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Sweet dare


Three for me
A few months back my husband and I included a young guy named Jimmy in our love making. Last week Jimmy said he had two friends whose company he felt I would enjoy. With a little trepidation I agreed to meet with them one day around noon at Jimmy’s place.
Jimmy introduced me to James who works as a PA and his friend Richard. Richard is a nurse and works with James. James immediately sensed my hesitancy and said we didn’t have to do anything but get acquainted today.
I said it might not be a problem depending on what they had in mind. I recalled that I had shared with Jimmy that I once did three guys.
James assured me that I was most certainly in charge and while they might make suggestions everything was up to me. James then lifted my top and cupped my breasts. He asked if that was okay. I said it was fine. They all took a turn fondling my boobs.
I asked James to show me how he would examine me if I were his patient. He laughed and put on his lab coat. He then had me lay back on the couch and he slowly massaged my breasts. I told him my breasts were okay what about down below. He then gently undid my pants and slid them and my panties down and off.
Now I was now naked from the waist down. James spread my thighs and began to look at my pussy while the other two hovered on either side. "Un huh," he repeated a couple of times. "Going to have to numb it."
"What?" I asked.
Before I could say anything else his face was in my snatch and he was going, "Num, num, num!" Then he settled down into some serious pussy eating. He was really good too. I was really enjoying him giving me great oral sex and at some point my hands were full of hard cock. As the oral pleasure reached orgasmic intensity I began urging him to fuck me.
He stood and dropped his pants and still wearing the white lab coat he lifted my legs and sunk his rigid cock inside me. As he banged away I pulled the other two cocks to my face and alternated sucking them. It must have been too much for Richard, watching his friends cock slide in and out of me while his cock was in my mouth because he filled my mouth with a load of hot sticky cum and then stroked the balance across my breasts.
James quit fucking me and as he pulled out I begged him not to stop. He assured me he wasn't finished and they turned me sideways on the couch and a now naked Jimmy soon filled my pussy with his hard cock. My head was in Richard's lap and he pulled my top off. As I lay there I could feel his softening warm sticky cock against the side of my face. James came over and rubbed his cock head all over my face before putting it in my hungry mouth. It tasted of my pussy. Jimmy pounded out his orgasm and deposited his delivery of hot cum deep in my pussy. James quickly took his place and brought me to a very powerful climax.
Then the fun really started. . .
After a few moments of quiet the realization of my situation dawned on me. I was laying there naked with two loads of cum running from my pussy while anther load was drying on my face and tits. Further there were three naked young men, two of whom I had just met, around me.
We went to James bathroom and got cleaned up. I alternately showered with each one and gently washed their cocks and balls. Once we were all dry we went back in the living room.
We all put our underwear on. For me that was panties since I didn't wear a bra. We sat and talked and had a few drinks. As was inevitable the talk revolved around sex and things we always wanted to try. I laughed and said I had already tried most of the things I fantasized about but, and I don't know where this came from but I said I had always wondered what it would be like to take two cocks at once.
James said I had just had three and I said no not like that. I wondered if I could take two in my snatch.
He assured me I could with enough lubrication and patience. The vagina, he said, is very stretchable. It can accommodate a baby's head so two or even three cock heads would be nothing. The trick would be positioning.
I don't think you'll be surprised to find out we tried.
I took turns sucking all three cocks until they were all good and hard again.
We started with Richard and plenty of KY since he hadn't fucked me yet. I eased down on his stiff dick until he was deep inside me. I leaned forward and raised a bit so that Jimmy could ease his cock inside alongside Richard's. I felt very full and a little uncomfortable but it wasn't extremely painful.
James straddled us and pushed his cock inside as well it was too much. “Woo hoo,” he cheered, “She’s got three cocks in her!”
They were all in momentarily but it was way too painful to continue. Once James pulled out Richard and Jimmy continued to double fuck me. One would fall out occasionally but soon enough they both were cumming. I still had some of their previous loads inside me and now with two more added the cum was streaming from my well used pussy onto the carpet.
James now mounted me and once more slid his hard on deep into me. Well lubricated by all the semen and well stretched from the previous fucking, his cock easily buried in me. He put my legs over his shoulders and pounded me to a senses shattering climax.
Afterward I gathered my clothes and dressed the best I could and drove home. My husband was a little shocked to see how tousled my hair and makeup were but even more surprised to see the crotch of my pants soaked through from the amount of cream leaking from my pussy.
Poster: flashingwife