and I said yes what did you think I was doing. She said Jenna told me I was on display and you were only there so I could see my pussy. I finished the order and turned toward her and her pussy was at eye level and I looked at her and said you have a wonderful pussy and it is soaking wet. Jenna then came back to see what was going on and saw Christine was naked. Christine told her that I was actually working on the food order and not just out there to see her. Jenna then came over and said I know you have seen my boobs several times and now you have seen all of Christine and the two of them said it was time to even things out. I said are you saying you want to see me naked too. They both said it only seems fair. I told them that the only way that would happen was if we had a hold harmless agreement between us. It was to basically say that whatever those of us on the letter saw it could not be held against them ever. I had typed it up in detail and the girls had left to be out in the kitchen area when I took it out for them to read. They read it and signed it but we got a couple customers and I had to go back to my office for something. Well a few minutes later I went back out front and was talking to the girls. They asked me if I would play a game with them. I said sure and they said we want to know what type of underwear I have on but you can’t just drop your pants to show us. They told me to loosen my belt and start to slide them down and I couldn’t stop until they saw and were sure what I was wearing. I started to slowly slide my jeans down and just as they had hoped my underwear were sliding with them. My jeans were down to where I was almost going to be exposed when the 2 ladies that were eating came up to the front counter and I got nervous as I didn’t want to be exposed to customers. While I was ringing them out, they noticed the agreement sitting on the counter and asked the girls what that was all about. They explained everything and the 2 ladies asked for a pen and they initialed the letter too. Christine said we were in the middle of finding out what underwear he is wearing so with you signing the agreement I guess he can just keeping going until we tell him to stop. The 2 women stood on the opposite side of the counter as I then continued to slide my jeans and underwear down. They were at my ankles and the girls still hadn’t told me to stop so I figured if they were just going to talk to these other ladies I will just keep going. I leaned against the counter and with my feet I took off my sneakers then my socks and while doing the socks the jeans slipped off my feet as well as that was when Christine looked at me and said what are you doing. I said that you had asked me to slide my jeans down until you both were satisfied that you knew what type of underwear I was wearing, no one said stop so I just kept going. With that, Christine said that I should walk out into the dining room and clean off the table where the ladies had been sitting and they get to see me too. I took the walk and I also said to them that it was almost 2 and time for us to close. The 2 new women friends decided to leave but said they would be back. We didn’t get the door locked on time and as I was in the back putting the dirty dishes near the dishwasher, Christine comes back and says the girl from the beer distributor was there to see me and without thinking Christine said that she would go get me and forgot that my jeans, underwear, socks and shoes were still out behind the front counter. What we also forgot was the agreement was also still on the front counter and as I looked through the food delivery window I could see her reading it. I told Jenna and Christine that I hope they are happy with embarrassing me and leaving the agreement for everyone to see. They said it wasn’t intentional and they were sure all the other girls that worked there would be signing it so I might as well get used to it. So I looked out and she actually sat down to wait for me so I figured I could make it through the door and up to the counter where she couldn’t see me from the waist down. I was standing there getting ready to talk to her and the girls came out laughing. Our visitor asked what are you laughing about. They responded that they had left the agreement on the counter again. She said that is an interesting agreement. Then both girl together slapped my naked ass so that she could hear them hitting bare skin. After about 10 swats from each of them, they ask her if she would like to spank me too. They said to her if you initial the letter you can see and spank him too. She was a very good looking girl and she did not hesitate to sign the letter and asked does this last for whenever I am here and she was told absolutely. The girls then had me walk around to the front of the counter, turn so my ass was facing her, bend over and grab my knees and then she spanked me too but she didn’t stop at 10 swats on each cheek. I stood up and turned around quickly and as I did so she swung away thinking she would hit my ass but instead she hit me right on the cock. Jenna and Christine thought that was hilarious and told her to smack it around some too. She slapped at my cock for several minutes. She then took our order and we locked the door at about 2:20 instead of 2. I asked them if they were leaving and they both said that since they were both scheduled to work the evening shift that they decided to just stay at the restaurant and I was to stay naked for them. They grabbed my clothes and tossed them down the steps that lead to the basement they then realized that my tee shirt was covering too much up and they came over to me and took it off as well. They cleaned up the dining area and the kitchen while I was in my back office working. Once they were done they came back to my office and both of them got naked. Christine told me that since we have the letter in place, are we allowed to touch on another. I said you both were spanking me so I guess the answer to that question is a yes. She said good as her pussy was very wet and she wanted me to lick her up and use my fingers on her as well. I started playing and licking her pussy fingering her until she came and I licked her up. When I was done with her Jenna said it was her turn and I did the same things to her and she just kept saying I wish my boyfriend would do this and she then let loose a squirting orgasm. She said I guess we will just have to do this every now and then and she was going to quit asking her boyfriend to do oral with her. The girls then left to go to the restroom to clean up a little but they left their clothes back at my desk. After a few minutes, I heard a female voice coming toward my office, asking if I was back in my office. As I was about to answer, our female landlord came into my office. My desk faces the door and there was a shelf attached to the front also, so she could see me be could only tell I was shirtless. She came in to let me know that the climate control/air conditioning was going to be looked at in the next couple days. While she was talking to me the girls where coming back to my office and didn’t see the landlord before it was too late. So the girls just came in laughing as usual. They handed the agreement to her and then came over and got dressed. Karen the landlord asked if I was just not wearing a shirt or what did I have on. She then asked for a pen, initialed the agreement and told me to stand up. Of course, as I stood up and she was seeing me naked, I got an erection again. She said that with the agreement we can see you whenever we want to and we can get naked if we want to in front of you and there be no consequences. We all said that, yes, that is what that meant. Christine and Jenna both told her that I had just gave them both an oral orgasm. She said that she would be taking advantage of the letter but had no time for having any fun now. She just gave me a hug and squeezed my ass cheeks and said see you later. It was now about 4pm when we were to open back up so I went down stairs and got dressed. I came back upstairs and the delivery driver and pizza station workers came in. Nicole the evening pizza station person was there and when she saw me she came over grabbed my crotch and said that she signed the agreement too. So, in the 3 hour time period I went from just a normal boss at my restaurant to being naked in front of several employees, 2 customers, my landlord and the sales lady and also had the ground work set to be naked often in the future….my stories yet to come.
Poster: crazyjoe1073