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Sweet dare


My name is Rhonda, and my husband Carl and i love to have a little fun.
This past summer we were on vacation at a Northern Florida coastal city. I had been keeping Carl and several other men entertained on the beach and in the hotel lounge for the last few days. Nothing too wild, just a little showing off with my little bikinis,short skirts and loose fitting blouses. Carl really enjoys me doing this.
This day though we had planned to ride down the highway to the next town to do some shopping. As usual, i wore something sexy. A girl never knows when opportunity knocks.
We had not been on the road long when Carl mentioned that there was a R.V. sales business not far from where we were and was i interested in looking at some of their campers. I told him sure, wondering what he may have in mind?
We arrived and got out. In no time there appeared a salesman who asked if we were interested in a purchase. My husband replied that we had been thinking about it but just really wanted to look around.
Introductions were made, his name was David, a few years older than us, but nice looking, despite the beginnings of a little belly bulge.
We walked towards the lot and David asked Carl what type he thought he may be interested in. Carl said maybe a 5th wheel, the kind that is pulled by a truck. Not sure why, we do not even own a truck.
I noticed Carl kept looking my way and grinning. So ok, i getting the hint. We step into the first one and as David is trying to show Carl the highlights, i move toward the bedroom. I call out to David and he steps around the corner just as i swing my legs, spread kinda wide, up on the bed. His eyes go straight down to between my legs to where my little white satin panties are stretched covering my pussy. i leave them that way and look up and ask if this is a king size bed. David looks up knowing he was caught,and smiles and replies yes. He reaches down and rubs the front of his pants and asks if a king size is sufficient? I just smile back.
We look at a few more units, and each time i give David a really good look up my skirt. Carl knows just what is going on, just what he had wanted.
Then Carl asks David if there is a restroom available. David says yes, but it is back in the main building. Carl looks at me and smiles and says he will be right back.
As soon as Carl is gone, David asks me if i have ever been inside of one of the expensive motorhomes. I have, but i told him no, but would love to see one.
We walk up and David opens the door for me. I start to climb up the steps and feel his hand sliding up the inside of my leg. I giggle and squirm just enough to let him know that i don't mind. As i reach the top step he reaches the top of my inner leg and pushes his hand against my panties and pussy.
I climb on into the motorhome, i notice a slight burning sensation in my eyes from the newness of the carpet and and other materials inside of it. Also there was a somewhat newfound warming sensation between my legs. I turned to face David. I pulled up my skirt and hooked my fingers into the sides of my panties and pulled the down and off. I looked up at him and told him i wanted him to fuck me now.
David guided me backwards into the bedroom and pushed me down on the bed. I watched as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He pushed them down to reveal a very nice dick. Not the biggest i had ever had, but nice. I was already wet enough that he just moved between my legs and slipped straight into me. Gosh he felt so good.
He started fucking me hard. There is making love and fucking. We were fucking. He reached up underneath my blouse and yanked my bra down exposing my titties. His fingers started pinching my nipples firmly. As he thrust into me he looked me in the eyes and asked me if this is what i wanted. I said "Yes". He asked me again, what do you want. I told him "I want you to fuck my pussy". He then kinda surprised me when he asked. "And what does Carl want"? i said, "He wants you to fuck my pussy hard also" That sent me over the edge, i started to convulse hard with orgasm, i squealed out loud, i hardly ever do that.
Then i felt him tense and moan " I'm coming. I could feel the warm bursts of it erupting into me. We relaxed for a few minutes and regained our composure. He rolled off of me and i could feel his cum running down the crack of my ass.
David had gotten his pants back on and said i see Carl outside in the lot looking for us. We went out and i called to him. He walked over and said "There you guys are, been looking for you". About that time i realized i didn't have on my panties, just a little bit if cum was easing out of me on down my leg.
I then said that we had better get going, and David handed Carl one of his business cards and said," If you guys are ever back this way, and want to look around, just let me know" We smiled and left.
Once back in the car, Carl asked me how it went? I told him great for us, but whoever is next in that beautiful motorhome, hope they like my little satin panties in the corner, and don't mind the cum stain on the bed comforter.
Poster: Carl Douglas